Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #14

tG: Hang on to your britches, bitches.
tM: You'll just have to deal with my britcheslessness since I have to brace myself so I don't slam into the side of the truck.
tG: At least you're embraced.

tG: I don't have a lot of hobbies, but all the ones I do have are expensive.

At dance lessons, we'd been making Rumba boxes.
Dance Instructor: Do you know what I'm trying to get you to do?
tG: Step outside the box?

tM: Did they post pictures of the baby?
tG: No, he sent them to me.
tM: Aww, it's cute.  Looks like him and still like a swollen lizard.
tG: It looks like a lot of work.
tM: I wanna hump you so hard and not make any babies when you talk like that.

tG: Are we getting the ice cream crap?
tM: The ice cream crepe, yes.  Not crap.
tG: Oh it's crap in German.
tM: You took French, you should know it's crepe.  You can't blame this on language barrier.
tG: That's why I'm pretty sure it's crap.
tM: I think you just have a thing.  Cheese turds, ice cream crap.
tG: It's pretty shitty.

tM: Don't call it street corn if it's from a can.
tG: Don't give it street credibility if it ain't from the hood.

I have no idea what this is in reference too, but it's funny in a random way.
tG: You ate the top off, now it's topless and your avocados are showing.

Teh German was in a mood, so I jumped on him and his phone got trapped between our chests while I was applying my full body weight to "smother" him.
tG: My phone!
tM: It's fine.  Although you probably just liked some KKK thing.
tG: Or Donald Trump.  That's even worse.
(PS. When I put this in my log, "Trump" was autocorrected to Trumpet and it made me remember this site.)

tM: Internet, you are boring.
tG: Don't talk like that about the internet!

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  1. I have the same problem with a lack of hobbies that don't cost me an arm & a leg. LOL at the ice cream crap convo. Also, what is an ice cream crepe??

  2. Hahahaha I love his shitty pun :)

  3. HA! I've never heard anyone pronounce crepe as "crap" in German!

  4. over a 1hr wait to buy books?!? crazy. why don't they have droves of cashiers lined up at such a huge fair?


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