Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday #44


Mr. Scrooge is having a rhinoseptoplasty done in early March.  He's never had surgery before and he thinks that his subsequent convalescent leave (specifically the day after the procedure) will be spent playing video games and having a good ole time.  His instructions to me? "Make sure there's food in the house and leave me alone."  Mkayyy, buddy.. whatever.

Despite his arguments, I have INSISTED that I will be working from home the day after.  I remember post-surgery days and I just wanted to DIE.  I was relieved that I was in the hospital for my gallbladder since that meant someone else was waiting on me, despite that whole vitals check waking me up every.single.time.  And if Teh Dad hadn't been there to assist my broke ass after my endo surgery I would have wasted away and Phil would have had to poop in the house.  Granted, my surgeries weren't on my face, but on my abdomen area, but I feel like if I had my nose re-broken and fixed and whatever else they are doing while they are up there, I'd be feeling worse than after my 2 laproscopic surgeries.  He keeps trying to tell me to go to work and I have to fight the urge to let him learn the hard way and just give in and let him have his way.

Do I want to sit at home and listen to him whine?  FUCK NO.
Do I want to make sure he's comfortable after his surgery because I know he's going to be miserable?  YES.
The asshole in me is battling with the nice person in me and the struggle is real.


I got mega-support on Wednesday on my Confessions post.  My Gentle Readers rock.  I was really trying hard not to whine, but sometimes you just feel better when you get it out.  I was also in a funk and being on Pintrest wasn't really helping, but it was kinda, in a different way. 

In a super-drama queen way, I keep thinking of Mark dying on Grey's and how he got better before he finally kicked the bucket.  All the doctors knew what was happening except for Derek who refused to believe it.  I feel like that's the way my life goes.  Shit is bad then shit gets better and then shit just falls apart completely.  I guess time will tell if I'm right or not.


I couldn't figure out why Teh Flamin' Kindle wouldn't let me update my Goodreads book statuses, so I contacted Amazon (against my better judgement, but with the hope that since it was America-daytime that I might get support that wasn't using a script).  Yeah.  That didn't go well.

I do try not to pre-judge obviously foreign tech support.  I appreciate when Amir doesn't say his name is "Steve" and I understand that he's just doing his job, whatever that may be.  I start to get impatient when the time between messages is 3-5 minutes per message..  I understand that our chats are GOING TO SPACE, but it's 2015, quit jerking off and give me 5 minutes of your attention to solve my problem.

The first tech passed me to an app tech since my problem could be pushed off.  Way to delegate dude.  App tech not only asked me which app I was having a problem with, but also if I had purchased the app.  The problem with this is that in my initial contact, I stated my device (Kindle Fire HDX) and that Goodreads was giving me an error (and actually put the error text in the message) when I tried to update my progress.  I gave the app tech the benefit of the doubt that maybe they hadn't seen my initial message.  I told him Goodreads.  Then.. oh then, the fire (only slightly intended pun) was lit.  He asked me if I had purchased Goodreads.. Why wouldn't the Kindle App guy know that Goodreads comes preinstalled on Kindle's?  Amazon owns Goodreads now (from what I've read), so it would make sense your tech support would be aware of these things.  Because my issue was on a preinstalled app, he passed me off to a Kindle tech.  Way to delegate, dude.

Then.. oh then.  After waiting 10 minutes to get the party started with this tech (and having already become irritated by the first 2 techs, a problem when you just keep passing a customer around), he finally started asking me questions... which, of course, insulted my intelligence, despite my being aware they go on a script and have to cater to the stupidest person and are just doing their job.

-Did you restart?
-Is your connection strong? 
-Do you have a lot of files on your Kindle?
*No.  I have over 50GB of space remaining.  Definitely not.
-Do you mind if we do a factory reset? 
*YES, I mind very much.  I have sideloaded books.  I don't understand why that would be the first solution without trying ANYTHING else.
-Have you cleared out the app data?
-I'm going to have to transfer you to blahblahblah support please stay with us.

At which point I ended the chat.  I couldn't handle it anymore and I had realized what the problem was when I said my books were sideloaded.  Unless the books are downloaded from Amazon, the progress won't update, which is stupid, but whatever.  I feel like that is just a way to get people to buy more books from Amazon so they will be in your library instead of finding them via their own sources, but iz not for me, kthxbye.

Seriously though, why would a factory reset be the first solution offered?  I'm still reeling from this. 


I signed up for NetGalley and I'm afraid to request books because I don't really leave book reviews anywhere, so I'm afraid they are going to automatically deny me.  I feel like I could go back and do reviews for most of the books I've read, but that really seems like a lot of work when I can just continue downloading books and just not reading soon-to-be-released books.  #firstworldproblems

In annoying reading news, when I finish a book on the Kindle, it never says 100% complete for some reason and it makes me crazy.  In other reading news, I'm finally getting on the bandwagon and reading Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.  I can't read it while working out because giggling messed with my breathing and it caused me to almost fall off the elliptical (more than once).

NOT me.


Philbo and Meri-Meri have a vet appointment this afternoon for their yearly.  I was originally going to start taking them to Banfield and do their wellness plan, but it ended up being cheaper to find a vet for the annual visit and have to eventually figure out something for Phil's dental situation.  This vet is also closer to home, which is convenient for me.  I never realized quite how spoiled I was living in close enough proximity to get to things that I needed (like a place that does dentals for dogs for under $500).

Semi-related.. anyone wanna take in a woman and her 2 dogs for an overnight stay in the Richmond/close proximity area sometime in the next few months?  I'm thinking Phil can get dropped off to get his teeth cleaned and Meri can go see her favorite groomer and I can do some shopping then fetch both dogs and go from there, lol.  I'm super versatile, see?

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. You should totally work from home the day after his surgery. The first day home is always the worse day.

  2. I feel you on that struggle. There is the part of me that would want to be there to be supportive but then there's the stubborn fuck you part that would want to be like ohhh you think you won't need any help & you'll be happy as a clam...well then alrighty Jack off to work I go.


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