Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday #20/ Little Notes #10


Dear Mike,

Between you and Jack (Skelllington), you are the most helpful boys in my life.  Your dedication to my beverage problems are appreciated.  You understand just how much of anything I might need and you hold it without fail.  I love you.

Mike is pictured here with a delightful serving of peanut butter frozen hot chocolate


Dear 5 day work week,

You are overrated.  I'd rather stick to a 3 day work week or even a 4 day work week if we're really stretching it.  Next weekend is looking like a 4.5ish day weekend for Memorial Day and I'll totally take that.  Work really hasn't been that difficult this week, but it's stayed pretty busy for most of the days this week, and I'm totally over it.  Except for the part where I chat with my coworkers about sarcasm and cause LCDRs to choke on their lunch and get my resume reviewed by coworkers and LT's ask me questions in the form of Pocahontas lyrics.


I'm grateful for air conditioning and fans.  We didn't have AC at the house until Tuesday, and when I watched the thermostat go UP in temp when the AC was supposed to be running, I was NOT impressed.  I think the max temp it got downstairs was 81°F, which means that it was probably 85­°F+ upstairs since it's always warmer upstairs.  Teh MD Roomie purchased some fans, which really helped as much as possible.

Speaking of fans and no AC.  The gym on base is an old hangar and I'm not sure it's air conditioned in the main spaces where the workout machines currently are (the basketball courts) and there are a limited number of fans and when its over 90°F outside and the humidity is 90 million percent it's really just not smart to be there.  I was pretty sure I was dying that day.  Since it's cooled down about 10° that definitely helped.  I like to consider it extra water weight lost.  #healthychoicesmightkillme


Ridiculous hashtags make me giggle.  I know that lots of people don't appreciate hashtags, but after watching the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake hashtag video, it's hiiiiiiilarious.  Ok maybe I'm the only one that thinks I'm it's funny.


It's going to be a busy weekend!  Social gathering at the bar with the dogs tonight (unless it rains), the GEGR picnic on Saturday, then Sunday is The Color Run in DC!!!  (and Chinese from the place from last week!!)

We're coming!!!!

Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRIIIIIDAY:

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