Friday, February 9, 2018

Five on Friday #138

EINS - Random things

-My calculus instructor blew my mind when he explained the unit circle.  It makes SOOO much sense now, where before I just had it memorized because it didn't really make sense.  Why my trig teacher never explained it the way my instructor did is beyond me since it was super simple.. butttt now I know.

-This was just the week of "the 10% of shitty Cadets are ruining this for me".  I had to call out the cadets in my Photoshop class because they were talking over the intructor and student as they presents the student's project.  I finally turned and said, "Yall, how about being a little respectful?"  It got quiet for at least a few minutes before the class finally ended. 

Then in Computer Science, the row of nerds behind me was discussing Star Wars while the instructor was actually teaching something (which is a rarity).  I finally told them that I was going to blow them into the next Galaxy if they didn't shut up.  The did quieten down because they aren't horrible and they have talked to me when I'm not irritated at them for chattering and they understand that I'm not a complete raging bitch.

Finally, in my Calc class... my calc class is the real issue.  I've almost figured out who it is, but I don't exactly know yet, so I'm still observing.. buttttt...  I know I have a very... distinctive... laugh.  Everyone that knows me is aware of it, too.  But there is a cadet that sits in the "douche bros" corner of the classroom who has taken it upon himself to make fun of my laugh anytime I laugh, which is fairly often since the teacher likes to say silly things and I have a simple sense of humor.  YOU GUYS... this makes me so fucking ragey.  So after it happened this week, I turned around and glared at the corner and said in a super girly sweet voice, "HAHA! You're so funny!"  Then without much pause, turned serious/demonic (depending on who you ask) and said, "SHUT UP."  The teacher told the guys not to piss me off and there was some discussion about me being in a bad mood, to which I clarified that I was, in fact, NOT in a bad mood, but being made fun of really set me off.

I fucking hate twat waffles.  Twat waffles are, unfortunately, not just limited to Cadets at The Citadel.

-I have this thing where I just amass things to do and then I do them all at once.  This time, it's returning stuff to stores.  This is conveniently also when I have a mabillionty birthday rewards to use up.  Guess who is going shopping this weekend?!?!  Don't worry, I'll also be doing homework, of course.

-Sunday I'm headed "under the sea" (jk, it's just a pool) for a dive refresher course.  Teh German can't be the only one having all the underwater fun!  It's been really exciting this week to talk to him on his way home from class when he is super excited about the skills he has learned.  He especially loves pool days and was extra proud of himself when he was able to clear his flooded mask.  I won't lie, it was the most intimidating skill I had to do too.

-I had lunch with Roux's Humom on Thursday at Sesame and I hate how busy my life is that I feel like I never get to see our people anymore. 

-Last night, Teh German came home from dive class, put his dirty dishes in the empty sink (the dishwasher was accepting dirty dishes), went upstairs to have "Teh German Time" for about 45 minutes and then finally took a shower.  After his shower he went straight to bed.  All available times, Teh German was perusing his phone.  All evening I had been doing homework/work and before bed I put the dishes in the dishwasher, prepped dog food, then came upstairs to finish the laundry that was on the bed (where Teh German was under the covers).  I was extremely frustrated because WTF?  So I called him on it. 

Me: It's too late to do anything about it now, but next time that you come home after work and class and you're tired and I have also been at work and school and you see me doing chores/tasks around the house, you probably do NOT want to take such a long amount of "Teh German Time" or go straight to bed and lay there on social media while I'm putting away our laundry.  For everyone's sake.

Thankfully, he got the message and did apologize about the dishes in the sink.  But STILL, WHY IN THE FUCK IS THAT A THING?  I know I am not the only woman who endures this...

-I made appointments for Teh German and I for the eye doc and the dentist appt.  I wouldn't have made Teh German's appointments except that I was already calling to make my own appointments and it was just easier to go at the same time than different times.  Teh German has never dealt with insurance stuff, so rather than have to deal with him being stressed out, I'm going to show him how it works while we're there and then he can adult on his own for the post-appointments.

-I think I need to get my anxiety meds reevaluated/changed.  It has become increasingly obvious AND annoying that I am super forgetful.  I can't tell if this is because I'm just juggling a lot or if it's the medication.  I've also got a lot of IDGAF about anything going on (to include some personal matters (sex)), which is a known side effect.  But with the sanity that has been restored, that is a side effect I've just dealt with. 

-I bought the tools so that we can make our own Spätzle.  When I told Teh German about how easy it was, he got SUPER excited.  He asked me if I liked Sauerkraut.  Honestly, I can't remember, but I am willing to try it.  #Carbsfordaysssssssss   

ZWEI - Money spent

  • GA Aquarium tickets
  • Gas
  • Chegg.  I tried to say no, but failure is NOT an option.  I'm literally investing in my future.
  • BBQ for lunch (with no regrets)
  • work birthday cake
  • groceries
  • a new pencil because mine broke
  • and a new Citadel shirt because I have no restraint against red long sleeve shirts (I bought my pencil at the bookstore because it was a dire situation)
  • Cold Stone since I had 2 B1G1 coupons (1 of which I gave to Teh PT Wife).

DREI - Things from my phone

How does a whale defend itself?
With a swordfish.

No shit, this guy rode a go kart to the liquor store.

Dear Blue Screen of Death,
Smileys don't make me like this more.  And when the QR code doesn't scan, even worse.

What do clouds wear under their shorts?

We are learning about direct/indirect objects in German and I have to say that these really made me laugh.

3a: Silvia buys the child.
3b: Silvia buys the child chocolate.
4a: Mr. Ruf cooks the family the food.
4b: Mr. Ruf cooks the family.


Our new bedroom chair took up most of the entryway.
I won't lie.  Rolling it around the house brought me great joy.

Cruella deVille hair in real life is not really something I advocate.

VIER - Things from the Internet

I don't think I can ruin anything by checking out my search history this week, but I can tell you that my computer time has been limited to work things and homework things and my daily surfing (woot, meh, FB, gmail, calendar, etc).  Boooooooring.

Buuuuuttttt.. I did see this new Tide challenge thing that made me lol:

And a few other funny/applicable things I have collected (thank God for the internet):

I still love this song.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Teh German's excitement over dive class.
  2. BIRFDAY THINGS (cake, presents, lunch)...
  3. Quiet time in the evenings without the sound of motorcycles or other annoying revving noises from social media.
  4. Dogs that eventually leave me alone.
  5. New thin hoodie shirts.  When it's summer again and I don't have a pocket for my hands, I'm going to be sad.
  6. Taco soup.
  7. Finishing a library book before they take it back.
  8. Going in halvsies with another student for an audiobook hookup.  After I finish all these Outlander books, it's GAME ON.
  9. A really good lint ball.
  10. Teh German getting me super thoughtful and awesome birthday gifts.  I guess that makes up for the all the revving sounds.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Is there a more accurate ecard for my life?

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