Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Humpday Confession #5

Whew, Wednesday on a short week.  BRING IT ON!!!

Vodka and Soda


-I have sat in the desk chair rather than move a dog from my normal spot on the couch because its really just easier and more peaceful than moving one of the dogs so I can sit down.

-The downstairs bathroom sometimes becomes an additional storage area when things won't fit in actual storage spaces.  YAY for dog food on the bathroom counter.  Keepin' in classy.

-PB frozen hot chocolate has pretty much become a nightly thing now.  Don't judge me.  It's delicious.  I went through a kettle corn popcorn every day phase too several weeks ago.  This too shall pass.. maybe.

-I'm not gonna lie, this picture of me is super cute and it's very rare that I notice my body, but in this photo I can see the difference since I've been working out.  Yes, it's a selfie.  #sorrynotsorry.

*cat call myself*

Also, I don't ever sport strapless anything because of the humonga boobage I have going on.  Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover talked me into buying this dress (because if I didn't she would have, so really I just saved her $30) and it was discussed that maybe this dress should be like the jeans in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

-When Teh MD Kid Roomie loads the dishwasher I struggle with not reorganizing it so it can hold more dishes.  I told her that loading the dishwasher is a puzzle and one day she'll thank me for helping her hone her packing skills when she's moving and packing boxes so she won't end up with 200 1/2 full boxes.

-I watched Pocahontas last Friday at work.  I still have the DVDs sitting on my desk so I can watch Pocahontas 2 this week at some point... at work.  Yep.  What am I going to do when I have to work a real job?  Boooo.

-I scheduled my separation physical.  There are lots of very small steps towards getting out of the Navy, but I'm tackling them one by one.

-I get great joy out of someone telling me that I don't have the permissions to be able to do someone else's work.  I get even more joy out of telling the person who wanted me to do their work that I don't have the permissions per the person they told me to talk to.  Lazy ass.

-The site makes me want to punch a kitten.  I don't understand most .mil sites and that one is Army owned and operated so it makes even less sense to me.  I also struggle with DTS (Defense Travel System) for when I go on travel.  It's the military, not me.  Usually when it comes to .mil websites, I pretend to be an idiot so I don't have to do it myself and someone else will do it for me.

-When people leave remaining time on the microwave I want to punch them in the genitals.  How freakin' hard is it to hit clear when you open the door?

-I've been making dinners and they aren't really that healthy.  Chicken and Gnocchi soup, bbq pulled pork (ok, that one isn't so bad), breakfast fries...  At least we're eating food and I have leftovers for lunch?  It's the small things.

Left over fries from Red Robin with cheese and an over easy egg.. AND BACON (at least for the sane one me).
YAY for effective use of leftovers.

-I'm really good at making over easy eggs.  I'm kinda proud of that confession though.

-I've been doing really lazy workouts.  I guess that is kind of a perspective thing though.  40-50 minutes on the elliptical and then choosing to (or not to) do an abs or arm workout.  I've not been feeling the arm workouts this week, so I've went with ab workouts 2x so far.  It makes me feel so lazy.  The run on Sunday really did a number on my hips, they have been so tight the last few days, so I've spent extra time stretching.

In other news, I'm 150 pages away from finishing the 3rd Hunger Games book, so at least I've been productive.  Next up is Looking for Alaska by John Green.  In things I've recently learned.  John Green that wrote The Fault in Our Stars is the same John Green that does the "educational" vlogs/youtube videos that Teh Bear used to watch.  Oh how small the world is.


  1. maybe it's time to change up the workouts? that's what i do when i'm feeling less than jazzed about my workouts.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. i just finished my first john green book and i will definitely be checking the rest out - he is a smart cookie.
    all of that food sounds delish - yum!
    and that picture of you is super cute girl! yay for seeing a difference. i also vote for switching stuff up when you're feeling blah.

  3. That pic is gorgeous! you go on and cat call yourself girl! :D

  4. Hey Megan!! I love your selfie!! And I love how you cat called your self, lol!!! I also confess to doing lazy work out when im home. I don't have much space and a pair of dumbells works just fine for me lol! Great post!! XOXO


  5. I would love a dress as versatile as the traveling pants! BTW great book :)

  6. First off no shame in selfie's on my end. Second, I also love Kettle corn but not the microwaveable kind, it hasta be the real stuff. Now tell me more about this pb frozen hot chocolate....Mmmmm.....

  7. I'm currently reading A Fault in Our Stars, but I'm only through chapter 2 so far. This seems to be a popular book to be reading for bloggers :) The selfie is good!

  8. I have a crush on John Green. And I'm planning to work my way through all of his books this summer.

    I feel for you on the strapless. I, too, have huge boobs and it's just so much more comfortable to wear straps and sleeves.

    AND..pb frozen hot chocolate is a THING? I must have this.


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