Friday, February 2, 2018

Five on Friday #137

EINS - Random things

-More homework in my life.  For the rest of my life.  Computer science is stressing me out and the instructor doesn't like it when we work with our classmates but she also doesn't want to help us either.  It's fantastic.  Buttttt after spending HOURS with my code, I think what I'm supposed to be doing is coming together in my brain.

-I'm so used to saving frequently that I keep catching myself trying to hit Ctrl+s to save my work... on this post.  #MeganProblems

-I made the Dean's List last semester!  If it hadn't been for that stupid Discrete Math class, I would have made President's List and the Gold Star something or other because I would have met the 3.7 GPA criteria.  Currently, my GPA is 3.5.  The goal was to pass, so I mean, I accomplished my goal.. but I know how close I was to a B so this really just irritates me.

-Was informed I will be receiving a raise this year.  If I haven't mentioned it lately, I love Company.

-I did NOT find it ironic that the day of the super blood full moon (or whatever) happened to be the shittiest day of 2018.  I'm actually determined to make it the worst day of 2018 because if it gets worse than that.. well.. I don't know what, but it won't be pretty.

-Teh German and I finally went to the mexican place with the "California burrito" he wanted so much.  I had a DERICHIOUS chimichanga with beef lingua (that'd be cow tongue).  Great joy in my mouth.  If they had Mex 1's salsa, I'd have a new favorite maybe.

-I went to the Yelpies on Monday night at Burwells and it was a good time.  I did knock a sconce of the wall.. twice... AND spilled a glass of ginger ale/water (the servers had added water to my ginger ale) all over myself and the lady next to me.  I was pretty sober too.  If I haven't mentioned it lately, it's hard to be me.

"Seafood" on a half shell.
It was an oyster.  I ate it since it was cooked.

Savory beignets that were filled with something DELICIOUS.

Grilled caesar salad

Idk but it was something with fish.

Waygu beef and a delicious block of potatoes

Banana, nutella, chocolate cheesecake.

Sadly, I didn't get another awesome trophy, since too many people wrote over 100 reviews,
we all received certificates though.

ZWEI - Money spent

  • Impulse massage
  • Fill Piano Bar UYE
  • pre-gaming the Yelpies at Paw Paw
  • Yelpies tab since I don't drink tequila (which was the free liquor drink they provided)
  • Beignets because I've been craving them for 2 weeks.

DREI - Things from my phone

Found Teh Running Besties bib magnets in my washing machine.
The last time she used these was right before the wedding..
soooo they've probably been in my washing machine since then
(they weren't clanking because they were magnetized to the drum).

Where do Volkswagen go when they get old?
The old Volks home.

I swallowed a dictionary once.
It gave me thesaurus throat I ever had.

There are 10 Meri toys in this picture.  All of which I fetched from outside and brought them back inside before it rained earlier this week.  In other news, Meri has a hoarding problem.

This is what Pax looks like when he's stalking Meri.
He did eventually stand up and creepily stare at her..
And then he barreled towards her and she just waited on it to be over.

Our new Ger-Merika wreath that Teh Running Bestie had made for us as a wedding present!

They opened a new brewery near our office.
The most important thing: The Cheerwine/Sundrop/RC Cola/Moon Pie offerings.

I did sample some Rose Cider.
It tasted too much like Jesus for me.

VIER - Things from the Internet

As I was perusing my internet history from the last 7 days to fill in this section, it looked something like this:
Math homework
CS textbook
"tutoring" site
Google Calendar

banking things
CS textbook
"tutoring" site
Math homework
"tutoring" site
German homework
Google Calendar 
Amazon.  Duh.
Dog food research
CS textbook
"tutoring" site
Math homework
"tutoring" site
German homework
banking things
Random Google searches
Google Calendar 
Loopy pages
Biology homework
Link about Kate Middleton looking a Frozen character from Teh Running Bestie
"tutoring" site
Greyhound data about Phil (oh how I miss my sweet Baggins)
CS textbook
Math homework
"tutoring" site
German homework
Kayak to purchase flights for HONEYMOON!
Google Calendar

None of that is particularly interesting until I started to notice some Google search results that I was fairly certain I didn't actually search for.  AND THEN.. I realized it is because I didn't.

Detective Teh Megan was on the case.  Looks like she may have ruined her birthday surprise from Teh German....

yellow = DEFINITELY something I did NOT search for and that Teh German DID search for.
blue (and above)= pretty sure I did not search for.

This doesn't mean Teh German had snuck on my laptop.. no no.  He has been using my old laptop recently and it seems that I am still signed into my browser and Google is storing the search results.  So let's just call a spade, a spade... Google ruined my birthday surprise because they are Stalker McStalkypants.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Having the worst day of 2018 out of the way already.
  2. Wearing my big green coat and actually being warm when I walk across the parade field from class to class (vs just a hoodie)
  3. Being ahead on Calc homework.
  4. Our Calc test being pushed back to Monday.
  5. Knowing the answers without having to listening to the CBTs that I was required to do to be on a new project.
  6. Getting a RAISE!!!
  7. Car horns for when people sit too long at green lights.
  8. To-go sweet teas and friends who say, "Do you want my cup for an extra to-go cup?"  WELL FUCK YES I DO.  Thanks, Teh PT Wife, I'm glad you get me.
  9. Free fancy food and being Yelp Elite.
  10. Pinning down dates and plane tickets for HONEYMOON!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. ALL THE FOOD! There is finally an Elite Yelp event on a Sunday! However, it's slightly confusing & I don't think it's a normal event...

  2. Congrats on the Dean's List and the raise! That is awesome! Cow's tongue?? Cant get down with that, but I do love Mexican! You have me craving Cheerwine and Beignets now!


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