Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday #43


My work mentor and former VX-1 coworker has helped me so much at work.  She's sent me links to show me tricks on styles and bullets and paragraph formatting that have rocked my editing world.  It's like she knows all the deep web locations for all the things I ever wanted to learn about MS Word.  Now if I could get Office 2013 for Windows on a Windows computer, I'd be SET.

How I felt about Word formatting before her guidance.


The one webcomic that I regularly keep up with is Questionable Content.  Recently, the comics have been a little dark and I'm really enjoying that touch of reality.  I often get sad about the fact that I no longer follow all the comics I used to, in GTMO and Bahrain I often didn't have time or access to the sites for various reasons.  This meant that I fell behind for at least a year, if not more.  Reading my webcomics used to be the first thing I'd do every day.  It was part of my daily internet/morning ritual.

To this day, STILL my favorite single webcomic ever.  (Source)


I am extremely irritated at my calories burned.  Not in the amount way that one would expect, but in the substantial difference between what the elliptical estimates and RunKeeper estimates.  RunKeeper says my elliptical workouts are several hundred calories more than what the machine says.  But I'm inclined to believe RunKeeper when the machine tells me that a 50 minute, 6.5 mile elliptical session on level 8-10 only burned 400ish calories.  That was wayyy too much sweat to only be 400ish calories.  I split the difference after RunKeeper said that workout (with the heart pace from the elliptical) was more like 750ish calories.

I don't like it when technology lies.


Teh Sister and Teh Mom are coming to Charleston this weekend!  There is a bridal show this weekend and I discovered a groupon and told Teh Sister she needed to go cause FREE SAMPLES!  Since they will be arriving on Saturday, I also scheduled 2 dress appointments for Teh Sister like the good Maid of Honor that I am.  I told her that as a backup plan, if she didn't feel like trying on dresses for the 2nd appointment, Teh Mom and I could look for dresses and she could sit back and make us do ridiculous things while we were in dresses.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Teh Sister knows EXACTLY what she wants in a wedding dress, which is helpful in eliminating practically everything.  Really, trying on dresses only helps her further pinpoint more details on the very specific dress she wants and will probably have made by a friend of Teh Mom's since she's going to be unable to find a dress with all her specifications.

On Saturday night, we're having the late bday party/gathering which is going to be pretty awesome since we're doing a low country boil and a fish fry, which means not having to prepare something special for Teh Sister and having people and all the dogs over and possibly Cards Against Humanity or A Game of Things.

Sunday is the bridal show and I've never been to one before.  I'm pretty pumped honestly.  Mr. Scrooge has a heart attack anytime anyone even HALF suggests we're married or engaged or god-forbid in a relationship of any sort.  I thought I was a commitment-phobe.  I think part of his issue is that he believes in all the "man" stereotypes, which is absolutely infuriating to me, but whatevs.


How I am a mabillion years behind on the monthly book review linkup?  Seriously.  It's like I live in the dark ages sometimes.  Needless to say, this month's passed and I was all, OMG WHY DON'T I PARTAKE IN THIS!?!?!  I get sooooo many book suggestions from some of the folks that link up (my poor GoodReads "to-read" list grows longer and longer by the month) and I've read so many books in the past month (thus placing more books on the "read" list).  I also finished the cyber book club book, Where'd You Go, Bernadette.  This is your warning, there will be a book review post soon.

Between Disney gifs and Loki gifs, the struggle is real on which is better, seriously.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love the Disney gif!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Girl I feel you it took me like 6 months to read Gone Girl.....blogging takes up a lot of time!

  3. Technology needs to stop lying. It's really annoying.

    Don't worry about missing the books linkup this month. The good thing is now you know and you can join us next month! March 10 is the next date.

  4. I love reading book reviews! I haven't linked up with it lately because I am reading a 21 book series and no one wants to hear about the same series each month. I am on book 20 of 21 right now so I hope to link up next month again!

    When I worked out on the elliptical, I was burning at least 300 calories or so in a 30 minute work out so that thing has to be off!

  5. The book linkup is so much fun! I have so many books to read now and I can't wait to read your review!!!! I hate the calories burned thing too....I just ignore it most of the time because I just don't believe it anymore.


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