Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Confessions {2/4}

-I LOVE TEH FLAMIN' KINDLE (yeah, I'm real original).  I already started catching up on Downton Abbey when I go to the bathroom.  Sorry not sorry for that TMI.

-I may or may not have downloaded Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft as a possible source of entertainment on Teh Flamin' Kindle.  (Side note: I just had to look up the full name for the game and realized its a card game, not an actual game, game and I might just delete that.  Give me RPG or go home, Blizzard).

-I'm NEVER excited about the Super Bowl.  EVER.  Ok, this isn't really a confession.  It's common knowledge, but I felt like I needed to remind everyone about how much I abhor all things NFL.

-Being able to have Spotify while I'm working means ALL.THE.JAMZ while I'm typing up and editing operation manuals.  I wish I could belt out some songs, but I just dance away and silently lip-sync.

-Kristen's post about running is my new favorite running post ever.  At some point during my half marathon training I "became a runner."  Despite my adamant assertions that I was NOT a runner.  Anyone can be a runner.  It doesn't matter if you're walking more than you're running.  If at some point you run/jog/do a faster than a walk speed, you're a runner in my mind.  Honestly, it a label.  Embrace it, make new friends, spend money on those races, and feel healthier.  Not that I've been on an actual run in months (preferring the elliptical+book at the gym instead), there was a time when I was runner and it was horrible and miserable and I loved every.stupid.second of it despite how much I didn't want to.

-To get myself to drink more water (bleh), I've been forcing myself to drink at least 1 cup of my super huge Turvis (24oz) before I eat lunch and another before I leave for the day.  Which means I'm drinking at least 48oz of water a day at work, plus however many ounces are in my water bottle (I have no idea since my Camelbak bottle is still hanging out with Mr. Scrooge's Mom waiting for our (eventual) fateful reunion), which I drain during my workout, plus whatever water I have during the evening.  Eventually, I'll get to adding the lemon that Nadine suggested.. eventually.  Consuming that much water is difficult enough with out extra things I need to add/remember... because I HATE peeing.  It's such an interruption of productivity, but it means getting up from my desk and moving around (which helps me stay awake on those really boring days after my lunchtime drag hits).  #Meganproblems

-I almost always put my hair up to eat because I'm a slob and I don't want to get food in my hair or hair in my food. 

-In order to be more productive and less ADD at work, I'm going to have to stop responding to messages and ignoring social media.  I just don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything at work.

-Some days, I'd really like to get rid of ALL the alcohol in my house.  There would be a revolt if I tried, but still.  Life is easier with sober everyone.

-I went to the gym 5x last week.  At this rate, I'm going to have to invest in more good sports bras.

-Sports bras with underwire changed my life last summer.  I will never go back to the shitty sports bras with no support that the navy made me wear for the entirety of bootcamp.  Granted, I get a unaboob with the underwire bras, but I'll take it for no titties bouncing out of control trying to give me black eyes.

-I had a to do list for this past weekend and I didn't accomplish the most important thing: to clean off the table.  I was feeling particularly guilty about it on Monday night and I finally just rolled up the puzzle that I was working on and put it in the guest room.  Really, that was the biggest source of clutter and now I just need to make the commitment to cleaning off everything else, but ughhh.

-Mr. Scrooge has started putting his motorcycle jacket and helmet away in a closet when he comes home.  I'm not sure why this started happening, but damn if I'm not happy about it.  I'll deal with the burnt cow smell on my jackets without (too much) complaint if he keeps it up.

-After working all day, then going to the gym (which doesn't seem to be helping), there is very little energy left to do anything housework related.  Since we were busy this past weekend, I didn't accomplish much either.  When I came home Monday evening, Mr. Scrooge had started a load of laundry and had sorted the rest of the clothes (which I, of course, resorted).  He had also started the dishwasher.  I kinda felt a bit guilty, but I know that we don't REALLY have to wash laundry every week, but I think the full hamper really bothers him for some reason (which I find amusing since he likes to pile his "not dirty" but worn clothes on Meri's crate and when I throw them in the hamper it fill it at least half full). 

-I left work early yesterday because we had early dinner reservation for my bday downtown.  I had planned on going to the gym, but realized I had forgotten my sports bra at home (and I said when I was walking out the door that I was forgetting something).  I figured I could just go home and get it and go to the gym, but the more I thought about going home, I thought about how much I wanted a nap and how if I came home, the dogs would go apeshit and I was already going all the way home.. So I took a nap.  During that hour I attempted to nap, Teh Dad, Teh Granny, AND Teh Mom all called me to wish me happy birthday and I didn't answer any of their calls because they were interrupting my sleeps.

-I'm pretty sure that this was the best birthday ever.  I feel like I should just do a birthday review because of how awesome it was.  Seriously, though.  They brought us complementary champagne at dinner since it was my birthday and Mr. Scrooge had flowers delivered to me at work.  This girl felt extremely special (and slightly spoiled).

-I brought Phil to work with me today and we'll see how good of an idea that ends up being.  Mr. Scrooge informed me that Meri was quite distraught at not getting to go with us.  She stared at the door and whined waiting on me to come back and get her.  My heart breaks for her, but she's just too crazy to bring to work.  Phil though?  He's currently passed out on the dog bed beside me.  He really is the bestest puppy in the whole wide world.

That weird thing around his waist is a belly band so he doesn't pee on anyone's stuff...

Making Melissa


  1. I have a belly band for my dog when he visits anyone. He loves to just pee on everything. I line them with a baby diaper, because he was peeing through the belly band.

  2. I really need to start watching Netflix again, so bad. I need it. NEED. I have never heard of a belly band for dogs to help keep them from peeing on things.. Interesting! Happy belated birthday :D Yay for naps!

  3. Underwire in all the bras!!!

    I need to get my dogs that belly band. I want to take them places but they pee on everything. EVERYTHING. Including other dogs. It's embarrassing. And also kind of funny.

  4. Yes to all the things on this list! And about the hating to pee... I AGREE! It is the biggest waste of time ever. I once thought about inventing a pill you swallow that lands in your bladder and absorbs all the liquids after they hydrate your body and then it quickly dissolves and you pee it out (peeing once a week instead of every hour or so) but then I gave up on the idea because of lack of physiological proof that it could be possible and also, effort. I'm all kinds of lazy. So, yeah. I hate to pee too. :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    I really thought I was the only one who hated peeing. It always happens when I'm in the middle of being super productive. Such an inconvenience.

    I feel you about the work productivity. I haven't had a chance to blog on the side because I've been interviewing like crazy and doing real work stuff.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    I really thought I was the only one who hated peeing. It always happens when I'm in the middle of being super productive. Such an inconvenience.

    I feel you about the work productivity. I haven't had a chance to blog on the side because I've been interviewing like crazy and doing real work stuff.


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