Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday #45


Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom will be here tonight!  I should probably vacuum up the muddy paw prints all over everything (thanks dogs...) and make sure there are clean towels in the guest bathroom.  What with having a broken washing machine, this could be a situation, but there's always beach towels!  I keep it classy.

Speaking of towels, Woot Home had some bath SHEETS on sale yesterday.  Normally priced around $30-40 per towel, I managed to get 4 for $55.  WOOT.  Haha, see what I did there?  I had to talk myself down from buying a new king size comforter for $20 on Meh yesterday.  I don't really need it, but I'd like to have one, so I said the sale would be back eventually and I might get one then.  The comforter I have is a queen size, and while that is the size of the bed, I've learned that having a size bigger comforter means less blanket wars in the middle of the night.


Speaking of my broken washing machine...  Mr. Scrooge has this problem where he only likes to do things HIS way.  This resulted in some serious drama on Tuesday night when I started the process of investigating if there was a clog somewhere because, of course, when I asked him before I started everything if he could look into the situation his response was to tell me to call someone (aka, he might have an engineering degree but that doesn't mean he cares to take apart the washing machine to see why it's not draining).  Of course when I started lifting the washing machine up on paint cans (thanks how-to wiki for that suggestion) and trying to figure out how to get the front piece (aka the 3 sides not including the back), he came to "help."

After some youtube help, we finally managed to get the stupid machine apart, only to discover ZERO blockages, which is unfortunate and means that we probably have a bad drain pump and my desire to fix that is minimal.  Looking for a blockage is one thing.. actually doing maintenance.... WOAH, I'm not an engineer people..  And this one time, I had the engineer in my house build a bookshelf.. yeah that was a disaster and took forever and I should have just done it myself but I was giving him a chance to be "manly" and shit.  There was lots of cussing and instructions with no words were baffling him and apparently, I'm just a bookshelf building pro (NBD) and I judged the shit out of him AND he put in the shelves upside down... he has an actual engineering degree and has driven Navy ships and deals with nuclear crap on a regular basis, but a bookshelf stumped him.  He's cute, remember?

Teh Dad said something about looking at it while he was here, but we'll see.  I won't stop him, but I'd rather do fun things (GO KARTS!) like not deal with the washing machine while they are here.  Then again.. if Teh Dad is working on the washing machine, that means that Teh Stepmom and I can run errands (aka shop for crap Mr. Scrooge hasn't picked up to prep for his surgery yet).


I wanted yesterday to be Friday so bad.  I'm jealous of the rest of the world and their snow days and snow shoveling and ability to build snowmen (Because YES I WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN!).  Granted, I could have just pulled out my jeans and pretended it was causal Thursday (like many people here do throughout the week anyways), but I need to maintain my dress-wearing discipline (it wasn't a cheap investment).  I can do it.  Even if it's cold out.  I can wear dresses and tights and flats and survive.

And I mean, they were sparkly tights and it was a sweater dress, so I mean there's that awesomeness.  EVEN IF Teh MD Roomies told me I couldn't wear glitter flats with my sparkly tights.....


I hate being an adult and dealing with dollas.  I mean I don't hate dealing with dollars, I like having them, but I hate dealing with storing them and planning for the future.  For instance, USAA doesn't offer Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA) which is fucking stupid as shit.  So fine, I looked to another bank instead, my NC bank which DOES offer HSA... except that you practically have to sacrifice your first born to set up a freakin' account without going in a branch... oh but it's immediate if you go to a branch to set it up.  I DON'T LIVE IN NC SO THAT IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME NCSECU CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE!  (sorry for that caps explosion, it's still a sensitive topic).

So I figured, Teh Sister looks like me... she can do it.  I mailed her one of my IDs (I have 2 SC licenses).  Nope, she got cock blocked by the reception guy at the desk when he asked her if she was setting up the account for herself or Megan, even though she signed in as me.  Asshole.  He doesn't understand my needs.  After finally receiveing the paperwork in the mail a month after I requested it, it's probably for the best that she didn't get past the front desk because there is stuff there that she wouldn't have known how to answer.

Moving on... Now I'm trying to roll my TSP over to my new John Hancock (JH) retirement account.  Yeah, please just give me a rusty knife so I can gouge out my eyes instead.  Because I deposited money into TSP while in a combat zone, they won't roll those funds into my JH account for some mysterious stupid reason.

Additionally, I'm money retarded.  I don't understand the different in TYPES of deposits in regards to retirement accounts.  Did you know there's a such things as a 401(a), 457(b), 403(b), AND the standard 401(k) plus all the roth options?  STUPID.  ALL OF IT IS STUPID.  Just take my damn money and make me some extra money so when I'm old I can do whatever I want.  It's not hard... unless you're me, then it's like saying no to Meri when she's being cute (which I'm awful at).


I might have done a little dance when Kimmi dropped my name in her confessions on Wednesday.  I am wee but mighty (or so I tell myself) and having Gentle Reader friends makes me happy.

SEIS (an necessary extra but I saved the best for last!)

Teh Bitit finally told Teh MD Adult Roomie about her surprise.  After posting about how badly I wanted to do the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge, Teh Advising Sister messaged me and said she was interested since she needs a workout goal AND Teh Bitit messaged me and said she wanted to surprise Teh MD Adult Roomie and pay her way to do the runs with me.  I was ELATED to actually have people interested in running a stupid long distance with me in one weekend.

The invite is open to Gentle Readers as well!  It's official, we'll be doing the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge in 2016 (it's at Disney World, FYI), you're welcome to come hang out with us!  You should be properly warned though, I'm a crazy Disney fanatic and I saw that people had the characters sign their running bibs and I'm TOTALLY going to do that too because IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!

Let me just show you my reaction via gifs:

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. All about that name drop! But seriously I love that you always come and comment on my blog and I love reading your blog every day because you always make me laugh! I would be totally down for the Glasslipper challenge except one I cannot run and two I am broke but I will be excited to see all your pictures and super jealous you're going to Disneyland!

  2. I'm so jealous that you are doing Cinderella's glass slipper challenge!! How amazing is that!! I love love love Cinderella!!

  3. That Glassslipper challenge sounds so fun! I have never heard of it before!

  4. I literally have 4 jobs worth of 401k and I need to put them all into one place. I really, really do. It's such a pain in the ass and I don't wanna. Really though, I've been meaning to do it for 3 years. Ugh


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