Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekend Review {2/5} - The Birthday Edition


Awesome birfday shirt from Teh PT Wife

At the end of calc class, I decided that I was over Cadets for the day and made the choice to skip German class.  Since we were leaving after lunch for Atlanta, I opted to swing by the Chiro and then headed home to pack and eat lunch.  We set off around 1:30.

The drive to Atlanta was easy.  I did some work in the car and played navigator for Teh German.  Because we had left early enough, we made it to Kiawah Friend's apartment by 7:15.  We all agreed that we could get dinner together instead of doing something separately as we drove in. 

We arrived at her apartment and unloaded the car and headed out to dinner.  We ended up at Huey Louie's or something like that, which was pretty good.  Underwhelming compared to that lingua chimichanga from the week prior, buttttt it was ok.  It was a good neutral ground for everyone to get to know each other better (i.e. Teh German getting to know Kiawah Friend). 

After dinner, we headed back to her apartment.  We chatted for a little while longer, but it was late and we were all tired, so we finally headed to bed.


Until Teh German rolled over and said, "Happy Birthday" I had forgotten it was my birthday.  For real.  I'm starting to wonder if my forgetfulness is a side effect of my anxiety medication more and more recently....  Teh German got up and gave me my presents in bed.  He did really good this year.

Adorable card, rose gold watch AND necklace, a personalize shutterfly puzzle of us,
and mini cupcakes with sparkler candles.

Teh German did admit to getting some help from Teh Running Bestie.  I'm glad there was still a surprise after the search results snafu...  I need to get a few links removed from the watch, but then it's game on.  It will be my fancy watch.  I still love the watch he got me on our first Christmas.  It's a pretty color, doesn't require a battery, and is engraved with #bahlalala on the back.

After presents, we got out of the bed and Kiawah Friend made waffles.  We ate and then got ready to head out.  We agreed to do packet pick up on Saturday.  Since everything was close, we dropped our packets off in the car and then headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  If you've never been, you need to go.  It was awesome.

Teh German took the opportunity to look for an earring that I lost last Wednesday (remember, the worst day of 2018?)
It was not found.  Of course.
PS.  It was a wedding present earring.

Centennial Park

Olympic rings

I didn't take the hot chocolate, just the toppings.
We had a whale-y good time.

Everything went swimmingly.

We just happened to arrive right in time to get good seats at the top of the splash zone for the dolphin show.  Teh German has a fascination with dolphins, so he was like a kid in a candy shop.  No pics were allowed.  But it was completely awesome.


I was excited about the puffins mostly so I could show Teh Sister.


Top: anemone
Bottom: Lionfish and creepy eel.

XXXXXXXXXL manta ray
whale shark

Top: Fishies drafting off of a whale shark.

Whale shark in perspective.

Aquarium selfies!

Top: Teh German waiting on me
Bottom: This is us.

I had also ruined the dinner surprise on Friday night... While we were driving to Atlanta, I started looking for places to have dinner on Saturday night.  The first place I mentioned was Der Biergarten, a German restaurant a block from the aquarium.  At which point, Teh German admitted that he already made reservations for 6pm on Saturday there.

I thought that was awesome since it was the first place I suggested and he had pre-read my mind before I even thought it!  Creepy, lol.  Teh German deemed it "pretty authentic."  Essentially, as close to German food as you will get in the States with American ingredients.

Adult beverages!

We wanted to try everything, so we agreed to split several things.
We started with Frickadellen (meat balls with gravy on mashed potatoes) (also, how cool is the word Frickadellen!).  Then we split a Jagerschnitzel.  We considered getting a pretzel, but the table beside us ordered one and it was HUGE, so we took a pass.  I had already warned Teh German we were getting apple strudel for dessert, so he needed to save space.

The only complaint I have about the restaurant was that our dessert was served with forks. Apple strudel with a fork would have been ok, but it was served with ice cream and caramel sauce.. and well, I finally asked for a spoon because one does not leave melted ice cream and caramel sauce stay on the plate when it is delicious.  Our server told us some crap about being the "youngest" restaurant of the group of restaurants owned by the same company and the other restaurants took their stuff?  IDK.  You don't serve ice cream with a fork.  Just no.

Before we left, I made sure to stop by to selfie with the bathroom doors as a jest for Teh PT Husband.  When in Atlanta last year, he went to this same restaurant and accidentally walked into the women's bathroom because he thought "herren" meant "her" to imply "female".  Incorrect, as I found out when we were in Germany in 2016.  Herren = Gentlemen.  Oops.

We walked past the World of Coke (museum) on our way back to Yurtle and the coke bottle was lit up.  It was pretty cool.

When we got back to Kiawah Friend's apartment, we landed and soon after it was bedtime.  Mostly because we had an early start the next morning for the Hot Chocolate 15k.  I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep before 9:15.


Wake up came way too early on Sunday morning.  It was 35°F AND rain-raining outside (rain-raining to mean, not down-pouring, but a lot more than a drizzle).  Teh German suggested I wear his rain jacket and I ended up taking his suggestion and being glad of it, mostly as another layer to break the wind.  It definitely was soaked through by the end of the race though.

I was a literal bag lady.
I wore a 55 gallon trash bag before the race started to stay a bit drier.

Pre-race, faking it until we make it.

I have wanted to run a Hot Chocolate race since 2015 when I saw the medal when I was in San Francisco with Captain Awkward/Mr. Scrooge.  I had suggested the Atlanta race to Teh Running Bestie more than once and it just never worked out.  But this year, I made it work.

You guys, IT SUCKED.  I mean, it was awesome.. but ugh, no one told me that Atlanta was so hilly.  LAWDDDD.  And it was cold and raining?  This is why I'm not allowed to make decisions.  All for a medal.  A SWEET ASS MEDAL.

And Kiawah Friend is trying to talk me into going down to Atlanta for the Hotlanta race in June.  I'm tempted, but I'm not certain yet since we will be just coming back from our honeymoon.


I don't think there were as many runners there as originally anticipated because of the rain.  That made it a bit easier since often we were running a very narrow "suicide lane" in the middle of the road with cars potentially going by us.  As I anticipated, it took us about 2 hours.  2:04:?? was my official time.  But considering the hills, my lack of training, the cold, the rain, and that lady at the end who I almost purposely ran into because she walked slowly in front of us as we were making the descent to the finish line (rude), I felt like I/we did good.  I think I held Kiawah Friend back because she's actually dedicated to training and I'm a shitbag.  Also, my hips were taking turns giving me grief.  Then my knees were like, "You ain't 31, no mo ho."  Despite the complicates (and residual soreness), I survived and earned that medal... and I'm done running yet.

After we trekked/hobbled back to the car, we stripped down in the parking garage, did some minimal stretching, and enclosed our stinkiness in the car all the way home.  When we got back, Teh German greeted us and ensured that I wasn't broken.  Kiawah Friend and I both took showers and ran each other out of hot water.  After a shower, I got ready and stretched a bit more and packed up.  Then we headed to brunch.

Crab cake eggs benedict on toast with a biscuit AND
Sweet tea in a quart size mason jar?
Also. I'm pretty sure a quart jar is the best size for serving sweet tea.

After brunch, Teh German and I headed back to Charleston.  I made until we got out of Atlanta before I grabbed the 10-pound-pillow from the back seat, covered my face with B.o.B (my blankie), and then I woke up 2 hours later.  It was delightful.  Teh German was on a mission to get home to watch the Super Bowl, which was fine with me. 

We made it home in time for Teh German to unload the car and make it over to Teh PT House to see the National Anthem, so he did good.  I did not go over to watch the Super Bowl since I had work and homework to accomplish.  I had done more work in the car on the way home, but had some serious questions I needed answered before I could finish the document, which put me in a holding status.

I did tell Teh German to text me when the 2nd period was almost over and I'd come over to watch the halftime show (I have a FOMO problem, don't judge me).  I unpacked the suitcase and started some laundry and went through the mail/packages that arrived while we were gone.  I had just sat down and opened my code compiler when Teh German texted me. 

So, I don't know if you heard, but Justin Timberlake put on a personal concert for me the day after my birthday for my birthday.  Granted, we let other people come and it wasn't where I was, but ya know, JT performed for me.  LOL.  I was glad the new stuff was at the beginning which was just a jumble and the good stuff was saved for last.  Lighting up the town with the Prince symbol was pretty cool, even though I had to ask what it was supposed to be.....  At the end, I was exhausted for JT.  And BTW, that selfie kid... PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE YOUTH!

And then it was over and I headed home to struggle with code and cram for a calc test on Monday.  Teh German finally came home late and I looked down it was already 11pm and the alarm was going off too soon and it was time for bed.


An excellent birthday weekend.  32 is another year of adventure and gratefulness for the life I have and all my persons.

Monday, included skipping Photoshop to cram for my German test and brush up as much as possible on calculus (it wasn't possible).  Despite just being at the library on campus, I arrived to CS late and my instructor couldn't help me get her files to work properly because I had been late (8 minutes) and she had already spent 20 minutes trying to get everyone else straightened out.  Mmmkay.  It is what it is.  I'm wondering if it's because I'm also female that she is giving me such a hard time. 

Then there was that calc test, which was rough, then German class, which wasn't as bad as it could have been, had I not studied that morning.  After school was work.  I had a meeting with the project leader of the new project I am now on.  I had to go home "early" since Teh German started his dive class Monday evening and wasn't going to be home to release the hounds.  After sorting through the mail and getting house things sorted out (feeding the dogs, giving them attention, feeding myself dinner, taking care of laundry), I finally got to sit down at the computer and work on homework and work.

Teh Running Bestie and I FaceTimed while I opened my birthday gifts from her.  She got me a super awesome unicorn tape dispenser (with rainbow tape) and a 2000 piece Disney puzzle from my Amazon wishlist.  It has potential to be another Diablo puzzle, but we'll see.

Meri ensure that packages from her Other Momma were thoroughly inspected.

Mama G also send a birthday package for Teh German and I.  I didn't open my presents yet, because I wasn't sure if she wanted to Skype while we opened presents.  I am excited to try the candy she sent.  So excited that I made sure to put it in the pantry before I left this morning so #GoatDogs wouldn't get it.  Fuckers. 

Side note: I'm bitter since Meri and Pax ate 2 granola bars out of my backpack while I was watching the half time show.  1- I had just put them in my backpack.  2- I wasn't gone for that long!  Ugh.

This week is going to be rough.  Teh German is in dive class all week which means that I have to go home and tend to the dogs and will need to leave work "early" this week.  I have a German test on Weds and a Computer Science test on Friday (ugh).  I had a Biology test this morning, which took me 20 minutes because it was multiple choice and I don't sleep through class.  Fingers crossed I can average a 95 in the class for the semester and will be exempt from the final exam.  One less thing to worry about.

This weekend includes a mabillionty returns that I've been storing up and homework and on Sunday I'm doing my refresher dive course. 
The weekend after that is supposed to be a trip to Columbia, but I'm considering just staying home so I can get ahead on homework again.
Teh German suggested a dive trip to FL over his birthday weekend and while I'd like to go, if I'm not ahead on my homework, I just can't do it.  This past weekend in Atlanta has me feeling all out of sorts because I didn't get to really spend time doing what I needed to do.

I'm sure it will work itself out.
Until then, I'll keep staring at all this cuteness.

Also, can we get a hell yeah that January is finally over.  WTF was that overly-long month about?  No thank you.


  1. Happy birthday weekend!! Good luck this week! It's basically half over! Phew.

  2. Yay, birthday weekend! Happy Birthday! The Georgia Aquarium is seriously one of my most favorite places ever. I was a member when I lived in Atlanta and I cant wait to take Zoe over there since it is only a 2 hour drive for us now. Your German dinner sounds fun!


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