Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday #21


I'm off today and Monday.  WINNING!!!  A long weekend is definitely something I've needed since work has been driving me crazy.  I was on a rampage yesterday with my rants and while they are entertaining for others, I'm totally serious when I'm ranting.

I guess it isn't just work, but its also Navy type stuffs... like the lady at personal property who kept telling me I need "orders" to do a move and when I KINDLY (which was difficult, but on purpose since I could have easily been my snarky self) tried tell her that orders for personnel separating aren't a thing she would get this black woman attitude (and that's not me being racist because the 2 black females that were around when I told the story cackled when I described it like that in complete understanding) and told me, "I've been doing this since... yesterday.  I know what I'm talking about.  You need separation orders."  She finally pulled someone's "orders" out to show me.. and at the top it says "Separation travel orders."  Really?  REALLY?  These are NOT "ORDERS" LADY!!!  "ORDERS" ARE 3-7 PAGES WITH THE TEXT IN ALL CAPS THAT GIVE YOU ALL THE DIRECTIONS WHEN YOU PCS.  How do you work with the military in real life?  Arrrrghghghhghghghhhhh!

(Sorry if I just went all #navyproblems on everyone, but I just have to get this out)

This "separation travel orders" page is more like TAD orders.  Did I mention, NOT THE SAME AS "ORDERS" AT ALL!  The fact that you can't call things by their actual name does NOT make me at fault for NOT understanding wtf you were talking about.  I tried to explain the difference to her without getting all white-girl-bitchy on her, but she just ignored me.

She asked me, "Who is your detailer?"
Me, "Some PO1 in Millington, TN?"
Her, "No.  Who is your detailer here at PSD?"
Me, "I don't have a detailer here."
She heavily sighs and rolls her eyes and says, "I'll just call PSD myself."
Me, "Ok, let me know what they say."

She calls and talks to a lady (who I assume is my "detailer") who has never heard of me or that I'm separating.  The personal property lady gets off the phone and says she can't help me until I get my "orders."  I ask her if she knows how long it takes to get separation travel orders prior to my last day and she looks at me like I'm talking Greek.  I ask her if I can talk to the lady at PSD to see if she knows and she gives me the number.  I get to talk to "my detailer," who is much nicer, who I've actually worked with before for other admin things and ask her how long it takes to get the separation travel orders and after she confirmed I was with a command that she worked with, she said 6 months.  I made an appointment with her for Tuesday to get this ball rolling, then I get to go BACK to personal property to deal with Miss-I-make-up-my-own-names-for-things-that-are-actually-something-else-and-I-don't-care-if-you-don't-know-my-names-for-other-things-even-though-they-aren't-correct-names-for-things-I'm-talking-about.

I'm totally going to talk to the PSD lady about the personal properly lady and maybe since they are peers she can explain why I (and probably soo many other people) are getting confused and that the terminology she is using isn't correct in anyone else's world but her own.

It just makes me think of Miss Reflective's ex (sorry if you're reading this) who would always say, "I hate when people don't know my names for other people."  That's this lady except for with her Navy terms.

This is why people make a career out of the military.  It's like pulling teeth to get out.  OMG.  /wrist


Meri has been incredibly adorable recently.  She jumps on the couch and will crawl in my lap and just let me hold her and pet her for solid minutes at a time.  I love it.  She's still a puppy head 95% of the time, but those respites in-between the crazy help remind me that I love her... and those ears.  OMG her ears.

I was laying on the couch while waiting on the shower after the color run
 and Meri decided it was a good time for snuggles.
Love her.
Phil was laying on the other end of the couch.
Love him.

Having her back on a schedule has helped immensely at lowering my desire to kill her.  Actually, if there was a tally, Olive and Phil are on my shit list because they've both been particularly stupid about the slippery floors recently.  Phil refuses to go his bowl to eat his meals and Olive gets "stuck" in the crate after I open the door to let her out when I get home.  WTF dogs?  You're ridiculous.  The worst thing Meri has done (knock on wood) has been dig in the backyard and try to eat things that don't belong to her.  Probably should get her to the dog park in the next few days before she starts being a terror again though.


I went on another downloading spree last night.  I'm behind on Grey's Anatomy, Mad Men, and I also downloaded Sherlock and I have Downton Abbey bookmarked since it seems to stream just fine.  Yay for a date with my TV this weekend.  I might even shower (but only because I don't live alone anymore).

How am I going to go on without Christina?  Apparently, there's directions for that too...

Directions are here.  .gifs are hard.  I wish I didn't love them so much.  I'm pretty sure I could get lost in Grey's Anatomy .gif tumblers for days.  Kinda like what happened with Theo James.

.gifs validate my desire to send so many photos with my text messages because pictures make everything better.


The reality of moving to TN is sinking in, although it still doesn't feel quite real yet.  It's like I'm going through the motions because I know I'm supposed to.. but really, I'm still in denial and I'm still hoping that it could change (even though I know it won't because it's the Navy).

Let's just call this my official announcement on Teh Blog.  I haven't even made this FB official yet.  Gentle Readers, consider yourself luuucckkky!

I'm moving to Millington, TN... because I might be certifiably crazy.  Although, I've probably been certifiably crazy for a long time, not the point.  I might be following someone to TN because he is getting stationed there.  Yes, I'm being vague on purpose.  I will just say that apparently I'm a long-distance relationship Jedi Master for a few more months, #nobigdeal #likeaboss #fml.  (hahaha hashtags make me giggle).  Yes, this means I have a boyfriend.  #offthemarket #thatdidnttakelong #myexfoundareplacementfirst.  (bahahahaha, sorry.  I'll stop with the hashtags.. or at least try.)

Millington gets LESS THAN 2 inches of snow annually.  That's really the basis on why I think this could be the craziest decision I've ever made in my entire life.  I searched "ski slope near Millington TN" and NOTHING came back related to skiing.  What if Phil doesn't even have a reason to wear his NC State jammies?  He looks so cute in them with his butt cheeks sticking out!  Additionally, there are ZERRRRROOOOOOOOO jobs in my field in that area.  ZEEEERRROOOOO.  Zilch, zip, nada, nuc, NO-THING.  Yay for the backup plan to get my master's with my GI Bill and getting a mindless job.

So yeah, anyone got any contacts in Millington that want to hook me up with a job because apparently not having health insurance is illegal or something?  Le siiiiiigh.


I still can't get enough of this song. It's really good Teh MD Roomies are equally addicted. and this song kinda rocks too:
Happy (hopefully long for you too) Weekend, Gentle Readers!

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  1. So I was reading your Navy rant, Miss-eye part and instantly starting thinking of "I hate when people dont know my names for things", then I scroll down and BOOM! I start to cackle. Great minds...

  2. I not eye, im not sure why I did that....


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