Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weekend Review {9/18}

Day late and a dollar short, I know.  Whatevs, the finale of this weekend was too good not to share.  PS.  This post include a picture of me in my wedding dress.


School and work on Friday.  I took my math test and I was the 2nd student finished.  The teacher gave me a look when I stood up and handed her my test.  In my defense, most of the questions were straight from the book.  The same questions that I had been getting wrong for the week I studied... and had also memorized the correct answers, despite my not understand WHY I was missing those questions.  I either confidently failed or passed.  It is what it is.

I stopped by the police chief's office after class and the building was locked.  Resigned, I headed to work.  Teh German and I discussed going to get pizza to celebrate my accomplishment (completing my first difficult test which I had been really worried about) and we agreed on Mellow Mushroom.

After running into Teh Dental Hygienist on my way home, I finally headed home from work.  When I got home, we weren't really hungry so we chilled on the couch for a bit.  We had asked Teh PT Family if they wanted to join us.  They said yes, so we waited on Teh PT Wife to get home. 

We were super hungry and our server left a lot of be desired.  Eventually, we all got drinks and got fed.  Of course, we had barely had time with our appetizers before our pizza arrived... Pet peeve of mine.

Once our collective hangar was resolved, we headed back home.  We headed over to Teh PT House for smoking time. 

Finally, we were all tired and it was bedtime.


I had my 2nd dress fitting on Saturday morning.  Hemmed, I exttttrrrraaa lurve my dress.  I can actually walk in it, which makes ALL the difference.  Check out that smile..

Shoe test.
HA, made you look!
As if I'm putting my dress on the internet as the debut.

On the other hand, the pins in my dress (from the sash) attacked me. 
I have no less than 5 pin scratches on my body!

After running some errands (Walmart, Goodwill, Publix), I headed home.  Teh German was working on yard things and so I tried to be productive inside.  Since there is currently no hurricane coming, I figured I'd finally remove the ice bags.  Except they had melded together and it was impossible to pull them out.  Ugh.  I tried several ways to get these out, to include a hammer, and in the end, I just ran water through the coffee pot and poured it in the drawer to melt the ice enough to pull the bags out.  It was a pain in the dick.

Freeze ziplocks filled with water, they said.
It's good for if you lose power, they said.
Please notice they said nothing about undoing all your hard work...

Probably because of the hassle that it was to get the ice bags out, watching the hot water melt the 5 ice chucks was immensely satisfying.  In fact, I may have spent 5-10 minutes letting the hot water run in the sink watching the rivets the water melted into the ice and all the different patterns. 

I also did the dishes for Teh German since he had been digging a hole in the yard for a drain and I knew he'd be exhausted.  I also had dinner fully microwaved and ready when he came downstairs from his shower.  #BestFianceEver

We stayed home that evening and watched Parks and Rec.  I stayed up late and played Roller Coaster Tycoon (RCT) and read.  I also deleted RCT after losing way too many hours of my life to it this week.  I know myself and I know that I have a hard time cutting myself off of games like that.  I ended up going to bed about 0130, after finishing Ramona Blue.


Sunday morning we opted to go and get brunch on Bagheera and Suzi.  It was a good day for a ride. 

Smiley breakfast.

After brunch, we headed to Tanger to check out sunglasses for me.  I've had my Oakely LBD's since Black Friday 2014 and they have seen MUCH better days.  I've replaced the lenses in them 2x, but the frames were pretty beaten up too.  I had originally asked Teh German for new sunglasses as a wedding gift, but I just couldn't wait longer.  As something I use daily, I was tired of shittiness. 

Since Oakley no longer makes the LBD's, I had to find something different, which is always the pits.  After stopping at Sunglass Hut, I ended up finding a pair at the Oakely store that I bought and they were on sale, so that was nice.

When we got home, we were lazy with the dogs.  I read while Teh German played on his iPad.  At 5, we headed over to Mr. Golfer and Roux's Humom's house for a crab boil.  Teh German mostly starved (since he prefers his food ready to eat) but I had a few crabs and some skrimpies.  We hung out with the neighbors for several hours and finally headed home. 

Despite it being 9:30, we headed over to Teh PT House for more socializing.  When we got home at 11:00.. we discovered we were locked out.  Teh German had locked the inside door to the garage when we had gotten home since he didn't think we were leaving.  The front door was locked since we had went out that door, and the back door was locked.  The garage and backdoor were deadbolt-ed so we were mostly fucked.  Teh AF Maintainer came over to try and use a credit card to pop the lock, but it wasn't happening after 20 minutes. 

Eventually, I remembered that I had left at least one upstairs window open.  First, they tried the guest room window but it was locked.  Process of elimination meant that it was a bedroom window.  I guessed correctly that I had left the air conditioning window unlocked.  Thank God for growing up in the sticks and not believing that everything has to always be locked.  I also have a habit of locking myself out of the house, so these are also protections against myself. 

Teh German was extremely frustrated about the entire situation, but I didn't get my feathers ruffled.  Shit happens.  Our Neighbor Besties were there to help us out.  It was also an accident.   

Once we got inside, we headed straight to bed.


Overall, a relaxing weekend.  Knocking out that math test blew me into the weekend and I was ok with relaxing a bit.  I tried to do some chemistry, but we hadn't covered the topics yet, so I didn't really bother.  My German homework is always caught up (since it's the easiest to do, I knock it out first) and my computer science tasks were 99% complete since there was one question that I said DNGAF to answering since it was only 2 pts.  I'd rather take the hit than bother posting a discussion about it. 

Since this is a day late, yesterday was my last PT appointment, which I'm glad and sad about.  Glad because no more driving to Summerville and missing work.  Sad because no more excuse to get out of work and because I believe it was helping.  This just means that I need to stay on top of myself and doing my exercises.  October is coming and I'm planning on starting to run.  That half marathon in Dec isn't getting further away.

I have my 2nd German test this week, my first CS test, and plenty of chem homework because the instructor doesn't seem to know how to schedule properly.  Also, I found this shit obnoxious:  We had a print-out-turn-in homework due on Sept 11th, but class was cancelled.  So the Thursday before, classes were also cancelled, she offered 5 pts extra credit for people who turned in their assignment early so she could get a head start on grading the assignments.  I emailed my assignment to her on Friday morning before class would have started.  When we get back to school a week later, she emails and asks for everyone to print out their assignment to make it easier for her to grade, even people who had turned them in early.  Nope, can't.  I tried to help you already by submitting it early and you couldn't be bothered to grade it while we were out for a week?  Not my problem.  #sorrynotsorry

We have dance lessons this Friday and we haven't really been practicing because life has spiraled out of control.  I'm hoping that next week will bring a sense of normalcy to my life since I will have taken a test in each of my classes to know what to expect from here on out.  I also need to get back on the homework wagon, the most depressing ride.

PS.  I have remedied the lock out situation and had some spare keys made.  Let's just say that is a situation that probably won't happen again.

43 days till the wedding.
That means 43 days to write my vows, get my ring sent off for resizing, to schedule my hair/makeup trial and day of appointments, and whatever else comes up.  Wish me luck.


  1. Eek! So close to the wedding! I'm so hungry & that breakfast looks amazing.

  2. I had my first test this week too, and have similar feelings lol. I was not prepared for the level of test anxiety I had. Guess that's what happens when you take a 5 year break.


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