Friday, August 11, 2017

Five on Friday #119


Things I've spent money on this week:
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, and a brownie
  • Fabric for collars for the beasts
  • Birthday treats for Roux
  • Replacement stickers for the new laptop
  • Beer for Teh German
  • Groceries
  • 2 new books from the bookstore trailer
  • Postage for shipping fabric to my collar lady.
I still have items in my Amazon shopping cart, but I still haven't reached the $25 minimum to purchase them.  #FirstWorldProblems.

Things Teh German spent money on this week:
  • His wedding band!

Our rings!


After finding out that we are definitely, 100% unable to get a screened in porch, we have been looking into other alternatives.  Right now, it's looking like we'll be getting a standalone pergola set about a half inch away from the house.  That pergola will be screened in.  When the government makes stupid laws, you do stupid things to work around them... like setting a "non-permanent structure" a half inch away from your house because "rules". 

I have this thing where I can't just go with the one estimate I'm happy with since it's the only estimate I have.  This means that I've been reaching out to other companies to ask them how much they would charge for the same thing.  I know that I will probably go with the first estimate.  Yet, I always put myself through this obnoxious process.  At least this time it's easier since I know the dimensions and I have a copy of the plat in my email that I can send out for estimates, which means they don't even need to make a trip to see the house.

I had to dodge 3 piles of poop to get this photo because PAX thinks it's acceptable to shit right off the edge of the patio.
Anyone have a genius idea to make him relocate?
The only benefit is that Teh German is more frequently motivated to scoop poop.
PS. Have I mentioned how much I don't miss the poop scooping task?

End goal (only to cover the slab):


From my phone:

Trifecta of shitty shit:
Rain, Charleston commute/rush hour, being stuck by a train that I had turned around to go around...

Peanut butter chocolate cupcake.
#weddingtasting #MegMo2017

Had my teefs cleaned yesterday.
The lady was impressed with my teeth.
I was impressed with her until she practically nicked a vein when she flossed my molars.

It's hard to see in this photo, but the truck behind me looks exactly like Baloo.
This was confusing for me since I knew that Teh German wouldn't have been where I was since I was coming home from PT.  When I sent him this picture, he questioned if he had been behind me and not even seen me! LOL.

First off, this avocado was tiny.. and then the seed was so obnoxiously large!


Weekend goals:

  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Clean my office (ugh)
  • Have a $$ discussion with Teh German.  
    • It's been about a year since our last $$ discussion because we both really hate talking about money and when we had the discussion last year, the plan we came up with has worked well.  Except now our money situation is about to change and we need to figure out where extra income will be going.
      • how we're going to pay for the pergola (we have the cash, but with the wedding coming up, I'd rather have that cash on hand and pay a low interest loan back or something), 
      • how much we want to spend on a honeymoon (and the details of said honeymoon).  
    • I also have this thing where I don't really track the bills.  I look at total when I get the email (to make sure it's normal) and since everything is on autopay (#1 best thing in adulting), I don't really give it much more thought.  I want to look into things like our power and water bill and see if we're overspending or if there are ways to save or if we're doing alright.  
    • I also want to get a feel for how much we're spending on eating out.  The current arrangement is that I buy all the groceries/stuff from the store (hygiene needs, cleaning, dog things, etc) and Teh German pays when we go out.  I want to make sure this is balancing out.
    • Discuss the Tesla solar roof with Teh German.  I'm super interested in this, but I'm just not sure if it's the right time.  Also, if anyone is looking for a charity case, I'm right here with approximately a mabillionty home upgrade ideas and limited funds to do them!
  • Read books.
    • I've got 2 more books left for my challenge and then I think I'm going to focus on powering through some books by authors who will be coming to YALL Fest that I haven't read yet.  The rest of the Lunar Chronicles, Jason Segal's book(s), and a few more that are on a list somewhere that I can't be bothered to locate at this exact moment.
  • Vacuum the stairs
  • Roll up the downstairs runner and clean the floors
  • Doggy baths
  • Poop scoopin'
  • Not threaten to quit dance lessons because Teh German frustrates me.
  • Walk 3 miles.  Ugh that is such a difficult distance to accomplish.  My general distance is either 2 miles or 5 miles.  Looks like I'll have to use RunKeeper to track my walk so I can know when to turn around.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. New "I love you becuase" bedtime habits being formed.
  2. Practicing our dance steps in the afternoons.  I'm really hoping this increases Teh German's confidence levels and means he will be less stressed about lessons, which will result in me being less bitchy!  Wins all around!
  3. Shaved Meri.  She might look like a rat, but she's my rat.
  4. Meri and Pax playing.
  5. Keeping the scale under 150 lbs.  
  7. Hugs after difficult days.
  8. Teh German wearing his silicone ring all the time and when he accidentally slips up and calls me his wife.
  9. Not spending ALL THE DOLLAS of weeks previous.
  10. The VA deposit into my checking account for my books.

82 days until Wedding
12 days until School

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. oooh pretty rings!
    that avocado lol. rude!
    sorry about the rules stopping you from getting a screened in porch. some rules are just odd. i always go for second estimates as well. i like to make sure!


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