Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NC Quizzy Things..

In my heart, I'll always be a North Carolinian and so when I see North Carolina quizzes online, I'm a sucker for them.  I know they are vague and inaccurate, but I miss NC on the regular.

Recently, I took 2 NC quizzes.  Here's my results:

What Kind of North Carolinian Are You?

Truthfully, living in Raleigh would be a dream come true.  I loved it when I went to NC State.  I didn't really enjoy the city in all the ways I should have because I was young and dumb (and poor).  I would do many things differently if I were to relive that time in my life.  I'd be afraid to see what the other personality types were options for the quiz... but why do I feel like Mountain Hick Recluse was one?

Which City in North Carolina Should You Live?

I find great humor in this since living in Blowing Rock would be unbearable.  Granted, there's a Kilwin's there and the store where Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover and I discovered StoryPeople, but really it's just the main street of Blowing Rock, highway 321, and a whole bunch of expensive houses built on the side of mountain where only really rich people live during the summer when they want to escape the heat of Florida and see the leaves changes in the fall and ski during the winter or rent out to other tourists.  Also, Blowing Rock is practically in Boone, which is a college town (the east coast ASU, for those of you who associate ASU with Arizona) and it's BOOMING.  So while the population of Blowing Rock is about one thousand people.. In 2010 there were 17,000ish people living in Boone, a mere 8 miles of curvy roads away (so really less than 8 miles, if you want straight to distance).  BUT.  Living in Blowing Rock would mean being SUPER close to Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover, which would be awesome (I didn't just put this in here in case she reads this post, although I know if I hadn't put this in and she did read it, she would CALL me and tell me about how awesome it would be if I lived in Blowing Rock.  I just KNOW these things).

So yeah.
Also, NC > SC, ev'r day, all day.  (It really doesn't help that Charleston smells.)

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  1. seriously, you DO NOT want to live in canada. the winters are freaking brutal ALL THE DAMN TIME and it's cold for like, 6 months of the year!!!


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