Friday, November 17, 2017

Five on Friday #130

EINS - Shit from the week

-Math test, chem test, German test... At least we're getting these out of the way before we spend a week out of school, when I will promptly forget everything I've learned.  #notsorry

-I'm not disappointed that we took a nap instead of going to see Jason Segal.  Not even a little bit.

-I am disappointed by my food choices over the past week and I'm making it a goal to do better.  Less treats, Megan.  You are not a dog (yes I am).

-When people don't contact me when they say they will, I get stabby.  That includes my wedding planner and DJ.

-Teh German was super frustrated on Monday night trying to install the new thermostats.  I called the HVAC company we deal with on Tuesday afternoon (when I remembered) and talked to the dispatcher some about the issue of neither thermostat (the new one Teh German had installed or the old one we hadn't touched) showing anything on the display.  She said it would be best to send a tech out and she informed me that it would cost $150 per thermostat for a tech to install it.  When I got home on Tuesday evening, I asked Teh German to have the new thermostats installed before the tech arrived.  This way, the tech could just troubleshoot instead of saying he couldn't do anything since I didn't want to pay him to install them, when I was 100% confident in Teh German's work.

Jerry, the HVAC dude who had spent so much time at our house in August, was the tech to show up and he confirmed that the fuse was blown and our HVAC warranty covered it.  WOOT.  Finally a warranty that doesn't just waste my money.  With the fuse replaced, BOTH thermostats worked and Teh German was friendly again AND we saved $300 since Jerry didn't install them.

BTW, it is super simple to do things like replace the light switches with motion sensors and change out a thermostat.  Many a people on YouTube are willing to show you how to do things.  It's super helpful in home ownership needs and saves us a LOT of money... AND Teh German gets satisfaction from doing home improvement projects.  Unfortunately for him, my next home improvement tasks won't be as simple (paining, hanging pictures)...

-I try to be on my best kitchen behavior when I cook things that are being eaten not at my house.  For instance, I try to use clean, unlicked, utensils when I mess with the food and I make a conscious effort to wash my hands before messing with the food if I've touched the dogs, even if I'm just stirring something.  I hope everyone else is the same way..... (don't burst my bubble, kthx).

-I made 9 POUNDS of sweet potatoes for Company Thanksgiving.  Granted, I used about 2/3 of it and the remaining 1/3 is at home for Teh German (and I) to eat.  The only reason I used all of the sweet potatoes that I had was because I noticed that the 4 potatoes I was going to save for later were on the peak of going bad.  So instead of wasting them, I just cooked them.  It's good that Teh German likes sweet potatoes, especially since I'm leaving today for MD.

-At our wedding, Teh German got very choked up before reading his vows.  Well, I'll just admit here that every time I listen to my vows to Teh German or read them, my eyes leak.  I love what he said to me, but what I said to him makes me more emotional for some reason.  Maybe because it's things I've promised to do for forever?  That said, the part where he calls me the "strongest, smartest, toughest woman [he] knows" gets me every time...

-Someone brought Cheerrwine Punch to our Thanksgiving lunch at work.  I have to say, it's not as delicious as regular Cheerwine and you should not bother.

-Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen to fill up my water before we ate lunch and noticed that my insulated bag was on the floor and it was standing like normal instead of laid on it's side, how I'd put it.  RAGE.  Here's why it mattered:

So much gd rage.  Apparently, my bag (that was holding my heated sweet potatoes) had been placed in a location that was "in someone's way" when it was laying on it's side, so they stood it up......  At which point, all the carefully laid out, perfectly toasted, marshmallows became stuck to the lid.  I had to scrape all the marshmallow out of the lid and plop it back on the sweet potatoes.  It wasn't pretty and I might have been a bit hangry thus my overly ragey response, but WTF! DON'T MESS WITH PEOPLE'S SHIT ON BRING IN FOOD DAY. 

I had let Teh German shower first so I could get the sweet potatoes heated up before work.  Then, I had meticulously laid out the marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes so they could melt and be toasted.  I even dealt with shitty morning traffic since I left late...  And then THIS.

TL;DR: Just because you might not understand why something is the way it is, doesn't mean it's not like that for a reason.  Thus, leave other people's shit alone.

-Greyhound owner's worst nightmare happened when I was walking the dogs with Teh PT Wife earlier this week.  We were about 20 feet away and a car was parked on the street.  The door opened and a little puffball dog jumped out, fortunately on a leash.  Pax immediately went to alert.  I can control Meri, but I knew that if Pax took off, he was going to take me (and Meri) with him.  Thankfully, the humans saw me reel my dogs in and brace myself for either one of them to take off and they picked up their step.  Unfortunately, they did NOT pick up their dog, so we had to pause and wait for them to get into the house before continuing on.  It took no less than 6-8 houses before Pax stopped turning around to look for his potential new toy.  Meri was whining and rearing back the entire time the dog was walking in the house because she loves new friends...

-I'm skipping Chemistry today to leave for MD.  #priorities

ZWEI - Shit I've spent money on


-Chiro visit
-Shipping for some thangs (amazon return, and Teh Sister's usb hub)
-YALL Fest shirt (which was a disappointment.  Essentially, I paid $25 for a sleep shirt since that was the smallest size they had left.  Then, later they posted you could order online.  Grr/boo hiss.)
-Teh Sister's Christmas present
-Hookah downtown
-Callie's Hot Little Biscuit
-Willie Jewell's
-The remaining items on our registry.... (Turns out, people have a year to buy a wedding gift.  Oops.)
-Sam's Club membership.
-Food/things from Sam's.
-Cards Against Humanity's Holiday Thing
-Chickfila sweet tea (FML they finally opened the one on campus up and I have no will power against the sweet nectar of life)
-Disposable pans for the Thanksgiving celebration at work so I don't have to worry about reclaiming my Pyrex dishes.
-98 Rock Fest tickets to see Seether, Three Days Grace, 10 Years and some other bands in April.

DREI - Shit from my phone

Whew, definitely gonna fail German now.  😆

Pumpkin/squash soup = fall.

Whiteboards are... remarkable.
My dry humored coworker even laughed.  #notsorry

What do you call an anxious dinosaur?
Nervous Rex
I wrote this one specifically for Teh German since he was coming to Company Thanksgiving Lunch.

I'm headed to MD to play nurse for Teh Running Bestie.
She's not currently running, so it seemed like the perfect time to complete this puzzle that Teh WJL gave us as a wedding present of Schloss Neuschwanstein (which we visited in Germany, where Timo did not propose).

Another gem from TehWJL, this photo of me.

WORKING smart thermostats!
The problem was not Teh German's install job, but a blown fuse.
Which that expensive ass HVAC warranty covered. 

YYYAAASSSS Thanksgiving!

VIER - Shit from the internet

Essentially, I am a dog...

If anyone was considering getting me a Christmas present, I'm happy to accept this as a gift, as well as the "free" bag that comes with it.

FÜNF - Shit that made me happy

  1. Haus is a Smart House.  I can view my thermostats from my phone and Teh German can tell Siri to turn off the lights at night.  Once I figure out how to set up my phone to turn off the lights when I tell it to, we'll be in business.
  2. Teh German actually laughing (not just a chortle) at the joke I shared on Teh Blog's FB page.
  3. Sending the DJ her website information and being done with that whole thing.
  4. The cleaning lady agreeing to redo some of the shit she didn't do properly when she did the deep clean when she comes this month.
  5. Google.  For all the answers.
  6. Thanksgiving puns.
  7. Completing assignments prior to school vacation so I don't have to worry with them during vacation.
  8. Teh Running Bestie gifting me with The Handmaid's Tale.  I've been wanting to read it for a while.
  9. Visiting old web comics I used to read and being nostalgic.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Oh man I would have been so ragey over someone messing up my food!!

  2. The sweet potatoes thing would have made me super rage-y!

    Yay for not having to pay for the thermostat installation!

  3. We would have liked to see you/have you meet new greyhounds...


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