Friday, July 21, 2017

Five on Friday #116


I'm trying to decide what we're going to watch after we finish Parks and Recreation.. yes, already.  I'm torn between starting Teh German on Mad Men (because I need to watch the last season) or Game of Thrones.  The problem is, both of these options have episodes that are at least 40+ minutes long.  23 minute episodes are perfect.  Also, I've been GOT sober for 2 years now and I need to be strong.  Yes, I've read the books, but it's finnnneeeee.. #meganproblems

Also, the trailer came out for Outlander and it's more and more tempting to watch Outlander just to get in a few doses of Scottish accent.  Maybe I just need to jump on book 5 for some Davina Porter narration.

That would be approximately 5 year worth of Outlander books I have already purchased to listen to...

Maybe I should just focus on reading and finishing up my challenge so I can get spend a mabillionty hours listening to Davina Porter's voice?


Hi, my name is Megan and I have a spending problem... and I neeeeeeeed to stop.

I've noticed recently that when I look at my cart when I'm checking out (online of course, because going to the store makes me stabby) and ask myself, "Do I need this or want this?"  A lot of the time I'm coming back with "want" and then telling myself, "well, ok, but we're not going to do this regularly."  Annnnnnddd it's become regular.  I've bought a lot of shit this summer that has been wants.  Granted, I've found most of the items on sale, but spending money on wants isn't saving money for things like... wedding.

I think my real problem is that my dollars are not currently allocated to anything in particular so I give them a home by buying shit I don't necessary need.

Things I've bought over the last few months that are complete wants, not needs:
-Disney movies
-Woot shirts
-Fancy shampoo/conditioner.  This was kind of a need, but I probably could have found something else for cheaper.
-Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works
-Stickers for my computer
-Pillows for the entry bench
-New purse
-Sooo many food/beverage purchases (beer, coffee, milkshakes, lunch out, etc)
-Puzzles (which have brought me much joy)
-Stuff to make my own cleaning solution (complete waste)
-Unnecessary dog toys
-Dog treats (cheese sticks and bully sticks), these were kind of a need when I was disabled and unable to take the dogs on walks and they needed something to burn the energy off.
-A month of car washes/detailing (which I will greatly miss after I'm no longer doing PT)
-Extra stamps because they were Disney Villains
-Date night splurge (which technically falls under want, but was an exception I was willing to make since we rarely do special date nights)
-Race entry fees

This is all in addition to my regular monthly spending for wants:
-Eating out

There are things I could definitely be saving for, but I haven't made them a priority like I need to:
-All things wedding...
-Honeymoon things
-Redecorating the guest bathroom.  I'm finally willing to give up the Monsters.  #adultingsucks
-Back splash in the kitchen
-Some type of furniture piece for the dining room
-Some type of plant for the living room
-A chair for the master bedroom
-Decorating Guest Room and First Child Room
-My I 💓Me wall in the office.  I want to get a GTMO flag framed and make a shadow box for my ribbons/uniform patches.


From my phone:

So Teh Dad left Teh German and I a note on the counter when we were in NC.  I'll just transcribe this for you.

The original note said:
"I will call you after church about lunch"

When I got up, I responded to his "text"...
"Good, I'm starving."

Then added the rest of it.  Full transcription:
Texting, 1990s style:
Teh Dad: I will call you after church about lunch
Teh Megan: Good, I'm starving.

Later in 2017:
M: Why didn't you answer my text?
D: What text?
M: The text on the counter.

Apparently, my very literal sense of humor doesn't come from Teh Dad because he didn't get my "text" joke.  Or I'm just too much of a reading geek for everyone else.  Either of those options are highly probable.


This reporter's reaction to Trump, Jr.'s announcement gave me the lolz.

Oldie but goodie.  Women's Aren't Crazy.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Friday being extra short after an extremely long week.
  2. Nothing at our house being damaged from the crazy storms on Wednesday evening.
  3. Needing a new hole in my belt.. on the "too skinny" side.
  4. Teh German telling me that his lunch of leftovers was on point.
  5. Finally rehanging my cork boards with my Disney pins in my cube at work.
  6. Managing to come up with a BAB blog, even if it wasn't great.
  7. Teh German giving Pax an impromptu bath since Pax was flaky.
  8. Rob Lowe in my living room making me laugh.
  9. Shaving my legs.
  10. Getting my new laptop back!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Lol I love that you "text" him on the notepad. I could not get into Mad Men. I tried, & really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't.

  2. I love Mad Men and have watched it twice but I have a feeling it will be watched straight through again (that and Sopranos - my faves)

    I've been on a spending spree, too, and not just clothes and shoes - just...stuff. I bought a blender. I bought a new beach chair. I bought makeup. Workout leggings during that Nordstrom sale (I havent worked out in months). Eeeeeeeek.

    Also that "texting" with your dad is adorbs.

  3. I think if puzzles give you immense joy, you should feel zero guilt about that expenditure.


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