Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday #46


I threatened to stay at home another day if Mr. Scrooge didn't follow my medication directions/schedule.  It worked like a charm.  The drugs really kick his ass though, so I can understand why he doesn't want to take them, but at the same time... don't be ridiculous and just enjoy being legally stoned.  Duh.

I have been laying out his antibiotic and pain pill when I leave in the morning.  I'm nice like that.  Then he informed me when I asked if he had taken them that he had only taken 1 of his antibiotic pills "to make them last longer."

I had to laugh, and then I asked if he had read the instructions and when he said no, I said, "I know, cause I did read them.. 2 at the same time."  No really, he's cute... and now with a new and improved schnoz.

He was quite relieved when I told him he could take an allergy pill.  Allergy pills make our world go round.  I'm not sure how either of us would function without them.


Some days I walk in to Company and it feels like it's been way longer than a little over a month that I've been working here and it feels weird.  Some days I walk in in the office and everything feels completely normal and exactly right.  Strange how that works.

Sometimes it also hits me that I get to edit documents for a living and I used to think that was an "easy" job and I got the verbal smack down from someone at VX-1 for that, which was deserved.  It seems quite easy in theory.. But then I'm working with a document and those stupid styles come into play and who has ever used those before?  No one, duh.  Yeah, me now.  This must be what adulthood is..  Using all those special features on things you never cared about before.


There is a Glass Slipper Challenge group on FB and I get sooooo much motivation from them.  I don't often participate in the conversation because most of them are about the past races, but watching the chatter gets me so unbearably excited. 

Anyone have any suggestions for costumes?  I'm think Stitch for one race (yeah, I don't care that he's not a princess, he's awesome and makes me think of Meri and that kind of energy is what I'm going to need to accomplish 19.3 or 22.4 miles (5k dependent)) and I'm up for suggestions on the other.

We are already planning and considering doing the 10k solo to possibly set our PRs and then together for the half so we can get character photos together.  We also discussed doing the 5k since we'll already be there and why not?!  It's only 3.1 miles.. that's a "short" run, lol. 


This weekend has ZERO plans right now.  Teh SC House Finder asked if we wanted to go to a wine festival this week, but both Mr. Scrooge and I kinda shuttered at the idea of paying $70 a person to get in.  Instead, I suggested we go to Kohl's since I have ALL THE COUPONS!! (a 30% and a $10 and 2 $5 off) and he never got his replacement jeans and I want/need more sports bras. 

Only having 3 with underwire means that I have to laundry mid-week if I want to workout every day.  Teh Motivator and Teh Work Mentor strongly advised me to get sports bras with underwire last summer when I was half marathon training and they changed my life!  What sucks is that I'd already invested a hefty amount in the shitty, non-underwire sports bras by that point.  Those have to go...

This situation was only further exacerbated when Mr. Scrooge delivered a sports bra to me at work earlier this week because I had forgotten to pack one in my gym back and he brought me an non-underwire one, which meant that I went to the gym that day instead of starting my running training.  He had good intentions though, so I didn't even torment him about the fact that the "good" ones were still on the drying rack, which he walked right by when he left the house.  Seriously, cute.

 Also, #firstworldproblem much, Megan?  Looolz.

This one is for all my Gentle Readers who are into boobs.  You're welcome.  Don't ever say I never gave you nothin.


I thought Friday would never come.  Jebus.  I think part of it was that I didn't feel like I got to rest last weekend since Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom were here.  Then Mr. Scrooge's surgery, then working from home.  My schedule was all jacked up.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in and getting my Meri snuggles tomorrow morning then doing some reading and blogging this weekend (because Tuesday is Jana's book review and I'm on top of that shit this month).  Laziness, here I come!!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. So glad you're participating in the books linkup this month!!

    I love underwire sports bras. The girls appreciate the extra support.

  2. Yeah so I need these underwire sports bra things....where does one get one? it bad I had no idea the existed and have been wearing two to three shitty sports bras at once?


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