Friday, January 5, 2018

Five on Friday #134


We got 6-7 inches of snow on Wednesday.  It just kept snowing allllll day long and it was perfect and wonderful and I'm so glad I can telework and not have to stress about getting to work in horrible road conditions in a place that doesn't maintain the infrastructure to deal with things like this since it so rarely occurs.

Let's dial it back a minute.
It SNOWED in Charleston, South Carolina.
The last time it snowed like this was after Hurricane Hugo in 1987.
I'm already devastated to know that this probably won't happen again in the near future. #ItsHardToBeMe

Nonetheless, Pax and Meri have been enjoying the snow.  I've been enjoying their naps. We didn't lose power and we maintained hot water with some careful planning of running appliances during the night and keeping a faucet going on low throughout the night.  I also won the #BestWifeEver award when Teh German suggested that he take the truck out to do donuts and I said, "Ok, lets do it."  I think he thought I was going to try to talk him out of it.  Instead, I was asking when we were leaving!

Roux's Humom took some AWESOME pics of Pax and Meri playing in the snow at Teh PT House on Thursday!  Mostly, we've just kept things quiet around Teh Ville.  Other than venturing out to do donuts (when there was only about 4" of snow and no ice), we haven't left the house since the snow turned to ice on the first night and has continued to be ice since the temps haven't gone above 36°F in days.  Local governments are urging people to stay home since the roads are covered with ice, but stupid people are still stupid and they are going out to get to work.

It is really sad that nonessential businesses can't shut down for the safety of their employees.  I understand a lack of profit, but I feel like endangering your employees for the sake of making money (when really, how many customers do you really think you're gonna have at a clothing store when the roads are covered in ice?) isn't necessary.  I also feel like considering the safety of your employees shows that you value them and when they return to work, morale should be, maybe, slightly improved.  Maybe that's just wishful thinking?  Either way, I know that Teh German did a happy dance when he found out that he didn't have to go into work this morning.

I assume that by Monday things will be back to normal and I'm already sad about it.

Someone from our development posted on the neighborhood facebook page about how she was going stir crazy and asked if she should shovel the snow/ice from her driveway or if she could just drive over it to get out....  THIS is the reason that I'd rather deal with being stuck in the house with Teh German for wayyy too many hours than go out.  Teh German > Dumbasses.  Errday.

Pax and Meri playing in the snow:

ZWEI - Random Things

-I like to ensure a relative amount of order on my Goodreads lists.  So I try to accurately pick which edition of anything I've read (audible/kindle/hard copy)... Well this burned me when I was trying to get my reading stats for the year since an Audible version doesn't have pages like a regular book.  Bleh.  So I have a feeling next year I'll be picking the hard copy version and then noting what format it was in so that way I have an accurate page count.  #priorities #OCDproblems #BooksForLife

-My advisor didn't answer my question about my science classes before winter furlough started and I'm really thinking that I'll be taking Calc 1 and a mf-ing science class this semester and I'm certain I'm 5 more minutes of thinking about before I break out in hives.  I was planning for an easy semester and that is looking more like a maybe not so much.  What it really means is that I need to NOT take that Photoshop class that I am looking forward to and put in a science class, but I'm really not interested in that.  That means I should add the science class to my schedule which puts me at 5 classes AND a lab that I didn't want to take this semester and I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to get fired for really testing the limits of this whole full time school and full time work thing.  #MeganProblems
Latergram: My advisor said my email went to his spam folder and he confirmed that I do need 4 total science classes so it looks like Chem 2 is in my future and I hate everything once again.  I will also be taking Bio 2, which is annoying.

-I created a new Googly account with my new last name and ensuring that everything is duplicated/replicated to the new account is a major PITA, mostly because Google doesn't have a way to combine accounts.  It's been a tedious process.  First, I set up all my forwarding rules and got my email straightened out.  Then I realized that I also needed to copy over all my calendar stuff.  Once I got that straightened out, I thought I was good.  Then I signed into Blogger and realized that unless I want to sign out/in every time I blog, I should correct that issue.  Adding another admin wasn't a big deal, but getting the Blogger profile set up was a pita, so if I'm a no-reply commenter, please let me know.  I think I'm finally good to go on the Google front, but I'm sure something else will eventually come up (my Google Drive/Google Sheets)...

-Teh German has lofty goals of working on his Green Card paperwork today.  I'm hoping he doesn't give up out of frustration and I don't do my Type-A thing where I take it over, even though I've told him I'm not doing it.  He's already killed an entire tree with his printing.

Update: I've taken to calling him Big Bad Wolf because he keeps heavily sighing and I'm afraid he's going to blow our house down.  If he ever has to fill out a security questionnaire for the government, I'm going on vacation... ALONE.

-Teh Running Bestie and Teh Soccer Mom will be here next week!!!!  I made sure to stock up at the grocery store...

-I'm running a half marathon on the 13th and I've not run at all since the Kiawah half marathon.  I'm not impressed with myself, don't worry.  But I actually have legit excuses.  First it was final exams/recovery week.  Then I was sick with The Death.  Then it was negative mabillionty degrees outside and I was just getting over The Death so I didn't want to risk my health.  Then it SNOWED.  So ya know.  I'll be winging it and doing a lot of stretching...  #LikeIDo

-Class starts on Jan 10th.  I'm already not ready.

-After 2 weeks of being on strike when it came to cooking dinner, I'm back in the game!  I cleared the bases this week with my crockpot.  I made some epic taco soup (or tortilla soup, depending on what you call it) and then I spent yesterday being attentive to some homemade spaghetti sauce so we could have sketti for dinner.  #LIKEAMOTHERFUCKINGBOSS #NoRegrets

-Even I can admit defeat.  It was 12°F this morning and I took this screenshot on snow day.  It's officially too fucking cold.  BUT, at least since it was this cold it actually snowed.  So I'm not really complaining.  I'm just pointing out that it's really fucking cold outside and you'll find me in my house with #messyhairdontcare and in my bathrobe.  #nofucksgiven

-I bought fabric softener at Lidl last week because the static in our house has been really bad.  I also put out my humidifier stone/ball that Teh Sister got me many moons ago.  I can tell a difference.  Before all that though, I was certain I was going to need to buy stock in Static Guard for the dogs' beds and coats.  I've also been running the dryer on anti-static mode as an extra boost.  IT'S SO DRRRYYYY.

-I would like to leave my house because I'm having a little bit of the stir crazy feeling, butttttt there's just too many dumbasses driving on icy roads for me.

DREI - Money Spent

Snow days mean sitting inside and buying shit on Amazon.
  • Pixel 2.  After Dorothy decided she didn't want to show me her goods (aka the screen wasn't working, even though the notification light was still working and I could hear notifications coming through), I went to Verizon and started scoping out my next move.  I didn't really want to buy a new phone, but Teh German pointed out (after Dorothy got her shit together and started working properly again) that I should trade in my phone while it still worked.  Ugh.  So now I have extra bills (again) and Teh German was right.  Apparently, it's a pre-order and won't be here until the 19th or something.  That's like, a super long time in realm of technological upgrades.
  • My calculus access code.  No, not the textbook the access code.  It was $100.  To access something on the internet.  This is why school is such a ripoff.
  • Amazon Prime membership.  I share my Prime account with, like, a million people, so it's worth it.  You are welcome, friends.
  • New Year's Day shopping with Teh PT Wife.  Belk's, Dillards, JCPenny, a pretzel from Auntie Anne's...  
  • More Hue lights.  /roll eyes  Teh German wanted white lights in the loft and we decided to put a strip on the top of the pallet wall, but it needs an extension.  We are ridiculous.
  • Groceries.
  • Teh German's birthday present (beer of the month club)
  • Dog cheese sticks.  Tired dogs are good dogs.
  • New Otterbox case for the new phone, which will probably be called Pixey.  I'm so clever.

VIER - Things from the Internet

This list of tweets about marriage definitely made Teh German and I giggle.  #relationshipgoals

Sometimes, you just don't wanna.  There is no motivation to do anything because you're running on empty.  Yet, sometimes the best thing you can do is to power through all those things you don't want to do... That applies to friendships too.  Thanks, Allison!

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. SNOW
  2. SNOW
  3. SNOW
  4. SNOW
  5. SNOW
  6. SNOW
  7. SNOW
  8. SNOW
  9. SNOW
  10. Some other things that weren't snow.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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