Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Confessions {2/11}

-I hate being the one to look the gift horse in the mouth, but it makes me crazy when the confessions link up isn't posted before I post.  I want to put my link on the site early in the morning so I don't forget.  I usually wait a few days to read and comment on everyone else's confessions posts, but since I have to add the link, I spend Wednesday morning refreshing the site, hoping the link up has been posted.  #bloggerproblems #firstworldproblems

-I jiggle my legs when I have to pee but don't want to go.  Mr. Scrooge always seems to notice and says, "Why don't you just go pee?"  He doesn't understand the excursion that entails.  But I'm glad that several of you understood my plight when I bitched about this last week.  My Gentle Readers are the best.

-I'm more than ready for my Windows computer at work.  Office for Mac makes me want to punch a baby.  But really, I do love this MacBook Pro in a way I never wanted to, but not enough to make me an Apple Convert.

-Bringing Phil to work with me exhausted me!  Not that he was bad, but anytime I let him off the leash and he would start meandering, I would have to keep an eye on him and despite the belly band, I was still afraid he would go business in the office and then no more Phil in the office.  He was also begging for food, which is irritating because he did NOT used to be like he is now. 

-Phil actually pooped in the fellowship hall during praise band practice when I was in MD and I didn't see it and someone discovered it at the community dinner the next night.  Yeah, Phil lost his praise band mascot privileges after that.  Thus my paranoid that Phil will poop at work.

-I know people (including Mr. Scrooge) think I'm an "awful" dog mom because I have rules about no feeding dogs from the table and not speaking to them while people are at the table and not giving them food while we're cooking/eating, but before people started breaking my rules consistently, I had REALLY good dogs who didn't literally get up in your business and beg for your food.  It ENRAGES me to see people blatantly disregarding my rules for MY dogs.  I try to be a good sport about it, but really, I'm seething on the inside.  It would be like giving my (proverbial) children sugary drinks and sweets when I've asked for them not to be given those things because I know it will only encourage poor behavior (and them feeling like shit) later.  The worst part is that I feel like a jerk when I "police" people when they are around my dogs because I KNOW they will break my rules.

-I caught Mr. Scrooge giving Phil and Meri extra food.  He said they were too skinny...  Granted, Phil had to many ribs showing for a few weeks so I had started giving both dogs a little extra food.  I guess he didn't believe me, so I made him watch me prepare their food so he could see that I was trying to remedy the problem and explained that Phil's ribs won't stop showing overnight and by feeding them too much, it's only going to give them diarrhea, which will have the opposite effect that what we're going for.  AND consistently overfeeding them is only going to create the opposite problem.  Moderation, yo, moderation.  Why do people not trust me with MY dogs?

-I love my job, but the problem with writing documents as a job is that when I get overwhelmed and need a break, it's hard to get an actual break from words and tabs and bullets/lists and alignment and formatting/editing.  And there's only so many times a day I can check FB per day.

-I love putting my hair up and taking it down later.  It smells SOOOO good.  I'll sometimes do it several times a day just to smell my own hair.  #appreciate

-I take a photo of my workout summary when I'm done with my ellipitical-ing so I can log it in runkeeper.  Sometimes, I'm reading and don't hear/see when my workout ends and I just keep going without the machine recording my work.  THIS IS THE WORST!  Unrecorded work is unrewarded effort, lol.

-I hate how good I am at going through the motions.

-If you want to go back to the stone age, join the military and sign up for a TSP retirement account.  They will MAIL your password and account number to you.. within 10 days.  Because that's realistic and not time consuming at all.

-I bought a super cute bangle watch from Kohl's when I was in MD.  It ticks so obnoxiously loud that I have to take it off when I'm typing because it is so distracting.  #ADD

-When people spell it "lite" instead of "light", I get a little ragey.  It's irrational, don't care.

-There's a possibility that we will get to foster Meri's brother Xero (I'm still not sure how to actually pronounce that).  Mr. Scrooge enabled me in all the ways.  I even asked him, "Are you enabling me."  His response was, "Whatever keeps you entertained while I'm out."  I told him I didn't need any more entertainment, but he had me when he said, "So we just won't tell the property manager," when I reminded him that we have a 2 dog limit on our lease.

I have no will power when it comes to dogs.

-I learned this week that when I have a headache, I pretty much become mentally unhinged.  Mr. Scrooge did some crappy thing on Sunday night but my brain blew them completely out of proportion.  I was still livid on Monday morning.  I fought a headache all day Sunday and Monday and when I came home Monday afternoon, I took 30mg of Sudafed and 200mg of ibuprofen (my miracle medicinal cocktail) and laid down for a nap.  When Mr. Scrooge got home as I was falling asleep, I was still unbearably angry at him.  When I woke up from my nap, my headache was practically gone and my rage had significantly subsided.  Not that I wasn't still mad, but the amount of blinding rage had decreased to just anger.

-These kinds of revelations about my mental state make me feel very self-aware.

Making Melissa


  1. When I read Xero my brain said zero. Not sure if that's right. I totally understand about the table food. My dog has a really sensitive stomach so he isn't allowed (by my rules) to have any table food at all. If someone gives him some and he gets diarrhea I make them clean it up. It only had to happen once before people stopped. Its just not healthy for them.

  2. I'm all about Windows, but I've been looking into getting a Mac once my beloved HP finally bites it...if only they weren't so dang pricey!! It's ridic.

  3. I hate when my workout summary doesn't record all of my workout! Sometimes I mean to hit pause and I hit stop and it clears everything I have done. I know that doesn't change the workout but it still gets me pretty annoyed.. stopping by from the link-up :)

  4. I totally get it about the dog thing- my mom TOTALLY spoils her dog and does mine the same way when we visit. And unfortunately I am about 100% sure that it would be the same with kids.

    I have been having headaches lately. I think it's a sinus thing, as the weather got gorgeous and then crappy again. Blergh. I need to find a good medicinal cocktail.

  5. I always forget to go back and link up my post on Wednesdays too. I usually remember like midday. And I have zero will power to not want to bring all the doggies home. Its a serious problem!

  6. I will actually quit linking up if the link up takes too long to come up... I'm the same way _ I need to do it early...
    I hate when people don't respect what I do with my dogs... I don't go giving your children food you don't like - right? :)

  7. I refuse to feed my dogs when we have dinner or let them have treats from our plates -- I cannot stand a dog that begs. If I am cooking the dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, if I am eating they need to be out of my eyesight. They also rarely get treats, they get dog treats on very rare occasion. Most of the time I give them an ice cube (they love them) and call it good.

  8. I try not to feed my dogs from the table but they don't shut up and the whining is worse than anything so screw it. But it totally doesn't stop me from yelling at other people not to do it.

    I have a Pandora bracelet and with the amount of typing I do, I almost never wear it because it gets in the way so much.

  9. I think you're spot on with the dog/child analogy. In some ways, having a dog is like being a parent (I mean, I guess...I'm not a parent...) and that means that you have to do things that are in their best interest. You have to have rules!

  10. I think we may have been separated at birth! So many of these apply to me too! Especially the dogs and the link up being live! On Friday, I always forget about one or two because I get distracted at work! And I hate when people feed my dogs but my husband is the worse. I found out he had been giving them JELLY BEANS. And get this...his reasoning was "well they like them." Well, duh!


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