Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Humpday Confessions #4

Halfway there... I can do this, I can do this..

Vodka and Soda


-I have an addiction to Lancaster soft caramels.  I try to limit myself to 2 a day.  It's difficult because I'd like to eat the whole bag and rot out all my teeth at once.

-Yesterday I made homemade peanut butter frozen hot chocolate.  I really wanted an adult beverage because I was having a rough day, but I'm on duty on all week, so iz not for me.  I put my PB frozen hot chocolate in my Jack Skellington mug and delighted in all the peanut butter.  If you're a FB fan, then you might have seen a status update about keeping Peter Pan PB in business.  It's true.  With 3 dogs we go through 6 POUNDS of PB in less than a month.  The humans are also fans of PB, but we have our own (smaller) container. 

Point is, my frozen hot chocolate had a LOT of PB in it and it was amazing.  I didn't measure.  Just "enough" ice, milk, hot cocoa powder, and several heaping tablespoons of PB later, deliciousness was consumed.

-I learned last week, I'm completely oblivious to certain behavioral cues.  Apparently banging around and generally being loud and taking a long time means you should check on someone.  Oops.

-I taught Teh MD Kid Roomie how to make fudgey brownies.  I might have freaked out loudly let her know when she went over 50 strokes.  The key to fudgey brownies is in the minimal strokes people.  Trust me.  (and undercooking).

-I was thanked for still continuing to work even though I'm getting closer to being out of the Navy.  Apparently, its a real thing where people just stop doing anything?  IDK.  I do go out of my way not to have to escort the cleaning lady, but I answer the phone and respond to all electronic requests and take care of all clearance related things.  So while I might have blogger and FB and reddit tabs open, I also have work tabs open too... meaning, even if it looks like I'm not working, I probably am.  Let's just call it my "smoke break" mmmkkay?

-I really struggle having faith in the fact that everything will work out.  I want to control all the things.  I want to know well ahead of time that there is a plan and things will work out because I want to do everything in my power to prevent problems along the way.

-There were JSOC orders on CMS/ID this month (I just Navy-ed you, sorry) AND someone sent me a job posting for JSOC in Ft. Bragg and told me I'd be perfect for the job description.  I can't even handle the bitterness.  (I applied to JSOC late 2013 and got denied because I need more expeditionary experience, if you're completely lost right now.  I decided that if I did or didn't get into JSOC would determine if I was getting out or staying in the Navy.)

-I calculated the days until terminal leave (if I take no more vacation between now and then).  120ish days.  What biiiitccccheeesss????  I think I need to make a countdown calendar.  One of those cut a ring off for each day garland thingies like kids make at Christmas maybe.

-I was FB stalking and fell down a rabbit hole.  There's an LT at my command who looks almost exactly like the Ex-Fiance.  I was showing a co-worker which lead to stalking the wife which lead to his family.  I'm psycho man.  In other news, looks like they are all doing well.  Super happy for them.  Whew, dodged that bullet.

-Millington, TN receives 1.91 inches of snow on an average each year.  I'm considering relocating there for reasons.  WTF AM I THINKING?

-Thinking about Millington, f-ing, Tennessee is making me have a meltdown.  A serious meltdown.  


  1. I admit that I don't read all your posts, but when I do read one it makes me sad that I haven't read the others.

    I would visit you in Millington!

  2. So some of this post really confused me, but others made me laugh. Either way, I was interested haha :)

  3. FB stalking is such a time suck! whenever i do go on there and find something to lurk, i'll do that for hours #noshame.

    thanks for linking up.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I want to control all the things too. Its so hard to let things just be!


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