Wednesday, February 7, 2018

15 Things That Make My Life Easier... part 3

The final installment of things that make my life easier... Links to part 1 and 2 are at the end.

11.  A password list

It's not the most secure, but I keep all my passwords in a word document saved on my Dropbox.  I have a mabillionty passwords for all the things and between all the new school passwords (and having to sign up for multiple accounts per class) as well as the name change situation that is currently transpiring, I have to have a way to keep them all straight.  I reference it more than I care to admit, but it's easier than dealing with the password change process every single time I can't remember my password.

12.  Closing Facebook

When I can't seem to get things accomplished when I'm on the computer, I close Facebook.  I have a bad habit of switching to it to check if there are any updates when my mind blanks out, which usually leads to a complete derailment of whatever progress I was making.

13.  Turning off notifications

There are a very minimal number of apps on my phone and programs on my computer that are allowed to notify me of things.  Not getting notifications means I'm not constantly checking my phone to clear the notifications.  No getting distracted = getting shit done.

14.  Having an email address for spam

I hate advertising because it works on me so well.  I unsubscribe to all the distro lists that automatically sign me up for advertising emails.  Also, when companies ask for my email address and I know I want their coupons but don't want to see the emails, I give them my spam account.  #notsorry.  My inbox is for tasks that need to be accomplished and having a tidy inbox makes my brain happy.

15.  Tackle the little things first

If a task is going to take a short amount of time, I do it right away.  This saves me from stressing about trying to prioritize it later because it's already complete.

Things That Make My Life Easier:


  1. love the spam email address idea -- i am constantly unsubscribing from things. CONSTANTLY.

  2. I also have a password list. It's just in the back of my planner.


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