Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Confessions {2/25}

-I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep Spotify Premium.  Mostly based on the fact that I can search an artist and listen to all their albums on shuffle... and the Deep Focus playlist helps me get so much work accomplished... and because several Gentle Readers told me that it's worth it.

-That said, listening to Imagine Dragons on shuffle has brought me great joy.

-I get acne when I'm stressed.  I can pinpoint events that spawn certain zits.

-If it's going to be less than 38°F, it should be snowing out.  I don't care how far south I am.

-I'm unbearably jealous of everyone who got snow days and fluffy white stuff, but I swear to Buddha if I had to see another FB status about everyone getting their workout from shoveling snow, I was going to shake a baby.  I fully supported the person who just admitted they would have paid someone to shovel their driveway.  Seriously though, why don't I just move to Canada and become a hermit? (Wolverine reference, anyone?)

-Mr. Scrooge said somethingrecently about me "going back to DC" and then had to add on that he meant visiting Teh MD Roomies.  I found it highly suspicious and awkward.  I'm letting it go (but only after I tell someone (you, my Gentle Reader) about it).

-I clean out my hair brush every time I use it.  I hate hair.

-I hate how most of my original posts have missing images because I was adding images to Teh Blog through URLs.  The problem with that is photos go missing and my photos don't show up.  Le sigh... and I'm too lazy to go back through those old posts and fix that shiznit.  Oh well.  #bloggerproblems

-I think stress may be the highest contributing factor to my weight gain/lack of weight loss.  Despite working out 3+ times a week, I'm seeing weight GAIN instead of loss and it's not like I'm doing any weight lifting to bulk up.  Also, I've recently consumed a shit ton of starch, which makes me wonder what would happen if I went gluten free.  Thanks for that brain-seed, Kathy...  :(  I wasn't really eating much starch last year around this time.  I stuck to veggies and a meat.  I used to be a HUGE pasta fan and now I'm not really interested in pasta/rice/potatoes.  It doesn't make me feel fuller, it's just something else on my plate to eat, which leads to over-eating... which could also be another culprit of the gain since I tend to eat when I'm stressed.  FML.

-Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom are coming to visit this weekend and I have no idea how to entertain them since there's really nothing to do in Charleston besides eat, which I know you've seen me rant about over and over.  Update: I scoured Groupon and LivingSocial and found tickets for indoor go-karts and bought 4.  HA, Saturday entertainment complete.  They also requested to go to the market downtown, so we'll do brunch (eating, of course) and then hit up the market and maybe the battery depending on the weather. 

-I've already suggested to Teh MD Adult Roomie that we should do go-karts when they come to visit.  3 solid reasons: 1- HELLO GO-KARTS!  2- Practice for Teh MD Teenage Roomie's driving skills.  3- Said practice for Teh MD Teenage Roomie means more practice without having to involve Caroline (Teh MD Adult Roomie's car).. and after curbing Yurtle preeetttty hard that one time (seriously, never living that down, me for letting her drive or her for hitting the curb so hard), some practice wouldn't hurt.

-One of my least favorite parts about the work computer (Mac) is that the oils from my fingers/lotion from my hands gets on the keys and then it goes on the screen and the keys get slippery and it's kinda gross and I feel like I need some Clorox wipes to get the oil off.  This is awful because my knux are super ashy and need lotion, but when I put it on it feels so icky on the keyboard. #firstworldproblems

-The gym is doing renovations and they are currently on the weight room phase which means I don't have to walk through the bro-smell every day when I'm leaving/entering the gym.  It's awesome.  That said, WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE COMING FROM TAKING MY MACHINES AND SHIT!?!  (I have a hankering feeling that they announced the PRT (physical readiness test) is in 10 weeks or close so all these nuke babies feel the need to start getting their workout on.  Meh.)

-I had to use a different style of elliptical last week when all the other bitches had taken the ones that I usually use..  You member... the ones that incorrectly calculate my calories?  Yeah those shitty ones.  Whatever.  Anyways, I use a different one and holy shit my ass hurts so bad.  And my back and all my pieces.  I'm thinking it's more of a stair-stepper elliptical than the other elliptical.  The best/worst part of it?  It felt like I was workin' hard AND it calculated my calories more accurately than the other machines I was using, so I'll probably keep using it.  When I put my workout into Runkeeper and the calorie count was 1 calorie off, I was impressed.  With a longer workout there was more of a distortion (machine low, RK high), so I just averaged and called it a day.  But really, all my pieces hurt so bad I had to sleep with the heating pad.

-I can't wait to work from home on the 3rd so I don't feel guilty about how little work I actually do sometimes, although my boss informed me that once we get funds for our next project, I won't be bored anymore and I should enjoy the downtime while I have it.... meaning he's totally seen me on FB 95% of the day.

-I want to be friends with the 3 other women I work with, but women are vicious and they aren't letting me into their group yet.  I'm sure it just takes some time, but seriously... I just want to be friends!  (no really, I need to make more friends here.)  Ok, or maybe I'm just standoffish and I'm difficult to get to know?

-We have a receptionist that sits at the front door and since our office is a suite in a building, to get to the bathroom or cafe, you walk by her.  It's always awkward for me to walk past her without saying anything, but I feel like if I sat at the door, I wouldn't want people always speaking to me.  I just want to be friends!!!

-I was super pumped about not having to sitting through 2 days of meetings this week when we start this new project... then my boss forwarded me an email last Friday from the government rep asking for someone to take minutes at the meeting and didn't Company just hire a tech writer?  FML.  These meetings are going to be soooo painful since I have to actually pay attention to take notes.  PS. I still love my job.

-To the asshat who drove on the median (which was as wide as his Camry, it reminded me of someone driving on the sidewalk), I hope you get a flat tire from road debris for being an asshole.

-You know you're officially an adult when you eat dinner before 5:30, go to bed before 9pm, and make the choice to leave earlier in the mornings so you don't have to deal with rush hour traffic.  Not only does this mean I get to leave work earlier, it means that my commute takes 20 minutes instead of 30.  WIN.

-Yep, I'm making up for last week's lack of confessions this week... apparently.

-I want to run a Disney 1/2 Marathon or 10K.  Really I want to do the 10K, but there's the Glass Slipper Challenge which is the 10K and the Half in one weekend and it might be horrible, buttttt ALL THE MEDALS!!  And of course I would do the princess runs.  DUH.  But there's also the coast to coast challenge where you do a DW run and a DL run in the same year and you get a medal for that.  I have a problem.  But seriously, anyone wanna do the Glass Slipper Challenge with me 18-21 February 2016??????  Seriously.

-The new PostSecret app only being available on the Apple Store infuriates me.  I would almost be willing to pay $8 for the app... oh but they don't have for Suzy2.5.  No Megan dollas for you PostSecret..

Making Melissa


  1. -The snow is pretty, but I'm tired of all these "ice days" and iffy work hours.

    -I've been using coconut oil instead of lotion at home, maybe that could help with the keyboard problem? It's natural, and while it can feel oily if you use too much it doesn't feel as thick and gross. I was actually super surprised but hubby likes it SO much better than lotion- he's not ashy for pretty much the first time in our marriage :-p

    -Totally get the receptionist issue. I suffer as well.

  2. Stress affects us in so many ways, weight gain being one of them. It's also really hard to lose weight if you have alot of stress. I have been trying really hard to keep my stress levels down. Stress makes me sick in so many different ways and it took a long time to figure that out.

  3. I eat when I am stressed too, and it usually shows on my face and my body -- it is infuriating. I really need to stop and take a good look at my diet, and if I am stress hungry eat carrots or an apple or something. Maybe after you use your lotion on your knuckles you could use a wet wipe for your fingers? I totally feel you about making friends, except I don't work and can't figure out where you find new friends. Ugh.

  4. YES to the Spotify decision!!!

    I wish I liked running because those marathons/half-marathons/10Ks seem like so much fun. But I hate running.

  5. Keep Spotify Premium!!! :) It's wonderful.

    I leave earlier for work too so that I miss traffic, but my problem is that I don't go to bed that early!!

  6. Spotify premium was the best decision i have ever made <3

  7. I love the snow but when it happens I don't want to have to leave my house. I love go carts. I'm jealous you guys are getting to go. The closest go cart place to me is over an hour away.

  8. I think stress is contributing to my lack if weight loss (and motivation) as well. I've skipped the gym to work on other projects because I think if I could just get caught up, I'd be less stressed, Ugh, it's a vicious cycle.


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