Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Review {3/2}


Because of the meeting I endured last week, I not only got to go to lunch with Mr. Scrooge and Teh Wisconsin Blond, but I also got to leave work early and hit up the gym.  WIN.  Thursday's session had be rough (my "book" was dead AND I hadn't brought earbuds, so it was a verrrry long 35 minutes where I judged the shit out of the other gym patrons), so it was nice to have Teh Flamin' Kindle recharged so I could entertain myself.

I got honked at for this one, but seriously?

After the gym, I came home and was lazy until Mr. Scrooge got home from his ride and Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom finally arrived.  Mr. Scrooge made chicken and dumplings for dinner and we watched TV (ughhh) until it was time for bed.

Side note: I do not think of watching tv as a "family activity."  Nope, nope, nope.  Sitting together in a room staring at a screen isn't hanging out together.  It's not hanging out together unless you are communicating with each other.  Apparently, this is a rare view since many people (and ex-bfs) are of the opinion that watching tv together is "hanging out together."  No.


No one was motivated on Saturday morning to get out of bed.  I was nice and took over dog feeding duty even though I had already told Mr. Scrooge it was his job before we went to sleep.  I went back to bed for a little while and Mr. Scrooge and I had agreed that we'd make egg, bacon, and tater tots for breakfast and then get the day started.  As soon as I came in to shower, hoping that Mr. Scrooge would make the eggs while I showered, he decided HE was going to shower.  The desire to kill him was HIGH.  He lived to see another day.

While I was showering, he did make the eggs, so there was that.

After breakfast was finished, Teh Stepmom got ready while I looked for coupons and quadruple checked with Mr. Scrooge there was nothing he needed to add to The List before we left for the store.  We headed to Target first since there is a Starbucks there.  Mostly because Mr. Scrooge and I don't keep coffee in the house.  I know he has a coffee maker somewhere in the cabinets, but I don't buy actual coffee since we both only drink coffee at work.  I do buy creamer for both of us, but that is to be delivered to our respective work places.  After coffee was acquired by Teh Stepmom and I, we picked up the items on my list.  We'd gotten a late start, I was hoping to be at the store by 11ish, and it was more like noon when we arrived.

Fortunately, I had a list so it wasn't like we needed to meander around much.  After Target, we had to stop at Walmart since I needed to pick up Dog peanut butter and a bag of dog food.  It really sucks that Walmart is the only place I've found that sells the mega huge size container of PB that we go through every month... then again.  I did see Mr. Scrooge fill up the kongs this weekend and I started to understand why we ran out so quickly this month.

The big event of the weekend was the fact that we were doing indoor go-karts.  We had agreed to be there at 2.  Teh Stepmom and I met Teh Dad, Mr. Scrooge and Teh Wisconsin Blond there.  Because I failed to listen to my voicemail Friday night, I didn't know that the new realtor had "scheduled" for the old realtor to come to the house at 1:30 to check out some issues.  So when Mr. Scrooge was trying to leave, that horrid realtor that I thought we were free of, knocks on his window and has to come in and look around.  He was a little late, but they made it.

Honestly, I was excited in theory.. but I was a little worried at it being INDOOR go-karts.  Mostly because I was basing my go-kart experience on the Bahrain go-karts which was fucking fantastic.  We had to wait over an hour for our turn to go, but it was AWESOME when we did.  1. Mr. Scrooge and Teh Wisconsin Blond had been shit talking the entire time.  They had decided they were team-not-Teh-Megan-Family and Teh Dad, Teh Stepmom, and I were team-Teh-Megan-Family.  2. Teh Dad had already said that he was going to beat everyone when I approached him with the idea of go-kart, pfth.  3. I didn't engage in shit-talking for the most part.  I just listened (and I was pissed off because I had been told to "stop yelling" which I'm over hearing) and people watched and waited.

1st/2nd winners.

We could have done laser tag while we waited, but we didn't.  There were several parties going on, so there were lots of children, which was a bit overwhelming for me.  Apparently, everyone except Teh Stepmom was extremely competitive.  Teh Dad was driving like we were NASCAR racers.  He rammed me into the wall so hard I got whiplash.  When he was complaining of his shoulder hurting because of the way he was driving, I told him I had no sympathy based on how many times he'd hit me while we were racing.  Teh Dad won the first race and I won the second race.  When I got out of my kart is when my shit-talking started.  "BOOM BITCHES!  BEAT ALL OF YOU SHIT-TALKERS!  BEAT BY A GIRL!  WHHHHHAAAATTTT????????"  Yeah.  No shame.  I was actually lucky Teh Dad messed up on his 8th lap in the 3rd corner and swung out too far, which meant that I was able to overtake him on the inside (like every good racer knows to do).  He CLAIMS he let me win, but I know better than that.  He'd NEVER LET me win.  He's always the wiser, baddest dad.  I won, fair and square.  Teh Stepmom came in last both races and Mr. Scrooge and Teh Wisconsin Blond took 3/4th.

He might have had a faster lap time, but he was NOT #1.


After go-karts, we headed home and and started dinner.  Steaks and salad, nommmm.  After dinner, we watched Crazy. Stupid. Love and Big Fish and snuggled the shit out of cute doggies.  Seriously though, watching TV together is NOT hanging out together.  I would have rather played a game or something, but Mr. Scrooge didn't want to and he had to go to bed early since he had to be at work in the middle of the night for an exercise (don't feel bad for him, he had all day Friday off).


Meri decided that when Mr. Scrooge came home at 4am it was time to be awake and I was not pleased.  She wouldn't settle so I let them out, then got up again to feed the dogs breakfast an hour and a half later.  I was NOT in the mood for shenanigans and I went back to bed after feeding the dogs.  It had been decided that we'd leave at 10 for brunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe (our, apparent, go to brunch place now since they allow call ahead reservations).  We left around 10:30 and made it to ABE Cafe by 11 and then spent the next hour and a half waiting to be sat and on our food.  I was hangry to say the least.

After a delicious breakfast, we walked through the market and then Mr. Scrooge and I headed back to get Yurtle in the rain.  Since it was raining, we couldn't really walk around downtown like we'd wanted to, but that was ok with me because I did lunges at the gym on Friday and holy hell my butt hurt sooooo bad.

When we got back, Teh Dad tried to replace a toilet seat (which I had been unsuccessful at because the screws are so rusted in that they strip when you try to unscrew them...) and stopped our toilets from constantly running.  He's great.  After we finished watching Big Fish, Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom headed back to home, home.

Mr. Scrooge and I had a lazy evening.  After making pizza for dinner and finishing up Game of Thrones season 4, Mr. Scrooge played video games while I researched runDisney and tried to read ALL THE BLOGS! from other runners who have participated in the Glass Slipper Challenge/Princess Runs and talked with Teh MD Adult Roomie about possibly doing the Bridge Run while they are here at the end of the month.  Not just to do it (which I did actually want to do it), but also so we I have a race time to register for the Glass Slipper Challenge with.  I really want to do a Hot Chocolate 10k, but the closest one to me is in Hotlanta and it was in January, so it won't happen again until 2016.  BOOOOOOO.

Overall, it was an excellent weekend.  Sadly, there wasn't a lot of excellent sleep that happened, so I'm afraid I'm going to be dragging all week.  I did manage to download some Grey's Anatomy S11 episodes and get them uploaded to Teh Flamin' Kindle after some technical difficulties, so now I have something to watch at the gym... which won't happen if Teh MD Adult Roomie and I decide to do the Bridge Run, since I'll have to start training.  Ugh/YAY running!  Boo, missing my "reading" time on the elliptical.

Me+Princess Runs.

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Indoor karting sounds fun! I can't help but wish I had the ammo that Mario and his friends do while participating in such activities!

    And get out of here with your Easter candy!!! I keep walking past the damn Cadburry eggs. I wants!


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