Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Dump {8/16}

-Ordering my groceries online for pick up saves me a wholllleee bunch of money, for 2 reasons.
1. I'm not buying beer for Teh German.
2. I'm not "shopping".  I order what I order and that's that.

-Things that bring me happiness: One of our neighbors has a side business making cakes.  We asked her make our wedding treats.  She was testing out flavors and asked me for a suggestion and I told her one of the wedding flavors.  She delivered chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes a few hours later right after Teh German and I finished dinner.  #ALLTHEWIN

-We used a realtor during the process of building House because Navy Federal offered us money to use one of their suggested realtors.  Whatevs.  We ended up not really needing a realtor but he came to meetings with us and came to our closing so we could all get the incentive money.  That's cool and all, but when he called me out of the blue last Friday because he was in the neighbor and wanted to check in on us, I wanted to ask, "Is business so slow that you need to keep up with us?"  I didn't.  Instead, I pretended like it wasn't completely awkward and said I would pass on his regards to Teh German.  I can handle the fliers and cards we receive in the mail, but calling me is kinda weird.  It's almost as weird as when the massage therapist I first went to in CHS called me out of the blue to remind me he was available for appointments whenever I needed.  Uhhh, I know you're available when I need you.  If I needed you, I would have called.

-"adult bouncy women gifs" = how someone got to my blog this week.  Must be those bouncy boob gifs I use.

-Spaces with "/" make me absolutely lose my mind.  I wish I could stop it, but I can't.  SO MUCH BLINDING RAGE!  It might be PMS.  IT MIGHT JUST BE BECAUSE IT'S WRONG!

-I have a coworker who is constantly asking me about updates for documents I'm working on.  This is fine.  EXCEPT THAT, we've probably already had the exact conversation a few days prior.. over chat.. a searchable chat.. where he could actually search through what I said and find the answer without ever having to actually ask me.  Or he could also go to specific documents and check and see if I was the last one to edit them and when.  IT'S NOT THAT HARD.

-Cool concept: Outdoor movie and the movie is The Secret Life of Pet.
Uncool concept: Allowing personal pets to come to the movie with you.
All I can imagine is when the animals on the movie start making animal noises, animals in the audience reply.  This does not sound like my idea of a good time/my idea of enjoying a movie.  Nope, nope, nope.

-Oh NBD, but Teh PT Husband had me do a "running test" on Monday and I was able to hop in place 20 times with no pain (in my hip, my calf was on fire) and I've been "cleared" for walk/running.

Oh and by NBD I mean: FUUUUUCCCKKKKK YYYYAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replace walk with run.

-You can get a 1 year subscription to Cosmopolitan for $5.  LOOL.  They must be desperate for subscriptions.  I remember back when Teh BFF and I would buy each other a Cosmo subscription for Cmas each year.  #TimesChange

-After months of being overwhelmed by the 20 items in my inbox, I finally cleared that beeyoch out.  I tackled items for action, archived/filed items that had been completed (even if I'm still waiting on an answer), and deleted the junk.  I had a blog topic idea from early Dec 2016 and just hadn't made it into a draft post.  WTF is wrong with me?  #GetItTogetherMegan

-Pax now gets muzzled when we leave the house.  He's eaten through at least $100 worth of DVDs and I'm over it.  He's a fucking dick.  His most recent "accomplishments" was to eat the last 2 seasons of Mad Men (part 1 and part 2 of the final season).  I hadn't even gotten to watch it yet.  When Teh German got home and saw the DVD and his headphones, I was just resigned.  I have lost the fight.  So now we will muzzle him, which is really for my sanity and his safety since he's taken on the #goatdog classification as a challenge.  #Iwanttokillhim

-I've been saying I wanted to get as much done as possible that I could before school starts.  Higher Powers took that as a challenge and last night our AC decided that it was going to be extra rumbly.  To the point that it freaked Meri out during the middle of the night and she started barking at it.  When I heard it happen again this morning, I was trying to ignore the problem, until it tried to start up and it couldn't 3 times.  Teh German helped me turn off the thermostats but it still sounded like thunder when the air finally cut off.  I texted our builder and called the AC people at 0801.  Unfortunately, the parts are under warranty, but labor isn't... so we get to pay for the guy to come out and do a diagnostic... oh yeah and that fee doesn't get applied to any repairs.  FML.  They should be coming out between 3-5, which will cut it close since we are supposed to have a dance lesson tonight at 6 in West Ashley.  Is there a quote somewhere about flexibility being the strongest strength?  Because that's going to become my motto today.  Also, I'm encouraging my spawns to go into the HVAC business.

-I have orientation today from 1130-2 and that seems excessive.  I also need to go around and see if I can get credit for 2 classes.  I guess I don't really HAVE to go do the class credit thing today, but I just want it taken care of already.. faaaccckkk...

-PS.  My head hurts. 

-PPS.  I've slept like garbage since Sunday night.  I think it's because we turned the mattress and my body is getting used to the mattress again.  I think this is the culprit because Teh German has also slept like crap since then.  BUT I don't want to turn it back around because I can SEE the indentation in the mattress.  Which is odd, since it's a tempurpedic mattress. 

-I used to write jokes on my office white board when I was at GTMO and I've been told that it brought joy to many people.  I've held out 3.5 months since we moved into our new office without "altering" the whiteboard behind my desk...  NO LONGER.  I actually used to have a white board near my desk when I first started at Company, but no one knew me yet, so I didn't think it was appropriate.  #GAMEON #NOTSORRY

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?

What is a pepper that won't leave you alone?
Jalapeno business.

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  1. I actually saw Secret Life of Pets for the very first time at a drive in. No pets were there though. Heck yes to chocolate peanut butter cupcakes!!


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