Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Review {8/14}


I teleworked on Friday since the flooring and painting workers were supposed to show up at either 10 or 12.  I had attempted to confirm this on Weds, but the builder only confirmed for Thursday and I just assumed that Friday was also confirmed.  At 1:30 I sent a passive aggressive message something to the effect of, "Should I assume the workers aren't coming?"  Builder said if it happens again to call within 30 minutes of the appointment time and that he'd be coming by later.  Ugh. Fine.

My coworkers were a bundle of motivation.

The builder did stop by and chatted with me for a few minutes.  He was supposed to message me with a date and time for next week, but, of course, didn't.  /wrist.

Since I was done with work things, I decided to be motivated.  On Thursday, I finally sold the grill that has just been chillin' in our garage which meant that my next project should be to clean the windows that had been sitting there since the winter.  They were super gross.  The glass will need an actual clean before photos go in them, but at least now they can be inside the house.  I might even have Teh German put these where they will eventually go and then we can use them for the wedding and just put them right back.  Woah.

We considered leftovers for dinner, but I wasn't in the mood.  We opted for pizza from Crust before dance lessons.  I ordered the shrimp gnocchi and Teh German had the Meatgasm pizza (that wasn't the name of it, but it was the all-meat-options pizza).  My gnocchi was overly tomato-y for me and with only 4 medium sized shrimp, I wasn't impressed at all and barely ate anything.  We also had an appetizer of fried cheese/procetto balls.  They were ok.

We didn't go to Mellow Mushroom because Crust was a new place we hadn't been to yet and Mellow Mushroom ALWAYS takes FOREVER.  Well, so did Crust, so we could have just went to Mellow Mushroom.

We were about 10 minutes late to dance lessons because our server didn't seem to want us to leave.  We had to finally get up and go to the hostess stand to pay.  Teh German and I had been having a serious discussion, which maybe the server could tell, but if I've asked for boxes and a check then we're ready to go.  Let's not lollygag.

Dance lessons were only mildly frustrating.  Our practice really helped, IMO.  We had practiced way too fast, which, of course, was my fault because I was "leading" (whatever).  We learned 2 new moves which we are not allowed to practice and we rescheduled next week's lesson to Wednesday because Teh German didn't like his Friday nights being taken over by dance lessons.  Whatever.  After our next lesson, we/I need to decide if we're going to keep doing lessons. 

I originally told Teh German that I was going to ask for a discount if we were going to continue lessons for another month+, but then I realized that the instructor generally spends an hour and a half with us, over just the hour we pay for, so maybe I'll just suck it up.  I think we get to start learning our routine next week since we'll have the basics down.  I did struggle a little with one of the new moves.  I couldn't decided if it was my locked knees (her suggestion), my "grippy" shoes, or my hip.  Nonetheless, I'm not in a rush to hurt myself, so we're gonna take that slowly.

The only downside is that the instructor doesn't seem to get that I had surgery 2.5 months ago and I'm not willing to hurt myself.  I've considered wearing shorts to a lesson just so I can pull up the shorts and show her the scar so maybe she GETS it.  IDK. 

We left the studio at 9:10 (our lesson had started at 7:40) and called Teh PT Husband.  They were at the Ale House and we were only 3 minutes away, so we turned around and went to hang out with Teh PT Husband/Wife and another couple we met at Teh PT Wife's bday dinner.

Eventually, we were all tired and I was getting extremely irritable at every motherfuckingdickwad who wanted to drive by as loudly as possible since there was an "audience" beside the road (i.e. those of us sitting on the patio at the Ale House).  Seriously, why is revving an engine so entertaining to some people?  I do not understand.  All I hear is noise and it makes me stabby.

After we got home, we brought the beasts over to Teh PT House for socializing and for the dudes to have a cigar.  Eventually, we were all super tired and it was my bedtime.  We headed home and crashed.


Teh German got up with the dogs on Saturday morning and I was grateful.  I actually said to the beasts, "15 more minutes!" and Teh German got up and fed them.  This is what happens when you're the one with the ability to fall asleep after laying your head on the pillow.  For the 2nd week in a row, Teh German was awake and motivated by 0900.  I was not there yet.  I was more in slow-start mode.

Nonetheless, I got up shortly after Teh German and headed downstairs.  By the time I got downstairs, Teh German was in the bathroom.  I tried waited for a bit, but it was apparently a "Teh German Time" session, and I got impatient.  I was able to make a bowl of cereal and distractedly eat it plus a few more minutes when Teh German finally emerged.  He seemed a little bit upset that I had eaten without and I explained that I was able to do the whole process while he was in the bathroom, so he brought it upon himself.  He managed to feed himself and then decided to shower and go run his errands (pick up an AppleTV and a game controller for it). 

With Teh German out of the house, The Hot Mess Express, aka me, started picking up/cleaning the house. 

#HotMessExpress #KeepinItReal

I had been hoarding some reusable bags for Teh Sister that I got from the wedding show in February.  I used them to bag up some donation stuff that needs to go to Goodwill.  I relocated those full bags to Yurtle to drop off when I get a chance (today probably).  Teh German and I had agreed, again, that he would clean the sinks and I would clean the toilets.  I also took the opportunity to clean the bathtub, which only gets fur/hair/dust activity during the summer.  I filled it, added some vinegar and borax and let it run while I cleaned the toilets.

After the bathroom cleaning was done, I finished up cleaning the windows from the garage.  There were 4 total and they were naaaaasty.  I probably should have just used soap and water instead of windex, but #hindsight.  Teh German came home after I had started working on cleaning up my office (which he always corrects to "our office" but my office is the place where he stores his pay stubs that he has zero use for and never looks at ever.  Along with a whole bunch of other papers that he never does anything with.  /facepalm

I was having an issue getting the shredder to work and Teh German and I both went and flipped switches in the breaker.  It didn't fix the problem, so I got distracted.  Teh German had started setting up the new AppleTV (ATV).  I suggested just resetting it and running updates to clear out the previous owner's info since they hadn't done that (fucking moron).  When Teh German started the process, our internet went down.  I recycled the wifi router and nothing.  I went ahead and called our ISP to troubleshoot.  Not only was our internet down, so was the cable connection, meaning the fiber connection wasn't working properly.  We were on the phone for about 30 minutes.  We reset it 3x and I killed it each time trying to get the ATV to work.  Finally, he agreed to send a tech out and we hung up.  The internet lasted for about 5 minutes after the call ended.  UGH.

A few minutes later, a female tech called me to troubleshoot.  We spent an hour on the phone and while I was able to get the ATV reset, I couldn't get it to upgrade and I purposely left it off the network so it wouldn't kill the fiber connection again.

After losing an hour and a half of my life to technology, I headed upstairs to shower and leave.  Teh PT Wife agreed to go to the mobile bookstore's sale with me and I didn't think she wanted to go with the Hot Mess Express.  Loaded up, I said goodbye and headed to the garage and when I pushed the button to open the garage door... it didn't work.  Yurtle was trapped.

Frustrated, I headed upstairs and reset the main breaker for the entire house... ...and then I couldn't get it back on.  There were frustrated screams and me beating on the wall.  At which point, Teh German yelled at me not to hit the breaker box (which I hadn't done because it would have hurt my hand) and I screamed at him, "DON'T FUCKING YELL AT ME UNLESS I'M YELLING AT YOU AND I DIDN'T FUCKING YELL AT YOU!"  Obviously, my communication skillz are leet when I'm frustrated.

Teh German came upstairs yelling about me breaking things and still frustrated, I said, "I'm 150 pounds and can't push a button back the way it came from.  I'M NOT GOING TO BREAK ANYTHING!"  He managed to get the main breaker back on.  I went downstairs and STILL the garage door wouldn't open.  Teh PT Wife had to drive us.  I told Teh German that I'd call the builder when we got on the road.

I laughed at the ridiculousness of the screaming and yelling at each other as I told Teh PT Wife was had happened.  The builder called me back and explained that many of the power outlets are GFI outlets that sometimes needed to be reset.  I called Teh German and told him to check and see if any of the outlets needed to be reset.  He found it on his work bench and the garage door worked right away.  The shredder still didn't work, but I was way less concerned about that.

We got to the book trailer and it was hot AF and a storm was brewing.  We didn't find anything good so we decided to head to Mr. Kay's Used Books.  I had a few bucks on a gift certificate I had bought (since they had a $5 incentive) when I bought books for the first time I participated in Erin's Challenge.  I tried not to go crazy.  Mostly, I was looking for books that I could get autographed at YALL Fest in Nov.  I was pleased with what I came home with.  The only book I left at the store was The Hate U Give because it was $16.90 instead of $17.99 (full price).  I am still on the wait list for it from the library.

After Mr. Kay's, Teh PT Wife taxied me to Walmart so I could grab some wash clothes, hand towels, and crates I wanted for House.  When we got home, I bought a load of stuff home, made an adult beverage, and then Teh German, Teh PT Wife, and I headed to Roux's House since it was Mr. Golfer's mabillionty-ith birthday.

We chatted and hung out for a while.  Teh German won a $15 Starbucks gift cert for knowing Mr. Golfer the best.  I was confident in my answers, so I give myself credit for that.  After Roux's House, Teh PT Wife and I got beverage refills at home, and then we walked down the street to Ladies Night.  We didn't end up staying for more than an hour because we were tired.

We walked home and I was surprised to find Teh German at home and not smoking a cigar with Teh PT Husband.  We were both tired, so we headed to bed.


Sunday, I wasn't ready for the dogs again.  Teh German took on the weekend duty.  Have I mentioned lately that he's the bestest?  He is.

Eventually though, we had to get up because we had agreed to meet the wedding planner for brunch at 1030 in Summerville.  Let me show you how I start off every day:

Puppy love.  Meri was jealous so she came from the other bed and laid behind me.

Teh German agreed to ride Suzi and Bagheera to brunch, my first time riding Bagheera since my surgery!  Wootttt.  No pics because it was too fucking hot for a photo session.  We got to Toast and got super concerned since our wedding planner was MIA and not answering her phone.  Right before we broke down and ordered food, she texted saying she would be there soon. 

She showed up with her boyfriend? fiance? manperson?  IDK, but he seemed cool, so it was no big deal.  We all ordered and chatted and ate.  Finally we got to the business part of the meeting and I got a list of things to do that is unexpectedly short.  We need to work on the music selection, beverage selection, get our final RSVP numbers (NO PRESSURE, INVITEES!  Actually, that was a complete fucking lie.  RSVP NAOW.), and when I know, send her how long it will take to do my hair/makeup.

We went straight home since it felt like 113°F.  Anytime we weren't moving, I was sweating profusely.  It was disgusting.  When we got home, I literally peeled my jeans from my legs and proceeded to walk around in my t-shirt and underwear fanning myself with my shirt for 3 hours.  #notsorry.

Teh German wanted to tackle the tree project.  The tree project is the cutting down of the lone tree that Teh Dad and Teh German hadn't cleared out of the backyard when they cleared everything else for the fence line.  Teh Dad pointed out that it would eventually need to be cut down since it was already leaning to one side since it only gets sun on one side.

Long story short: There was a lot of cussing and an infinite amount of sweating and there is no more tree in our back yard.  Just a stump.

Meri was neglected obviously.

While Teh German worked on the tree, I helped him intermittently and I organized the smart closet since it was a clusterfuck that annoyed me to no end.  Now we've got hooks for backpacks, there's a crate for motorcycle crap (gloves, neck warmers, etc), the router and Hue boxes have been mounted on the wall.  SO MUCH BETTAR!

I also started the process of making homemade laundry detergent.  I may have bought a mixer just for this project since the Ninja chopper metal piece doesn't screw on a mason jar.  #notsorry

Teh German suggested Willie Jewell's for dinner since I wasn't really in the mood for leftovers and he wasn't really in the mood to grill.  I called in our order and fetched it.  When I got home, we ate it and then proceeded to plop on the couch and watch Parks and Rec for an hour.  We also watched our afternoon backyard activities from the camera replay.  We learned that Teh German doesn't handle being tired well and that I am awkward AF when I get excited.

After watching ourselves, we did pre-bedtime chores and headed upstairs.  We had to put sheets on the bed and then it was toothbrushing and sleeps... well for one of us. I couldn't sleep, so I finally got up and took a lorezapam which gave me the DNGAFs this morning.  Oops.


Another awesome weekend for the books.  I'm super proud of Teh German for tackling another one of his to-do list items... and for climbing the ladder with sharp objects and not impaling himself.  He also didn't strangle me when I was having a meltdown on Saturday.  Extra points for the #BestFianceEver.

This week holds PT, new student orientation, dance lessons on Wednesday and a group dance session, aaaannnddd I'm picking up my dress on Friday to bring it to the tailor to have it fitted.  WWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

PS.  This week is also Shit Teh German Said.  You're welcome, Beeches.

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  1. That food from Crust looks amazing! I haven't been to Mellow Mushroom in forever! Like years!


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