Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Greyt Colorful Weekend

Friday was a busy-ish afternoon.  Teh MD Kid Roomie had a school dance so she got to spend the evening getting all dressed up.  Originally, Teh MD Adult Roomie and I had planned to go to the Tiki Bar with the greyhounds, but it was just too much effort for us to load the dogs and the stuff and ourselves and get Teh Kid Roomie to the dance and come back and get here, so we decided to just stay home and relax.

I did con them into going to Red Robin for dinner because I wanted either a steak from Texas Roadhouse or the Royal Red Robin (which is a bacon cheeseburger with egg and its delicious and you're not allowed to hate on it till you try it, naysayers) from Red Robin.  Red Robin won and I almost went hangry crazy on an apathetic hostess who didn't seem to understand that when I called 10 minutes prior and she said there was no wait I was hingeing on there being NO wait.  I burned too many calories that day to wait longer past 5pm to eat dinner and it was 5:45 when we arrived.  HANGRY Megan was out in full force.  My reverse-Hulk transformation while I was eating was obvious.  Teh Roomies even commented on my niceness after I'd eaten.  So that shirt that say "I apologize for what I said when I was hangry.."?  Completely applicable to me.  Except in regards to that apatheic hostess, who I still wanted to slaughter when I walked out.  I made sure to give her a proper glare-down on our way out the door. 

We made it right on time to drop Teh Kid Roomie off at her dance and we went back home to just hang out and play on the internets and drink (ok, I was drinking since she had to go back and get Teh Kid Roomie, but if I say we it doesn't sound like I was solo drinking and have a problem).  In other news, made a peanut butter frozen hot chocolate adult beverage with vodka and creme de cacao.  Did I mention how much being an adult rocks?  It does. 

After staying up way too late, I finally made it to bed.

Saturday was the annual greyhound picnic, which Phil blogged all about, so I'm not going to recap that part.  If you wanna see pictures, just check out his blog.  Yes, I'm lazy, don't judge me.

Saturday evening we traded dogs and brought Meri back with us to the bonfire since the greyhounds had properly exhausted themselves all day long.

Group shot!

I miss good sunsets.  So, so, soooooo much.

I see firreee..  (That's a Hobbit soundtrack reference, btw)

Meri gets all the spoiled.

My little fuzzy baby girl.
I love my little terrorist puppy.

We left at a decent time because we had The Color Run on Sunday morning and we had to leave super early to get there on time since I agreed to keep Miley for the weekend, which meant that we didn't drive up to DC on Saturday night and stay.

Sunday morning started wayyyy too early, but we made it to the National Harbor for the run by 0745, so wayyy early.  We hung out in the car for a bit waiting on our 5th person to arrive and finally we threw sheets over the seats and headed down to the start zone.  Of all the color runs I've done, The Color Run is definitely the best.  This year there was no wet color, which was slightly disappointing and the first color zone was AWFUL, but it improved towards the end.  We tried to buy merchandise there, but everything in our size was sold out, which sucks for them because I was ready to drop loads of dollas right then, but when I went online to buy stuff, I had my dolla-filter on and didn't spend as much money as I would have if they'd have had my sizes on Sunday.  Your loss suckas!


The start line moved really quickly.  After 3 years of this, I'm glad they are expedient.

Last clean photo.

Start line

Throw me free things!!

First color zone!!
(Honestly, it sucked.  There was no one in the middle, all the color tossers were off to the sides, and rather than do shifts where 1 person sprays while the other person fills, there were several groups where both people were refilling their spray containers.  Fail.)

Notice the lack of pink.
2nd color zone.

Successful color zone.
Upcoming: Purple color zone.

3rd color zone

Final color zone.

Finish line!!!

This kid was just rolling around on the water.  Weirdo.

This ticket for free stuffs was attached to our run number.

I got photo bombed.

After running: the front.

After running: the back.

Sadly, Teh MD Kid Roomie was cut off.
Grrrr to the random guy who we asked to take the photo.


New tattoo!
JK.  But I totally didn't wash it off cause I love it.


After color toss selfie!

Final product: Retard level max

The saddest, yet most fun part is being blown off by the leaf blowers.

We had lunch at Ming Restaurant in Chinatown.
It wasn't as delicious as when I went with Mr. Scrooge.

And we saw this on our walk back to the car...
Temple of Cun Yum.
Hope no one ever typos that....

The children were passed out.


Sunday afternoon we all napped because it was just too hard to stay awake.  Teh MD Adult Roomie went shopping and Teh MD Kid Roomie and I hung out and played on the internets and she had company for a while.  It was bedtime early, despite taking a nap, because Monday always comes too soon.

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