Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #18

tM: Ok, smart ass.
tG: Smart people say smart things.

tM: Take Beck Road as a back way.
tG: We're taking the Beck way.

Laying in bed:
tM: Babe, do you want to go shower?
tG: gekjaflkeeibe (grumble)
tM: Well, I'm not trying to twist your arm about it.
tG: It feels like it.

Teh German was playing with the new Apple X emojis and I select the rainbow poop emoji to show him.
tG (in an angry voice): I'm STINKY!
tG: Damn, I should have said, 'I'm stinking cute!'

Teh German was looking at a baby cow at an animal petting area.
tG: If you bite me, I'll put you on a burger.

We were discussing the sounds that animals make.
tG:  Geese.
I poorly imitate the sound of a goose.
tM: Yeah, I don't know what happened there.
tG: Yeah, I was just gonna let that go.

Teh German was in the process of feeding Meri and Pax, who have to work for their meals by laying down to wait while it gets prepared.
tG to dogs: Ok, lay down.
Dogs just look at him.
tG: Ok, Snowflake [Pax], lay down.  Meri, lay down!

Teh German was tucking the blankets all around him after he got in the bed.
tM: What are you doing?
tG: Making a cold wall.

Teh German accidentally slid his plate while cutting something.
tM: Woah, that was aggressive.
tG: I get aggressive over food.
tM, as I pat his arm: You're in good company.

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