Friday, November 10, 2017

Five on Friday #129

EINS - Random Shit

-I wore my dress backwards on Tuesday because I liked the way it looked on me and my boobs weren't as exposed.  Fortunately, it was tagless and no one noticed.  #FashionPolice

-I initiated contact with both my wedding planner and DJ after the wedding to meet with both of them and both said they would get back to me.  Neither has.

-I registered for spring semester classes.  Next semester I have: Calculus 1, German 2, Computer Science 2, and Photoshop.  The calc class is 5 days a week @10 which is kind of annoying, but not overly and it's better than having to be at class at 0800 5 days a week.  Mostly, I'm just excited not to have 2 extra lab classes.

-I'm certain my wedding day post didn't go live like it was scheduled to (probably my own fault) so I backdated it because I do what I wawnt.

-Depressing is seeing your property tax double because they are taxing your house and land this year, unlike last year which was just the land.  Boo hiss.  #homeownershipwoes

-Sitting outside at work brings me great joy.  The No See Ums do not bring me great joy.

-10 days until I get to be with Teh Running Bestie again!  We seem to like to plan our visits of each other within short periods of time and then go long periods in between visits.  It's weird, but it works for us.

-YALL Fest is on Friday and Saturday.  I wanted to go downtown on Friday for the festival, but school is cockblocking me in multiple ways.  1- Classes are still being held despite it being Veteran's Day, 2- We have Hurricane Irma make up class from 1500-1800 on Friday evening.  3- Steve Bannon is going to be at The Citadel for a speaking/dinner event and protestors are already planning to protest.  I don't mind their protest, unless it gets me trapped on campus on a Friday night.  I'm kind of curious how The Citadel is planning to mitigate issues and I'm really hoping the gates will be closed except the main gain all day long with access only to those with visitor passes or Citadel identification.

We do have tickets to see Jason Segal speak on Saturday though.

-Also on Saturday we have: the Sweet Tea 10k in Summerville, downtown for Jason Segal, a dinner in North Charleston... and if I was super awesome, we could also go to the Stingrays game, but I'm just not sure I'll have it in me.

-Speaking of Stringrays, I've been encouraging Teh German to buy the ECHL ticket on the iPad so we can just watch all the games at home.  I know it's a copout, but I also know that we haven't really been to very many games since moving out of Shitty House since Haus is "so far" away from the coliseum.  I feel like $150 for the games is still cheaper than going to the games in person since I know that Teh German would watch the games if he was at home and we usually spend $40 on tickets, $40 on dinner, then at least $20 for Teh German's beer, plus $7 for my doughnuts... so really, we would end up saving money NOT going to the games.. and even if we were to go to a game in person, watching a majority of the games at home would be a wash.  If anyone is more stringent with money than me, it's Teh German....  unless it's for that stupid motorcycle.

-The Sweet Tea 10k is tomorrow and I'm super pumped.  We're going to walk/run.  Yes, WE.  Teh German committed to doing it with me "since it's only a 10k..."  Ugh, we're those people.  Have I trained?  NUPE.  I've done no physical activity besides walking the dogs and intermittent PT exercises.

-The Kiawah Half Marathon is in December and I'm excited for that too.  I'm planning on walk/running that one too.  I am hoping to at least get in some runs before Dec. 9th.  We'll see how that works out.... I run participate for medals.  I checked the website and I have 6 hours to finish the course.  I feel like I can accomplish that.  That's solid audiobook time.  I will be doing that race on my own.

-I miss Spotify lyrics.

-I had my name changed for my work email.  It almost motivates me to go get my named changed.  Almost.

ZWEI - Money things

I tallied up most of the money spent for the wedding.  Let's just not talk about that and live in denial for forever, mmmkay?

Other things I bought this week:
  • Dinner for company
  • Year's supply of allergy meds (thank Allah for generic Zyrtec)
  • Sudafed (I'm going to try and wean myself off, pray for me)
  • Gas
  • Water bill
  • Cookout Milkshake
  • Willie Jewell's gift certificates
  • Dog treats and clearance halloween toys for Pax and Meri
  • 2 new books from the book trailer, don't judge my weakness 
  • Surprise appt for Teh Running Bestie
  • Lunch at Rutledge Cab Co since I didn't want to stay on campus.
  • Most of the remaining items on our wedding registry.
    • In my defense, most of the items on the registry were things I/we had been wanting for quite a while, but I was waiting until after the wedding since we assumed people would want to have options for gifts to buy.  Also, the 20% discount from Amazon didn't hurt my feelings.
  • McDonald's sweet tea
  • Chiro visit

DREI - things from my phone

Faack my dogs are cute.
And super well behaved.
And beg like mofos...

5 Disney wedding cards, 3 of which are the same.
Obviously, our guests know us well...

New knife and sausage.... DANGEERRRR

Part of Teh Sister's wedding gift to us was these awesome bride and groom dinosaurs.
Pax was pretty sure that the feather on the groom meant that they were edible.

Nov 2nd = matching Thanksgiving collars equipped.

What do you call crystal clear urine?
(I had to explain this one to a coworker and I was disappointed)

VIER - things from the internet

I think I need to watch some 90/00s movies over Christmas break to revel in the ridiculousness.

How to teach girls to set boundaries.  This also applies to women and people in general.

Story of my life right now.

Seems legit.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Being called Wife/Mrs. G and all associated name change activities (mostly email related stuffs and work stuffs as I'm not doing the legal stuff until at least after the end of the Fall semester.  Although I'm considering putting it off until after our honeymoon so that way I don't have to change my passport before we go AND it's closer to my passport's expiration date of 2020.
  2. Finishing up a 45 hour long audiobook.  It was definitely a haul, but now I want to listen to the next books in the series (which is currently estimated to be 10 books, FML).  Also, I'd like to finish listening to Outlander at some point during my life.  Eventually, maybe.  #ReadingProblems
  3. Catching up on my Feedly... whew.
  4. Accidentally on purpose forgetting I had make up class on Thursday.  #YOLO
  5. Teh WJL's pictures from the wedding.
  6. Uploading said photos to Facebook for everyone to like.  I won't pretend like I don't get a moderate amount of validation from likes.
  7. My broken fingernail hanging on until yesterday, when I finally cut it off.  I had superglued it twice.  #classyAF
  8. Double dipping for class.  As in, there was a special event that I went to last night that got me extra credit in my computer science class and credit for something in my math class.  That's pretty much the ONLY reason I was willing to go to campus, near downtown, in the rain, on a not-class day.
  9. Registering for my spring classes.
  10. Accomplishing one week of marriage.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Baha bagel seeds! I mostly love that they did it in an airbnb.

    $150 for ALLLL the games from the comfort of your home sounds like a way better deal.

  2. Haha those bride and groom dinosaurs are awesome!!! Why were you wanting to meet with your wedding planner and DJ? Apparently after the wedding, they are like peace. Rude.


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