Monday, May 12, 2014

Vacation Vacation Vacation! (Part 2)

After finding parking and struggling to find the theater and walking around the block on a gimp foot and Suzy2 failing me at directions (but only because those doors were locked), I had to ask someone for directions and finally managed to find the place.  What I didn't realize was that the theater was small and the show didn't actually start till 7:30.  Uuuugggghhh. 

This did give me time to write a secret for the box and go potty, which is relevant because there was a pink sticky pad in the bathrom for secrets too!  PostSecret events rock!  I can't remember the other secrets, but I felt like I should put something motivational on the mirror rather than a secret, since the purpose of a mirror is to see yourself.  I'm really bad about seeing all the things wrong with me when I look in the mirror and rather than seeing how awesome my eyes are and that my hair doesn't get split ends, I'd rather focus on my huge pores and how my teeth aren't as white as they could be and that if it didn't hurt so much, I'd get my eyebrows shaped.  As I'm getting older, I've started to learn that my faults aren't usually what people see about me (unless that zit is particularly large).

No one else sees all the things YOU see.

The theater wasn't actually that large, which was good.  Because I failed at navigating the tickets website, I ended up with an almost breakneck seat.  It ended up being ok though.

Since this was the premiere of the show (it wasn't exactly a PostSecret Event, hosted by Frank Warren), Frank was actually there.  At first when I saw him, I thought that he was someone that looked a lot like the founder of PostSecret, but then the more and more I stared (becuase I'm completely awkward and that person), I realized, No.  That really is Frank Warren.  Cue girly freakout.  I messaged Miss Reflective becuase I knew she would be excited with me, even if she wasn't with me.  During intermission I asked for a photo with him, but he declined until after the show so it wouldn't start everyone trying to get a photo with him.  Fair enough. 

So PostSecret: The Show is different than a normal PostSecret (PS) event.  The Show is a theater production.  I assume that most of the secrets will be the same secrets they perform each night, with the exception of the audience secrets that are shared and secrets from former audiences that are added.  The Show is based on the postcards, emails, and some clips from actual PS events that are essentially presented in the form of dramatic monologues by 3 different actors.  Since its a production, I doubt Frank will actually be at everyone, but since it was opening night, he was there, so I was lucky.


The 3 "presentors"

At one point, the male actor took a selfie with the audience.  I'm actually in the center of the photo in my neon green shirt.  The point was that even if you feel alone, even if you came to the show alone, you are not alone.

Frank took the stage to say some words.

After the show was over, Frank did autographs and then photos.  There was also an area with whiteboards where you could write another secret and have your photo taken with it and another area with audience secrets (that were put in the box prior to the show) displayed on a table.  Mine was there, it was scary seeing it there.  No, I'm not going to share what it was with you.  After getting a few items signed (I didn't even think to bring my PS books), I did a white board secret and finally decided to head home without a photo because I was exhausted, my foot was almost unbearable, and I still had a 1.5 hour drive to accomplish.

I arrived home to this gem.  Meri had eaten the package with my medication that Teh Grehound Neighbor Wife MD Adult Roomie (name changed for official purposes) had mailed to me.  Meri had even been so kind as to chew open the bottle and lost or eaten at least one pill.  Uggggh. 
How can such a destructo-dog be so adorable?

Other things Meri ate while she was under the supervision of others......

When I finally arrived home, I collapsed into bed.  Wednesday was set to be a day of window shopping for guns with Teh Dad since I was getting my gun permit on Thursday.  We were hoping the pawn shops would have some decent options, but they were pretty disappointing in terms of price and selection.  We did find a shop that was willing to order the gun I wanted and it would arrive before I left to go back to MD, which was perfect... until she ordered the wrong gun and properly fucked me over in every possible way and then tried to accuse me of being a felon because I wanted to buy a gun in NC rather than MD.  (WHAT?)  Yeah, we won't go back there.

I'm certain I was the laughing stock of one pawn shop since I'm fairly uneducated about all the different types of guns.  One smart ass customer was happy to suggest a HUGE revolver with what had to have been at least a 10" barrel.  I told him that I don't do revolvers.  Really, dude, mind your own business?  If I can take your eye out with a .22, you're still disabled so it doesn't take something huge to do damage. 

Wednesday evening Teh Dad had to go to Charlotte for training, so I went over to Teh BFF's to help her clean and arrange things at the new house.  We made a plan to go shopping on Thursday and way, way, way past my bedtime I finally headed back home to crash.

Thursday, I woke up as late as possible.  Meri pooped in the floor, but it was worth it to get a little extra sleep.  Considering how much poop I cleaned up while on vacation, what was one more pile (that was before I cleaned up poop, puke, and pee in a 30 minute period later that day)?  Teh BFF finally finished getting her nails done and it was time to go shopping!  After a few hours, we acquired her wedding band, some party gifts, and then headed back to get in a nap before her bachelorette party. 

My nap ended early so I headed over to help Teh BFF unpack some boxes and do some last minute organizing before guests started arriving.  BTW, you know you're a best friend when you're at someone's new house loading the dishwasher, putting things away without knowing where they go, cleaning the kitchen, and organizing the cabinets.

The bachelorette party wasn't as high energy as we had planned, but we played Dirty Minds and The Game of Things (which can be found on my Amazon wishlist, FYI) and chatted over baked ziti and garlic bread for dinner.  Once it got late, we all decided it was a good time to head home and prepare for Friday.

On Friday, I tried to sleep in without success.  It was officially gun day!  I called the shop around 10 to see if it had arrived yet and it had just been delievered.  I told the lady that I would be there in a little bit to pick it up.  I got ready and headed to the sheriff's office to pick up my permit then headed to the shop to pick up the gun.  She didn't actually take the gun out of the case to show me, and I have this problem where I have a blind faith in people and don't double check my order before I walk away.  This gets me burned a lot, especially at Krispy Kreme.  This got me burned again.  We've already discussed the fact that I got the wrong gun than the one I wanted.  We won't go into it again, but I'm still bitter, nonetheless.  I ended up selling it and breaking even, and now everytime I pull my gun out to shoot, I won't be bitter, so it worked itself out in the end.

After picking up the wrong gun and having a meltdown in the Walmart parking lot (where I realized it was the wrong gun), I went inside and tried to retail therapy, which was unsuccessful because that bitch ordered the wrong gun and didn't even APOLOGIZE or TAKE RESPONSIBILIY for her mistake.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!  /rage.

Knowing I needed to eat, I went by Cookout and couldn't decide on anything but a milkshake, which was all I ended up with for lunch, despite sitting in the Pancho Villa parking lot (which I had originally really wanted, but the rage was eating my appetite), I only had the shake until the reheresal dinner.  I went home and took a nap to sleep away some of the rage.  Ironically, my earmuffs that I'd ordered off Amazon for shooting had arrived.  Ugh. 

Until I opened the box and realized it was the wrong gun, I was pretty hyped. 
After that, not so much at all.
Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner for Teh BFF's wedding.  Other than a parental hiccup, which we were worried about, but prepared for, everything went well.  We left after 10pm, having finally accomplished all the decorating and organizing that needed to be done.

On Saturday morning, my foot was finally healed enough to endure shoes and knowing that it was going to be a long day for the pups I took them for a long walk.  Having survived running a mile and walking another mile, I finally decided they were tired enough and we headed back home so I could get ready for the wedding.

I was a bit later than I anticipated arriving to the church because I have poor time management skills since I had to swing by Teh BFF's house to pick up the flowers she had potted to bring to the church.  Fortunately, her hair appointment ran late, so it didn't really end up mattering too much that I was late.  Everyone kept telling her that it didn't matter if she was late since all these people weren't going anywhere until she showed up anyways.

As it worked out, they were married only 15 minutes later than expected.

Look, someone got a photo of me!
Also, I love this dress.  Seriously.  It has everything.
Cuteness, pockets, light colored.  Perfection.

Ok, this is a slightly creepy photo, but my eyes looked so cool!

After the wedding was over, I went back to the gun place to see what we could do about ordering another gun.  The lady was impressively UNhelpful and I left pissed off with no resolution.  At least there were cute puppies waiting for me at home.

After posting this photo on FB:

Holly's Mom messaged me on FB asking if I was still in town and asked if I wanted to have a doggy play date.  OF COURSE.  Holly's Mom wanted to meet Phil and Meri and I wanted to meet her pups, so it was perfect (with the added benefit of wearing Meri-Meri down to exhaustion).


Holly the Great Dane

Yin and Yang.

Holly, Meri, Millie

After giving Meri a bath when we got back home, since she was covered in Dane drool, it was bedtime to prepare for the drive back to MD.

On Sunday, we were up pretty early and out of the house by 1015 to make it to Raleigh by noon-ish for a lunch date with Teh Advising Sister.  The puppies even joined us on the patio at Panera.  They were really good, I was such a proud doggy mom.

Mom, you're gonna give me some of that bread bowl right?
Cause you know bread is kinda my thing...
(He did in fact get some bread and cheese even)

My Meri-Meri girl just laid down and chilled out the entire time despite all the activity around us.
Love her.

After lunch, we packed back into Yurtle and headed the rest of the way home.  It was all fun and games (ok not really, after Richmond traffic was stop and go) until the 301 bridge was completely blocked by an accident.  We sat in Dalghren for an hour just stopped on the road.  Since we were stopped for so long, I took Phil and Meri out for business in the median and fed them dinner.

Meri rewarded me with a present 10 minutes from home:
I wanted to kill her since it was her 2nd poop of the day in Yurtle and the 3rd poop in Yurtle of the trip.

When I arrived home Teh MD Roomie just took the dogs from me because I had that look on my face and there were tears in my eyes and just OMFG MERI!  We arrived home with enough time for me to eat dinner and decompress a bit before heading up to bed, thankfully.

While it was a less busy (than DW vacation), having the Meri with all the bodily functions all the time really stressed me out.  Obviously she, too, was stressed out.  I'm sure she'll get better as she gets older, but for now, she's done going on trips unless our host has a fenced in yard.

Overall though, it was a decent trip home.  I got to hang out with most of my peeps and got the tattoo and the gun and went to the PostSecret show and didn't have to be at work for a week.  Glorious.

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