Friday, July 7, 2017

Five on Friday #114


Wednesday felt like Monday and I couldn't figure out why I'd already posted a weekend review because Tuesday felt like a Saturday and why am I so easily confused?  I'm blaming all this teleworking and not being really connected to the real world.

In true Megan's 4th of July fashion, I rocked a solid sunburn on Wednesday and Thursday.  Seriously, SPF and I have a date for always.  I know better.

I worked some in the morning so that way we can leave early today to head to NC.  I also researched laptops and finally decided on what to get.  With some encouragement from Teh German, I tried to purchase it, but Teh Sister was ignoring me and I wanted to see if she had any Best Buy rewards that I could use and use her account so she could get whatever rewards from my purchase.  Eventually, she got out of the ocean and answered my texts.  In the end, I just sent her the link for what I wanted and she ordered it for me and I sent her dollas through PayPal.  No more stressing about the laptop situation.  Now I just have to wait on it to ship on July 14th.

After laying by the pool with Teh PT Wife and lots of our neighbors for several hours, we headed over to Roux's house for hanging out and noms.  Mr. Golfer had smoked some bbq and he needed test subjects.  It was fun to hang out with the GLCK ([Street Name] Cool Kids).  Roux even stopped barking after about 10 minutes!

We headed out around 7 to get packed up to head to North Charleston for some fireworks since our city had cancelled ours because their parking lot was flooded.  Boooo.

The fireworks were great.  This is the first year since 2014 that I've seen fireworks.  In 2015, Teh WJL and I were at Riverfront Park for the show when a massive thunderstorm rolled in and they were cancelled.  In 2016, we had our house warming party that weekend and then after spending all day working on the flower beds/outside, we were too tired/sunburnt to actually go anywhere and instead we picked up dinner at stayed home.

Teh PT Wife suggested I put sunscreen on my incisions so they wouldn't scar as badly so I did.  I only used SPF 15.  Here you can see just how much any sunscreen would have made my life better.

I'm a dalmatian!

Despite the holiday being on a Tuesday, it was enjoyable.  I'd do it again.


So what new laptop did I get?  This one, a 15" HP Omen.  HP was the only company that actually gave me options to choose from instead of just giving me 2 options, neither of which were what I really wanted.  I will be adding in another stick of RAM to max it out at 16GB, which isn't the best of the best, but I'm not gaming anymore so I'm not suuuuuper concerned about this.  My broken hinge laptop has 8GB of RAM and I can run Photoshop and Lightroom at the same time, so I feel like 16GB will be fine for my needs.

The next complication will be trying to find Photoshop/Lightroom or just subscribing to the service.  It's too bad that Adobe doesn't give a discount for just Photoshop and Lightroom and that they don't give a discount for paying for a year in full.  #MeganProblems

Also, I can't get my current laptop to factory reset because it's infected with something and it's making me want to violence something.


From the phone:

This is what teleworking looks like.
To think, there will be another computer here in a few weeks....

Teh PT Wife told me to put vinegar on my sunburn to take out the burn.
Life lesson: This will make you smell like salt and vinegar chips.
Suggestion: Wear rubber gloves.

Family snuggles after Teh German got home from work.

Our neighbor brought beer and candy from Germany after we watched his house while he was deployed.
HAPPY HIPPOS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!  Teh German said that the pantry was like our personal food store, so he set up the container like we are "the store."  Mmmkay.

Meri on Neighborhood Watch

This goof.
His feet bang and scratch on the furniture in my office and I don't mind until he's banging on my desk and then I have to tell him to knock it off.  Weirdo.

How to make a German happy.

Seriously, he is so goofy.  He had his mouth open when I first discovered this situation.
PS.  Yes I know he needs his nails done.

The aftermath of squirrel chasin'.


From the internet:

Cristina is my spirit animal.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Being a good neighbor.
  2. Getting work accomplished.
  4. Fireworks.
  5. Letting myself off the hook.  This included no post on Wednesday, not feeling obligated to do every.single.thing, and permission to watch Moana and Grey's Anatomy.
  6. Dabbing vinegar all over myself sunburn and then complaining that I smelled like salt and vinegar chips for the rest of the day.
  7. Erin's Book Challenge finally started!  
  8. Audiobooks that aren't a mabillionty hours long.
  9. Teleworking.  Part of me misses being among society, part of me doesn't.
  10. Mountain time this weekend.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. OMG those sausages look good. I have a pack of hot dogs in my fridge that I keep meaning to grill but haven't. At this point I'm probably going to microwave them. #lame

  2. Apparently you can also put raw potatoes on time do that on one side and vinegar on the others so then you could legit be chips.

  3. I'm sorry, I'm laughing at your spotted sunburn. ;) Does the vinegar actually help? I've heard that before but never been as bold to try it.
    Your boy is adorable and so silly. :)


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