Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #15

Teh German was washing a pot that had food burned on the bottom.
Teh Megan: Did the boiling water unstick it?
Teh German looks back at me from over the sink with a distressed face: I don't know, I can't see!
His glasses had fogged up from the steam when he poured out the pan.

tM: What was she wearing?
tG: That Lula Roy stuff?
tM: Lularoe?
tG: Yeah, whatever.

At Fort Sumter.
tM: There was a fire ant biting me.
tG: See, the fort is still active.

tM: It's chorizo.
tG: Shitshow?
tM: No, it's like a spicy sausage.
tG: Also, a possible shit show.

tM: So many things I just held back just now.
tG: Let it out, we know you here.

Teh German was eating spice cake.
tG: This tastes like Christmas.

tM: What are you doing, showing me your new tattoo?
tG: Yeah, can I keep it?
(PS. He did not get a new tattoo.  He was just scratching his arm.)

We were looking for a Mexican restaurant.
tG: There it is!
tM: Where?
tG pointing at Taco Bell (which was not our destination): Right there. 

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  1. Glasses fogging while cooking is a legit problem.

  2. bahaha @ the glasses fogging up. that sucks! i've never tried boiling water to unstick something, what a good idea! why have i never thought of that. bahahaha @ shit show/chorizo. i've got to tell KC that one :)


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