Wednesday, January 31, 2018

15 Things That Make My Life Easier... part 2

This list is in no particular order.  This list doesn't start at 6, so check out Part 1 here.

6.  Stocking up when things are on sale

I'm cheap AF, so when shit goes on sale, I'm all over it.  I will stock up on things (usually food) and freeze it so I have it on hand and don't necessarily have to go to the store to pick up food items.  I will also stock up on non-perishables (toilet paper, hygiene items, hand soap).

7.  Always put shit away

I'm lazy AF (one of my most appealing traits), but in order to stay lazy, I make sure to put shit away.  Everything has a home and it must always go to that same home, this is imperative.  Why?  Oh, I'm so glad you asked...  Because when Teh German asks me for something, I can tell him exactly where it is.  "In the island, in the right cabinet, on the left side, on the shelf" = cast iron skillet.  "In the corner cabinet on the bottom shelf" = colander.  "In the pantry, on the left side, 3rd shelf down, towards the back corner" = extra Tabasco sauce.  This means that I don't have to get up off my lazy ass to help him find things and if they aren't in their place, it's usually because he didn't put things back where they belong and he only has himself to blame for that.

This also means that we keep the clutter down.  Like most people, we have a dumping ground for items when we come inside.  Our location is the kitchen island, which is also where we happen to eat most of our meals.  What this ultimately means is that the island needs to be moderately cleaned off if we want to eat there.  Because of that, I try to make a conscious effort to put shit away/take care of things left out as reminders.  I love when our island is free of crap.  In fact, I love it when our entire house is free of crap.  Clutter makes my brain wrinkle and causes me undue stress.  Organization means a clear head.

8.  Fingernail clippers everywhere

I used to think it was kinda weird to keep my nail clippers on my desk at work, but now I dngaf.  I am constantly using the file tip to clean out from under my nails or clip off potential hang nails.  I do not go so far as to cut my fingernails at work, because that is disgusting, but I will clip a nail if I have broken it.  I also keep clippers in Yurtle and in the bathroom at home.  I also have an emery board/nail file in all those locations as well.  The nail clippers in my car are probably the most used and have brought many a passenger satisfaction.

9.  Prep our lunches when I clean up dinner/portion out food

While I'm cleaning up dinner, I'll go ahead and make lunch for Teh German and I for the next day with the leftovers.  Or I'll be heartless and tell Teh German to make his own lunch so I can clean up the leftovers.  This ensures that we have lunch ready to go and it's one less thing to do in the mornings and it means there are less overall leftovers, if any at all.

There are also certain things I buy that I prefer to have portions of already prepped so I can just grab and go.  Usually this means fruit, particularly melon and berries, but any kind of snack really should be portioned because along with being lazy and cheap, I also have an inner fat ass.

10.  Motion sensors for the lights

Did I mention I'm lazy AF?  Because that's a secret I try to not keep.  We went to a neighbor's house for a party and she gave us a tour and she had installed motion sensors in her laundry room and I was unbearably jealous.  Soooo, since we were getting married and "had" to have a registry, I registered for some of those bad boys and waited and waited and waited... We received 2 as a wedding gift and the first places I had Teh German install the lights was the garage and the laundry room.  LIFE CHANGED.  I ordered 3 more sensors for the closets and the Hue motion sensor for downstairs and I've not regretted it a single day.

Things That Make My Life Easier:


  1. Meal prep for lunches has saved my life.

  2. Not sure if this counts, but I've been closing my bathroom door at night to preserve the heat in there. When I get out of bed in the morning, I HATE that feeling of exiting the warm cozy blankets and feeling the cold air (My apartment's heat sucks). The radiator in the bathroom is the best one, so if I close the door and the heat is just blasting in that tiny space, I walk into a heavenly hot situation in the morning. WIN.

  3. I'm terrible at tracking sales, but that's why do Sam's Club. Also, hubs bought what I think is like a 10-15 lb bag of rice :o It's insane.

    When hubs starting making our lunches when putting food up after dinner, it was a game-changer. So easy.


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