Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Review {2/12}


After class on Friday, I headed home to wait on the delivery of the new bedroom chair that I ordered 4-6 weeks ago.  I took a break from work things to go use some B1G1 Cold Stone coupons with Teh PT Wife and I have zero regrets about that life choice.

Teh German got home in the afternoon and we got the chair upstairs first thing, which surprised me, since I figured for sure that I'd have to hound him about it and there would be yelling (because we are seriously the worst work-together team, but we're great at coming up with good ideas). 

I did let him try to do it himself and eventually I went to help him.  It went much smoother than either of us expected.  It helped that the chair is round and we literally rolled it up the stairs.

So fancy.
So new.

I lurve the new chair.  Teh German didn't want to put the wheels/feet on it since we're planning on rearranging the bedroom in the near future but then he claimed that my chair was broken because it tipped back when we were sitting on it.  Sighhh.

Since it was National Pizza Day (/rolleyes), Teh German opted for pizza for dinner.  Mexican to me is pizza to Teh German.  I could always eat mexican food.  He could always eat pizza.  Such is life.

There were no pictures because we sat at the bar and ate pizza and chatted and it wans't overly interesting.  When we got home, we watched some Mad Men, since it was a light homework weekend.


Saturday morning, Teh German got up and went to dive class.  He woke me up like I had asked, but I opted to stay in bed and be lazy.  Eventually, I did get up and got dressed and headed out on a quick run.  I came back from my run and Teh PT Wife and I walked the beasts.  After my exercise, I had 2 tired dogs and a hunger.  I ate lunch and then showered and then headed out to take care of errands that have been amassing (i.e. returns).

My first stop was Payless Shoes to return some shoes that didn't fit.  Then, to Dick's Sporting Goods.  I had rewards to spend and my Hokas have only led to disappointment, which sucks since they are relatively new.  I splurged on a new pair of Brooks similar to a pair I had last year, which I lurrrved.

I was perusing the clearance racks and couldn't figure out why this guy kept staring at me.......

After Dick's, I learned there is not an Old Navy in Summerville (/headdesk), so I headed to Kohl's to take care of a return and accidentally stumbled upon an awesome clearance section.

$61 for all that stuff in the above photo.
Queen/full comforter, 2 curtain panels, photo frame, Valentine's dish towels.

I headed to Old Navy next.  I had a dress to return and I knew I wanted to buy some new jeans.  I was easily able to find what I needed and completed the exchange and I was on my way out of the store when I noticed clearance men's pants.  I should have just walked away... but I didn't.  That decision led me to end up back in Old Navy 2 more times over the weekend... but I digress.

I ended up finding a few pairs of pants for Teh German and a not overly cute, but incredibly comfortable shoes for myself... plus those jeans from my first time through the check out...

I ended up getting the wrong size for Teh German (my dyslexic problem since Teh German did text me his correct size)... and myself.  /facepalm.  After my shopping, I headed home and put stuff away and work on homework things.  When Teh German got home from dive class, I had him try on the pants and he realized my error.  Ugh.

Teh PT Wife and I had agreed to go out to dinner before Neighborhood Ladies Night, so she agreed to venture into Old Navy with me so I could exchange all the pants.  It was a little difficult, but eventually everything got sorted out.  We went to Wild Wing Cafe for dinner.  We ran into Teh SC German and Teh SC (not no more) Teacher and chatted for a bit.  After we finished dinner, we headed home, made beverages, picked up Teh Dental Hygienist and headed to Ladies Night.

We stayed for several hours, but around 11 I realized that I had to get up early, so it was time to go.


Teh German's alarm went off at 0700 to get up and get ready for dive class.  I couldn't sleep in this time since I was also going to dive class for my refresher course.  I picked up my gear that I had sent off to get cleaned and certified.  Teh German and I actually used the not-GoPro cameras and recorded each other under the water after instruction was finished (this means there are picture, but they are still on the cameras).  I was pretty disappointed in my refresher "course."  I paid $95 for less than 2 hours of pool time (which included a filled tank, which I paid $5 for in GTMO).  I did relearn how to use my gear and had zero issues removing my mask and putting it back on, which is the hardest skill.  I couldn't figure out my buoyancy and I kept listing to one side, annoying.  I wanted the divemaster to help me figure that out, but he seemed a little distracted.

Mostly annoyed, we headed back to the dive shop, where the class went to lunch, I rinsed out my gear, and headed home.  I stopped by Sam's for gas and succumbed to a craving for Jim n Nick's cheese biscuits for lunch.  Since I had time, I stopped by Old Navy to do another pants exchange for Teh German, since I had gotten a pair of pants that was too small. 

After eating and a shower, I decided to chill on my new chair and finish a book.  Before I got comfortable, I decided to put the wheels/feet in the chair and (as I had guessed), the new chair didn't tip back like it had....  I also ended up taking a nap and eventually Teh German came home.

Since I had a big lunch, I wasn't hungry for dinner.  Teh German ended up fending for himself with leftovers from the fridge and playing on social media for the entire evening while I worked on computer science and math and german homework.

Pax was being extra special after I gave him and Meri cheese sticks.  He would bring his cheese stick upstairs and then bring it back downstairs to see if Meri had left hers unsupervised so he could steal it.  I corrected him several times and Teh German and I definitely giggled when he turned to look at us before going up the stairs with his "cigar" hanging out of his mouth.

After reaching a block on my computer science project, not being able to complete my calculus homework, and opting to skip a duplicate assignment in my German homework, it was bedtime.


And just like that, the weekend was over and I woke up and it was a rainy Monday morning and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep and ignore all the adult things.

Overall, a good weekend.  A nice balance of social activity and homework.  I'm glad I'm finally attaining that balance.  I hate when I feel like all I do is homework and miss out on so much real life. 

I did make a schedule change for my summer classes.  I dropped my chemistry 2 class and lab and signed up for calculus 2 instead.  I figure since I've already had a break between chem 1 and chem 2, what does it matter if the break is longer?  Also, it didn't hurt my feelings with my calc instructor said that some of the most time consuming assignments we currently have wouldn't be due over the summer.

Teh German asked me when he started dive class about going on a dive trip to FL over his birthday weekend and while I'd really like to have a quiet weekend, it doesn't look like it's going to happen in February.  Next weekend we're (Teh German) is attending some beer thing in Columbia.  I'm a DD, so while the beer drinkers are getting drunk, Teh Dental Hygienist and I will be checking out the Columbia Zoo and I'll probably be finding free wifi somewhere so I can tackle some homework. 

The following weekend is the dive trip to FL.  I have no idea what it entails, but I do know it means I need to be ahead on my homework.  Speaking of.. I think it's time to accomplish some adulting (work and homework).

Happy Galentine's Week, Mu-cha-chos.


  1. Can you believe that I have never been to Coldstone. We have one near us, I just never ventured inside. Probably for the best. LOL. Cookies and ice cream is where I lose control. Your new chair looks super fun. I love how it is round. You scored some awesome deals at Kohls! I cant resist a good clearance section.

  2. That chair looks so comfy! I want to live on it. I haven't been to Coldstone in so long!


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