Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday Dump {8/2}

-I will admit there are a handful of individuals that use my Amazon Prime account.  This is not a problem for me at all.  Mostly because I find it highly entertaining to see the "recently viewed items and featured recommendations" section.  Someone was looking at suspenders, someone was looking at pants, someone was looking at Carhartt buttons, someone was looking for school supplies/backpacks, someone was looking for mouth guards (for Watch Ya Mouth) and other games.  #Imalwayswatching

What this really means is that if I search for sketchy shit or birthday surprises with the people I share with, I have to make sure that feature is turned off.  Yes, you can do that.

-After their shenninagans, this level of cuteness needs to be explored each and every day.

-I figured out how to export my Facebook event calendar into my Googly Calendar and I am unstoppable.

If you are interested, here are the instructions:
  1. Navigate to any FB event.
  2.  Beside the Share button is the "..." dropdown menu, click that. 
  3. Select Export Event. 
  4. Copy the link provided. 
  5. Go to your Googly Calendar. 
  6. Beside Other Calendars, click the dropdown arrow. 
  7. Select Add by URL. 
  8. Paste in the URL from FB. 
  9. Click OK.
That said, I cannot figure out how to download a running training plan to my calendar and be able to edit it without manually duplicating every calendar event, which defeats the purpose of downloading the calendar to begin with.  #2017problems

-Shit I have accomplished this week:
  • Completed the DJ's website and hammered out our contract for services exchanged.
  • Called an appliance store about bringing in the old washer and dryer for $$.
  • Ordered a bowtie for Teh German, it should match his suspenders since it's from the same company.
  • Ordered my wedding band.  I had to call the jeweler back to get them to tell me the quote and when they said $800+ I said, kthxnope.  I ordered it off the site I found it on for $490.  Done.
  • Made a doctor's appointment for Yurtle to get her oil changed and her thunking noise checked out.
  • Called the dermatologist about being allergic to my Doxy.
  • Selected a location and confirmed with our wedding planner for our next meeting.
  • Made post-wedding brunch reservations.
  • Not succumbing to the urge to grab a coffee or breakfast on my way into work.
  • Planned a Saturday evening outing with Crossfit Friends, dinner and a show at the comedy club. Woot.
  • Work.  A lot of work.

I laughed way harder than I should have when I noticed that I did this.  #notsorry

-Teh German liked his anniversary gifts.  I got him a small travel humidor, a medium travel humidor (for when we go out of town) and a cigar clip.  He got me a $150 gift card to Dick's so I can purchase some new running shoes since I'm thinking I probably shouldn't start running in my shoes that I broke in with a gait that was off due to a fucked up toe and eventual hip problems (#Meganproblems).  This especially sucks since those shoes barely have any miles on them (considering how many miles a normal pair of shoes gets from me).  He also sent me flowers at work.  We'll be going to dinner tonight.  We'll also be dropping off Yurtle before dinner and picking up my new laptop after.  What a date!  lol

-I want to finish Beartown in ebook format, but it's going to expire tomorrow and I know I'm not going to be able to finish it and there are 12 other people in line for 2 copies.  #FML.  Fortunately, I'm #1 on the audiobook version.  This really just means that I have to power through Cinder so I can be finished with the audio version of Beartown before it expires. I used to stay up late reading books, but I don't do that now because I'm old and it makes me sad.

-We sent out 10 paper RSVPs.  We paid $30 for those RSVPs.  We have received 3 back.  I'm so, soooo, soooooo very glad that I stuck to my guns about RSVPing online.  I did finally post something on FB yesterday saying "I'm begging you bitches to just RSVP for the love of all that is holy and my sanity!"  There were 5 new RSVPs when I checked earlier.  #LIKEABOSS

-I have forgotten a glorious sweet tea for 2 mornings now and it makes me disappointed in myself.

-House related, 2 things.  1- I'm glad I called the builder to confirm when the workers were coming because I would have been pissed if I was sitting at my house waiting on them tomorrow and they didn't show up.  2- It's good they aren't coming this week because I haven't marked anything with the blue tape yet.  .5- I may or may not have scheduled an oil change for tomorrow since I was supposed to be at home.  Oops.  I'm hoping that they will be done with Yurtle early and that I can get a ride so I can at least show face for a little while in the office.

-This fucking dog....

-Manually adding a half marathon training schedule to my calendar makes me want to /headdesk so hard.  Counting is hard and this is wayyyy more complicated than it should be, really.

-A coworker gave me this and I tried it and one bite was all it took for me to toss it. 

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  1. so do multiple people use your amazon account, or they are just on your prime account? because i am on my mother in laws prime, but i have my own amazon account. i hope she can't see what i am buying lol.
    i know this is late, but when i have a library ebook about to expire, i download it on my ipad and then turn it on airplane mode. that way i don't lose the book but it is returned to the library. it also means i can't download any new books or read it on any other device, but still. pretty nifty lol


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