Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Review {2/2}

IT'S FEBRUARY!!!!!!  The month we've all been waiting for!  You know why?  (Shh, it's about me right now.)  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!  In case you were wondering, my birthday is the 3rd.  Oh, and yes, I have an amazon wish list.  :)

Let's talk about this weekend though, shall we?
PS. This is a long post, consider yourself warned.


Work kinda dragged on and on Friday.  Mostly because starting Wednesday morning I had ZERO desire to get out of the bed when my alarm went off, which continued through.. today.  Every time I started to get really into doing work things, I'd get a message or I'd need to change my Spotify song, or I'd get distracted and ugh, it was irritating.  Mr. Scrooge met me for lunch since we have a food truck (several trucks rotate through on a schedule) a short walk from my building.  This was cajun food, so my food was a bit too spicy for me to really enjoy, but I toughed it out.

When Mr. Scrooge left, I buckled down and turned off all the ways to get messages, sans the work ways.  In reality, this is my biggest ADD source.  The tech guys like to send messages to the group instead of just to each other so they can get feedback from anyone who knows about the issue.  My problem is that my job has nothing to do with their job so all day I get to listen to Skype binks (the notification noise) and it's unbearably distracting to me.  I'd turn it off, but what if I get a message and I don't see it?  Ugh.

Also, since Spotify has really become a source of ADD, I found a deep focus playlist and I rocked on with my documentation.  Explosions in the Sky is probably one of my favorite no-lyrics artists.  Despite having done some work on Thursday night (I never thought I'd be the person that brings work home with me, FYI), I still stayed my full 8 hours.  I left and hit up the gym on my way home (for the 5th time last week, woot!).

When I got home, it was dinner time.  I'd put a beef roast in the crockpot before leaving for work so I didn't have to worry about dinner.  Since we had leftover pasta, I reheated that, and we had leftover spinach from chicken and gnocchi soup last week, so a salad was our veggie.  Lazy, aye.

After we ate, Mr. Scrooge played video games and I played on Teh Flamin' Kindle (which I often refer to as my Nook, oops).  We managed to coax the dogs Phil (since Meri was already with us) up on the couch and we had some family snuggle time which just melted my heart.  I also talked with Teh MD Adult Roomie about going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg (GIG) in April.  YAY GIG!!!

Mr. Scrooge said that we could go for the entire weekend, which is super awesome for me because I've always wanted to go and never did when I lived in MD (aka, when it was MUCH closer than it is from SC. /facepalm).  His reasoning is because he loves old shit, which is fine with me because I, too, love old shit, and I definitely want to do some battlegrounds walks and hang out with my dog peeps and meet some of my instagram friends/followers in real life (yep, I'm a nerd).

Mr. Scrooge ended up going to bed before me, which meant I had some alone time (aka the tv wasn't on so I could focus) to finally catch up on Wednesday Confessions and comment on everyone else's posts.  After closing all my open tabs, it was bedtime.


Mr. Scrooge and I slept in, which was delightful.  Of course, a little after 9, Meri joined us in bed, as is her rule.  We then coaxed Phil up on the bed too and had MORE family snuggle time.  A girl could get spoiled with all these good doggy snuggle sessions.

I had been talking about wanting an egg salad sammich all week from a local restaurant, so Mr. Scrooge had suggested that we go there for lunch and, of course, I said yes.  It was everything I needed it to be.  While I was waiting on Mr. Scrooge to finish getting ready, I prepped the dog's pills for the week (Phil takes more pills than I do each day, that's how you know I love him the mostest).  We reached the dog's favorite point of the PB jar, when it gets empty...

After lunch, we came home and Mr. Scrooge went out on a motorcycle ride, while I stayed home and was lazy.  Before he left, he brought all the mail inside and it was an EXCELLENT mail day.  I had TWO birthday packages (one from Teh BFF and one from Teh MD Adult Roomie), a check from Chase (which we will talk about later), and my new (health) insurance card!  Teh BFF agreed that I could open her package right then, but Teh MD Adult Roomie said I had to wait, then she said I could open it then, but I had already agreed to wait so I had something to open ON my birthday since I think I know what it is.. or at least I hope I think I know what it is, because if it's what I think it is, I'm SUPER pumped.

I was also fighting a headache, so after talking to Teh Dad and an episode of Downton Abbey, it was nap time.  When I woke up, I accomplished some tasks on my to do list, like put my new NCSU SC tag on Yurtle, put away the clean laundry, move the sheets to the dryer.

Friday night, we had decided to try a place called Bowens Island Restaurant after our decision to go to improv downtown had been foiled since I couldn't order 2 tickets online.  No big deal since we had a backup plan.  All their oysters are local and you either love it or hate it.  I didn't hate it, so there's that.  It's also one of the best places to catch the sunset in the area, and I got SOOOOO many photos (#ilooklikeatourist #idgaf).

It's one of those places where you go up to the counter to order, then you find a seat.  When your food is ready a food attendant will bring it out and yell your name to find you.  The line was out the door the entire time we were there and we arrived shortly after 5, when they opened.  We had planned on being there at 5, but Mr. Scrooge was a little late coming home and we still had to feed the dogs before we left and Phil was eating  Really, it's good he's my favorite.

Incredible sunset.  I just couldn't stop snapping photos.  I probably took 20 photos sitting on the deck while Mr. Scrooge was inside in line to order food.

A tray of oysters (local), boiled shrimp, fried fish, hush puppies, cole slaw, and fries.

That's his concentrating face.


It was so big!

I did help Mr. Scrooge eat some of the oysters (but didn't help with the shuckin' part what with my minimal ability to use a knife to cut a steak) and I shared some of my dinner (the not oysters) with him.  I was a failure and deleted the photos of Mr. Scrooge with his napkin bib on, which makes me super sad since it was ridiculous.  Also, one of the most dangerous things I've ever encountered with Mr. Scrooge is being in such close proximity of him while he was trying to shuck the oysters.  I was sure I was going to lose a finger.. or an eye... or walk out of there bleeding in some way.

After we finished dinner, we headed to a place called Rollin' South Kitchen for dessert, which was on James Island.  The bartender at Bowens Island had recommended it, so we figured why not.  I was slightly disappointed that the only dessert they has was Hummingbird Cake, which is essentially carrot cake without the carrots.. aka a light spice cake.  I wasn't overly impressed but it was ok.  It wasn't something I would have ordered if I would have had the choice of something chocolate, but it was their specialty, so definitely worth trying.  While Mr. Scrooge was finishing his beer, I pulled out Teh Flamin' Kindle and we played some Fruit Ninja.  I lost 3 times, but won once, so I'll take it.  In my defense, Mr. Scrooge kept knocking Teh Flamin' Kindle and it would move.

We finally headed home and I took all my electronics (really it's ridiculous) into the bedroom and did some work.  Mr. Scrooge was gaming so it wasn't like he really missed my company.  After my eyes started to cross from dealing with computer code, I put away the work computer and read the book club book (Where'd You Go Bernadette) for a little while before finally deciding it was bedtime.

Despite my encouragement to come to bed, Mr. Scrooge stayed up until 3am doing whatever is it he does until 3am.  I know it involved cooking a pizza at 0130, since the dogs woke me up scratching on the door because he had opened the fridge (beggar dogs much? uggh).  Let's just say it's good he's cute and I was exhausted and I had earplugs and I realized that I was working myself up over nothing (mostly because I hadn't gotten my way when I encouraged him to come to bed and he said soon and then it didn't happen until 3 hours later).  Let me make that make sense for you.

Part of my own personal goal when Mr. Scrooge and I had our serious talk a few weeks ago was that I'd stop getting worked up over non-issues.  Seriously, Gentle Readers, not only was I pissed that he was still up at 0130.. then he was making an ENTIRE PIZZA?  AND it was like 3 inches tall because of all the crap he'd added, including almost an ENTIRE bag of mozzarella cheese (nope, not making that up).. AND he'd used the pepperoni stuffed crust pizza!  I was so angry.  I almost couldn't get to sleep.

I think it started with the dogs waking me up, which is never a good thing.  From there it spiraled out of control because I knew Mr. Scrooge was drunk (whatever, he was at home, who cares?).  I laid in bed being pissed off and knowing I wasn't going to be able to go to sleep because I was so mad and then being pissed off at myself for being mad.  Then I remembered there was a stuffed crust pizza in the freezer (my favorite) and I actually got out of the bed to see which pizza he'd used (my favorite one, duh), which only served to fuel my rage fire.  Then I moved on to the next step, which was knowing that there was going to be a huge mess in the kitchen in the morning, I just knew it.  All the while, I'm trying to talk myself down.  I literally got out of bed to see which pizza he used BECAUSE I knew which one it was and I KNEW I'd be pissed off.  I mean, really, Megan, REALLY?  Sit the fuck down and chill out.  Bitch please, ain't nobody got time for that kind of rage at 0130.  THEN, to prepare myself to be pissed off first thing in the morning.  I'm ridiculous.

I had woken up at 03 and checked the time, because I was still pissed off.  A few minutes later, I felt Mr. Scrooge get in the bed.  I was such a bitch too.  I felt him, but still hogged the entire bed.  When I woke up Sunday morning, he had the majority of the bed, but still.  I was ornery and difficult.  I had in earplugs and I think I heard him tell me good night, but I didn't respond because I knew whatever came out of my mouth would be dripping with rage that was blown out of proportion for no reason other than I'm me.

Seriously.  Someone tell me I'm not the only one who does this?  The worst part is definitely being in the midst of all that rage and KNOWING you are blowing it out of proportion and you're working yourself up over something that shouldn't be an issue at all. but it totally is.  So I'm angry but I feel bad for being angry which means I get frustrated at myself and it's just a hot mess.


I had told Mr. Scrooge that I was possibly going to church.  I kinda doubted I'd go when I woke up at 0130 with all the rage that felt like it kept me awake forever, then waking up again at 3.  But, I woke up at 0750 without an alarm, and figured that was God's way of being like, alright, get your ass to church, missy.  Mr. Scrooge had gotten up with the beasts at 06 when they roused him.  He said I didn't move.  I didn't, but I was aware enough to hear him get out of bed.  He had actually heard the dogs before me because I had my earplugs equipped and I wasn't a bit sorry.

I was almost ready to head out the door to church and I remembered the chili needed to get put in the crockpot, which meant I was going to be late for church.  Fortunately, Mr. Scrooge had gotten up and was about to get in the bath (he seriously takes more baths than anyone I've ever met, but whatever makes him happy) and he agreed to help me by browning the meat and cooking up the onions while I drained and rinsed the beans and put everything else together in the crockpot.  I was only 15 minutes late for church instead of 30.  I almost tried to talk myself out of going since I was going to be late, but I just felt like I NEEDED to be at the first church this morning.

I had actually planned to go last weekend, but I ended up sleeping in instead.  Slacker, aye.  But this weekend, I needed to be there, even if I was late.  I forgot that the first church was more dressy than the 2nd church I went to.  I was one of two people in jeans.  Whatevs.  There's been a lot of chatter lately about it NOT being about what you wear to church, so I tried to just be comfortable.  I sat in the back since I was late, which is strange for me since I'm an up-front-sitter.  But, the seat I took was facing the pastor directly.  It was like God was giving me all these signs.  I woke up on my own to get there on time, I still went even though I was late, my chair was directly facing the pastor (instead of having to turn my head to see him, which isn't really that big of a deal, but is kinda like God being like PAY ATTENTION, MEGAN).

The sermon was about praying, based on the chapter in Luke where the disciples as Jesus to teach them to pray.  This is the same passage where the Lord's Prayer is given to the disciples, which means not only was the sermon about praying (and it sometimes feeling like a one sided conversation) but the pastor broke down the part of the Lord's Prayer (and made everyone laugh when he said he was sure there would be lots of praying yesterday; some prayers for the Patriots to win, some prayers for the Seahawks to win...).  The very first sermon I heard at LPUMC in MD was the pastor breaking down the Lord's Prayer.  It was part of why I picked LPUMC as my church.

But the most important part of the sermon was when the pastor was speaking about praying sometimes feeling like a one-sided conversation and how it was sometimes difficult to hear God talking to you because there's just so much noise all the time in our lives.  At which point he quoted my absolute favorite Bible verse, Psalms 46:10: Be still, and know... (the one I will eventually get as a tattoo)..  I knew RIGHT THEN that this was my new church.  That tingle went down my entire body.

This time, the pastor didn't read his entire sermon, thankfully.  I wasn't there for the beginning worship songs, but the ones I did get to participate in were pretty good.  During the entire service I knew that God had been directing me to this place, and I was thankful in all the ways.  One of the biggest concerns in my life since I made the decision to get out of the navy has been about the dollas.  When I didn't magically get the job that everyone said I was going to get at the start of my terminal leave, I was worried and full of doubt and oh were there prayers.  LOTS of prayers.  I hadn't been good about going to church since I got to SC, but everyone's faith journey has valleys and peaks.  I'm not sure if this was a valley or a peak, honestly and here's why: despite my consistent worry about money, there's never been a time when I've gone hungry or struggled.  There's been times when the money has been low, but even now, when I've been using my credit card for the last month so I don't have to dip into my savings (since I know I'll be getting paid soon), I could pay off my credit card if I needed to and still have money to pay Yurtle's payment each month.

It makes ZERO sense.  Seriously.  ZERO.  I've been buying groceries and paying the cable/utility bills since I moved in (well, I started paying the utility stuffs in Nov).  Groceries aren't cheap and Target paychecks were... lacking.  But when I needed money, it was miraculously there.  I haven't had a paycheck since the beginning of January and I won't get paid from Company until the 2nd week of February, but I received a pretty large refund check from Chase saying they charged me too much interest over the last 6 years while I was in the Navy.  I also filed my taxes and have already started getting them back.  I also have a check coming from Kia because some magical lawsuit happened and they claimed Yurtle got better gas mileage than she actually does, so people get dollas and I'm one of those people.  I paid for SC car insurance and registration and I'll get my NC insurance and registration money refunded.

To some it may be a serious of fortunate events, but to me, this is something larger at work.  It kinda hit me what was going on when I received my contributions letter from LPUMC from my tithes that I paid to them in 2014 (yay tax deductions!).  It was a LOT of money.  I had felt the crunch some months when I was writing the checks, but it wasn't so bad that I didn't write the check.  There have been many ways in which I've been taken care of since October.  From Teh MD Adult Roomie telling me not to worry about paying for bills for the last week that I was there, to Mr. Scrooge taking care of our activities and eating out and the cable bill for a few extra months, to magical lawsuits where Kia is going to give me several hundred dollars to make up for something that I was completely unaware of.  Some of these things make total sense, but the influx of money in January when I'm not receiving any income?  I'm giving God that credit.

That's really a lot of Jesus talk for one post, but this has been weighing on my heart since I received my LPUMC contributions letter.  I remember Teh Mom talking about ways we were taken care of, after she and my dad split up and how it made no sense most of the time how things just worked out.  I remember her saying it was a miracle.  I believed her then, because I understood our situation, but when you yourself are in that situation and you get those feelings and that tingle down your spine and you know that all those conversations that you thought were one-sided, weren't one-sided at all.. that's when you KNOW, without a doubt that it's something much bigger than you in charge of all this.

Ahem.. continuing on with the weekend though (sorry not sorry for the soapbox)...

After church, I went to Kohl's to spend some Kohl's cash (which I really wish I could stop getting, seriously).  I first stopped at Starbucks to obtain one of my free birthday drinks (I have 2 since I have 2 Starbucks rewards cards, don't ask), then headed to Kohl's.  Right before I went into Kohl's, I was talking with Mr. Scrooge and asked him if he wanted to do lunch since we were both out and he was planning on going on a motorcycle ride since it was a gorgeous day.  He agreed to meet at SmashBurger.

While he headed my way, I scavenged through Kohl's shoe section for some new gym shoes because ALL my gym shoes have/had holes in the back at the ankle area.  I ended up buying 4 pairs of new shoes for $138.  Teh MD Teenage Roomie's response was, "WHY do you need FOUR pairs of shoes?!"  Well, 1, all my shoes had holes in the fabric and I usually try to keep 2 pairs of gym shoes around on principle.  2.  They were on sale.  3.  Shoes are an investment and my investment averaged about $35 per set of shoes, which is pretty good if you ask me.  4.  I won't have to buy new gym shoes for a year.  I did consider returning one pair, but I haven't made that commitment yet.

These were NOT a consideration.
But really, WHY are these stretchy shoes a thing?

While I was trying on shoes, there was a couple there and the husband was trying to find some new gym shoes.  He needed some with lots of padding.  He tried on some Nike's then told his wife that they had the padding of walking on newspapers.  I couldn't help but laugh.  At that same time, I was trying on a pair of Asics and suggested that he try them (in the men's version) instead, because the pair I had on were SUPER padded.  Before I walked away with my 4 boxes of shoes, he was giving grunts of approval as he walked around looking for his wife.

I was trying to hurry and check out and there was an older lady in front of me who was taking FOREVER to check out.  As in, she was about to write her check (who does that still, really?) and then was like, nah take those shoes off, they were too much... GRANNY GET OUT OF MY WAY I'M HUNGRY AND I'M ALREADY FEELING BUYERS REMORSE!!  Finally, another sales rep came up to help out the lone cashier.  She wouldn't honor my 30% off coupon (of course, since it was expired even though she couldn't read and thought it said it wasn't valid until Feb 15, not that it was valid Jan 15-28th), but she gave me 20% off after I told her the reason I was buying FOUR pairs of shoes was because I thought I had my 30% and I told her that the lady at the other register had just used a 20% off coupon.  BOOM.  Plus $10 Kohl's cash (ugh), plus $10 birthday rewards = $138... plus $20 in Kohl's cash.. FML.

After Kohl's, I headed to the grocery store to pick up some juice and a replacement frozen pizza (don't judge me, ok?) and milk so we could survive the week.  I came home and unloaded Yurtle, while Phil and Meri side-eyed me waiting for me to tell them they could get in the car, which they eventually did after it was almost completely empty, silly dogs.

After getting everything put away, I sat down at my computer to power out this post because I really wanted to talk about what an excellent weekend it was and talk about finding my new church and just all.the.things, really.  I had asked Mr. Scrooge to be home by 4:30 so we could head to Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect's house for a super bowl gathering.  When he showed up at 3:30, I was super surprised.

I made chili for dinner to bring to our gathering and Teh SC House Finder did wings and Teh SC House Finder's Mom brought dessert.  I wasn't super interested in football (ever), but I have missed our weekly gathering so much.

YYYYAAAAYYY for a superb weekend with excellent weather.

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  1. I think its awesome and am always surprised when I need money and its there. When I was a newly single mom my girls and I were able to live on 20 thousand a year. That is with a car payment and rent. Then when I needed it most my current job became available. Also I totally know when I am blowing stuff out of proportion and just can't stop myself.

  2. because i have square feet, mens shoes actually fit me better too. asics are my go-to shoe; i love my GT-2000 .... they're like clouds on your feet.

  3. Happy birthday month!!!!!
    Bahahah... nothing better than a dog eating peanut butter. I like to put a blob on Johnny Cakes's nose and just watch him lick and lick!

  4. Yay February birthday month!

    Yay church confirmation<3 I have felt that same thing and it's a wonderful thing to know you are where you need to be.

  5. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! That sunset it gorgeous! I could also really go for that coffee right about now. I'm at work until 5 & I am dragging.

  6. Happy Birthday month!!! My dogs are obsessed with peanut butter!!! They go all kinds of crazy when they see the jar. And look at all your fun shoes!!!! I need some new shoes bad. Very bad! My feet hurt first in all my work outs because my shoes are totally lame.

    Glad you found a church! I always believe you will see signs to let you know you are where you need to be. have a great week!

  7. Do you love the book? Please tell me you love the book!

    The husband and I went to Gettysburg last summer. Yes, we are those people who have a few childless days to take a trip and we go to Gettysburg. #noshame

    Happy early birthday!!!


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