Wednesday, November 1, 2017


After 10.5 months of planning and almost 12 years of waiting (because let's be honest, I didn't really much want to get married before I was in my 20s), today is the day.

While Teh German and I have joked that we're really more looking forward to November 2nd so we no longer have to be planning this wedding, I have always been looking forward to November 1st more.  Not because of any of the details or getting to wear a wedding dress or even getting to see the people who are coming (if you're a wedding guest and you're reading this, sorry, but it's true), but I'm going promise to spend the rest of my life with the person who makes me incredibly happy and sometimes frustrated and sometimes mad and sometimes elated.

Teh German is one of the best team members I've found in my life up to now and I'm glad to make him a part of my team for forever.  I'm proud to stand in front of all our people and tell him how much I love him and make vows to do my best to love him for as long as I can.

I believe that words are extremely powerful and I've made a point to NOT call Teh German anything but "Boyfran" and eventually "Fiance".  I'm also very literal, so incorrect titles make my brain wrinkle.

Today, I officially will call him "Husband" or "Mein Mann" and I've been waiting for 10.5 months to get to call him that.  It's been especially hard NOT to call him that when he started wearing a silicone wedding band daily "to get used to wearing a ring" (hahahaha, cute nonetheless).  Today, he finally gets to put on his wedding band and hear me call him the "h-word"!

I'm sure there were be no shortage of photos of us in the near future (also, our hashtag is #MegMo2017, so you might find something on Instagram or maybe even Facebook, but for now, I will share a few gems from the past 2 years.

The first secret-not-secret picture I took of Teh German on our 2nd date.

Our first road trip to NC.

The first wedding we attended together.

Teh German's first time in Tennessee.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for halloween!

Photobooth silliness at the chili cookoff.

Our first run together

First Stingrays game

Teh Sister's wedding

Rugged Maniac run

House in progress

The day we closed on House.

Visiting castles in Germany

Our first anniversary.

We ran at Disneyland

We ran the James Island Connector 10k

Our first selfie in Baloo, Teh German's new truck.

Timo proposed at Disney and I was a real girl and cried and was completely surprised.

Winter at the beach.

Engagement photos

The day we adopted Pax.

Teh German "snuggling" with me on the couch after my hip surgery.

At the Highland Games in NC.

90s night

That one time we worked as a team to cut down a tree in the backyard without taking out the fence or hitting House.

Solar eclipse selfie.

Celebrating my first day of school with ice cream.

Our last first-date-aversay before we're married.

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