Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #12


M: I wonder what is on my leg.
T: Leggings. You're wearing leggings.

M: You want me to drink water?
T: Yeah. H... two.. oooh.  I was trying to sound smart, but it didn't come out that way.

M: Can I get the chicken and mushroom pasta with no goat cheese?
Server: So, chicken and mushrooms, no goat.
M: Correct, no bahhh (like a goat sound).
T: Naahhhhhhh (like a goat sound).
Server: That was a good one.

As we were passing a pig truck on the interstate.
M: Poor piggies.  It's too bad they taste so good.
T: They should have stepped up their evolution game and then they could have been eating humans.
M: They could have at least taken the place of dogs.

T: We watched the whole DVD.  It's empty now.

T: They must be confused about their favorite team...
I observed the different logos and realized the connection.
M: Actually they are Boston fans.
T: Still looks like they are confused.
M: You're probably not wrong.

tG: Bye, Klaus.
tM: Only your poop would be named Klaus since you have German poops.

Teh Dental Hygientist: I was just holding the glass and it broke!
tG: You could have just asked for a new glass!

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  1. Hahahaha he makes a good point about pigs. It is sad that they are so cute because pork and bacon are delicious!

  2. HAhaha I love these. I'm glad pigs didn't step up their game.


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