Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #17

tG: I need light, so I can be enlightened.

Teh German walks in the bathroom and sniffs and turns on the fan in the toilet closet after I had just emerged.
tM: Everything that comes from me smells like roses.
tG: Well, you're not getting anymore roses.

tM: Did you just fart while you blew your nose?
tG: Yeah, too much air and I had to use my after burner.

tG: They are in the business of money and making money and they don't want to lose money.
tM: Don't make me smile when I'm trying to be angry.
tG: I'm trying to logic you.

Hockey Announcer: Penalty on Player 44 for tripping.
tG: That ref is tripping.

Mom-E: 2 million dollar sign on bonus.  Politics pays.
tG: 2 million!?  I don't care who pays.

tG: Alexa, play a party song.
Alexa: playing Spotify Latin Dance Party playlist.
Latin Dance Party plays.
tG: Alexa, stop.  Don't ever do that again.

tG: You're obviously present.

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  1. LOL sometimes I want an Alexa or whatever just so I can have those conversations.


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