Friday, August 25, 2017

5 Word Biography/5 on Friday

Many, many moons ago, Brittany posted her 5 word biography and I was like, "Cool!  I'm stealing that!" and then eons passed and I never created the post.. #MeganStyle

In actuality, this post was sitting in my inbox waiting on me (since early December).  Nope, not even a drafted blog post, sitting in my inbox.  That's how off my game I have been.

Now that school has started, I have a feeling my blogging time is going to TANK.  The reality is, I need to prioritize and I'm not certain I can commit as much time to my blog as I have in the past.  Obviously, you make time to do things you want to do, but when a mabillionty hours of school gets added to the mix, the only time I can make to do things is my sleeping hours and Lawd knows I need all of those I can get.  At this point, I'm not sure if my blogging will even be affected, but time will tell.  Mostly, I just wanted to warn my devoted Gentle Readers if my schedule becomes erratic.  Case in point, my "weekend" review was posted on Wednesday this week...

But anyways... I couldn't decide on just ONE 5 word biography, so I came up with 5 and then realized that I didn't even notice the most common 5 word phrase I've lived since 2011, so there is a bonus!

That's NOT what she said.

That's not what she meant.

You didn't know her then.

Danced and cried; that's life.

Where is my lint ball?!

and of course....
my unintentional favorite...

"can I decide another day?" 


Switching gears.. I just want to give Teh German a shout out for being the #BestFianceEver.

This week he's really stepped up to take care of the responsibilities I've (tried) to let go, due to work and school.  He's helped with dinner (by cooking AND reminding me to load up the crockpot before we leave in the morning), he bought me flowers on my first day of school, he placed dinner on the table within minutes of arriving home, he ran errands with me, he agreed to celebratory sweets from Sweet Frog (and it happened to be no-weigh Wednesday #win), and he even walked the dogs with me after 8:30.  When it was necessary, Teh German let me spend the entire evening after I got home doing homework without a complaint that I wasn't giving him any attention or making me feel like I was missing out anything (as in, he didn't ask if I wanted to watch Parks and Rec).

He is flexible with my school and work schedule has picked up my slack without hesitation.  I joked that it's like we've switched lives.  I used to have a lot of spare time without him since he works longer hours than me (his hourly pay vs my salary) and when I got home on Wednesday night, he rambled off a list of things he had accomplished while I wasn't home.

I'm one lucky lady and I couldn't have asked for a better man to be my person.
69 more days until I get to update his hashtag and call him the h-word.


Happy Friday, Gentle Readers!
May your weekend feel long and next week feel short.
It will be my first full week of school, so I'll report back to you on how that goes...


  1. I'm pretty sure the "Danced and cried, that's life" is my favorite! Pretty much sums up my life. I love Sweet Frogs.

  2. Love the bios! And yay for amazing fiances :)


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