Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Review {2/23}


The best thing about flex hours is my ability to tack an extra 30 minutes on M/T/W/H and get off early on Friday.  This is awesome for 2 reasons.  1, it meant that I got to go to the gym early and beat the crowd.  2, I was able to schedule a vet appointment for Friday afternoon AND still go to the gym before.

I managed both dogs with the magical aids of Phil's rubber booties and Meri's (new) gentle leader.  I will still never take both dogs on a trip to the pet store by myself, but this wasn't too bad.  I was slightly irritated at how long I stood there waiting for them to give me paperwork/get the new patient stuff sorted out since I was standing at a counter with dog leashes wrapped around my legs as Meri was going under Phil to smell all the things and investigate all the noises, rather than just having me sit down with the paperwork.  Whatevs.  They finally got us into a room after standing around for about 10 minutes, which was way easier.  They still didn't really give me time to fill out the forms, but at least they weren't late seeing us.  The bill was only $220 for both dogs, which was way less than I had anticipated.  Meri got her 3 year rabies and both got their Distemper.  Since the Lyme vaccine doesn't cover all varieties of ticks, I opted not to have that and I also didn't get the Lepto vaccine for them since there's very little possibility of them getting that (knock on wood).  We don't board so we didn't need kennel cough either.  I was pleased that the vet didn't really push the other vaccines on me, which totally happened at my MD vet.  Both dogs were ruled as healthy, happy, at a good weight, dogs.


I explained to the vet that I had become concerned with them being too skinny recently and while I attributed it to the cold and increased walks with Mr. Scrooge, I had also become slightly paranoid after hearing everyone and their brother tell me that my dogs are too skinny.  Per the vet, my dogs are at a good weight.  Then again, I'm not really certain on that since I told him that Phil raced at 76 and that's currently what he weighs and it is considered good practice to add about 5 lbs to that for a "healthy" greyhound, but the vet seemed unaware of all this.  With Meri I have a hard time telling if she's too skinny since she's so fluffy.  She feels like skin and bones, but she gets 1/2 the amount of food that Phil gets and she's 30lbs to his (soon to be) 80.

<3 boy="" br="" my="">

Overall, I was concerned since my vet doesn't seem particularly greyhound savvy since they are a "special" breed (in certain ways) and the techs didn't try to win my dogs over with treats, which is what I always expect on a first visit.  I want my dogs to like you and I don't want them fighting a vet visit, so I expect the techs and vet to make it a positive experience.  They weren't even gonna give either dog treats after their shots until I mentioned it.

After we got home, I wasn't really in the mood for leftovers, so Mr. Scrooge agreed to sushi for dinner.  We have never went to our sushi place that early on a Friday night and it was terrible.  Not the service or the food, but all of our "neighbors."  We were sitting in a booth beside the wall and on the other 3 sides there were small children.  This wasn't really so much a bother until one set of parents was letting their toddler watch some stupid baby show on their cell phone and we could all hear the stupid voice.  Beside us was a 6 top with 3 teenagers, 1 mom, and 1 grandmother.  My judging was on high because when I saw the server bring each of them a "yum yum sauce" and then later bring 4 more cups of sauce to the table, so 7 total cups of this unhealthy (abet delicious) sauce, my eyes almost bulged out of my face.  2 of the teenagers and the mom weren't skinny by any means, but after seeing 7 sauces on the table, I kinda understood why.

Then, after the family behind me left, the Bros came and took their place.  Which was only obnoxious because the booths at the sushi place are shit, so anytime someone moves on one side, everyone can feel it, and one of these guys kept falling back and I was ready to slay them all.  I only passive-aggressively heaved my back against the booth once so maybe they would understand to sit-the-fuck-still, but it didn't work and Mr. Scrooge said I shouldn't confront the Bros, despite how badly I wanted to.  The people behind Mr. Scrooge were planning a wedding and there was a kid who kept creepily looking over Mr. Scrooge's shoulder and it was freakin' me out.

We finished our meal and headed home to watch Game of Thrones and eventually head to bed.


I hadn't planned on going out on Saturday, but then I realized that Teh Dad and Teh Stepmom are coming next weekend, which meant that I wouldn't be able to go out and run my errands next weekend and that is the last weekend before Mr. Scrooge's rhinoseptoplasty, so I had to get my stuff done.  Mostly this was MORE (ugh) grocery shopping and running by the jewelers to get links taken out of my new adult watch and batteries replaced in the watches that Teh MD Adult Roomie gave me.

Mr. Scrooge went out on a ride and we were meeting at 1 for a food truck gathering downtown.  It was fun, but not at the same time.  The lines were incredibly long and it took us 45 minutes to order a pizzazilla (a pizza quesadilla essentially, with no pizza sauce, yay!) since they were out of pizza slices.  Then we got in line for the greek truck, but realized after standing in line for 15 minutes that we weren't in the mood to stand in line any longer, so we headed out.  Mr. Scrooge for more riding and me to run my errands.

After getting the errands done, I came home and unloaded the groceries and fed the dogs and put on Lilo and Stitch since I had said I was going to do a Disney movie marathon.  I hadn't seen it in a while and I needed a happy ending.  We also watched the 2nd Stitch movie, which wasn't as good, as expected, but I hadn't seen it before, so now that box is checked.

Kudos to Disney for those hidden adult jokes..

After leftovers for dinner (which was part of the reason we went out for dinner on Friday, I was over eating leftovers), Mr. Scrooge went and took his nightly bath (seriously though, more baths than anyone I've ever met in my entire life and he will stay in there for 1-2.5 hours, it's crazy) while I got the dog food ready and prepared for bed and eventually got in bed to read.

Since he had been in the bath for over 2 hours, I decided I was tired and put a pillow over my head and tried to go to sleep.  Eventually, Mr. Scrooge got out and informed me (after I grunted at him that I was still awake) that he wasn't tired so he was going to watch some TV.  I fell asleep until Mr. Scrooge came to bed at 1230.  At which point, I could NOT go back to sleep.  I was super irritated.  I tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep until 0230 when I finally got up to take something to help me sleep.  Within a few minutes of getting back in the bed, the bedroom lights up like it's Christmas and I realize that it's my phone going off.  At first I thought it was my alarm going off, which would have been strange, but then I realized it was a call from Teh Humanitarian.

I answer the phone at 3am for very few people, but she would be one of them.  When we got off the phone 45 minutes later, I went to bed and crashed.


2 hours later, the dogs woke me up because they were ready for breakfast.  Instead of pretending to play dead (which is the most effective trick ever), Mr. Scrooge made as much noise as humanly possible when he rolled over after the dogs had settled, which only roused them all over again.  At which point, I gave up and got out of the bed to feed them, since he had been on weekend dog duty on Saturday morning.

After feeding them, we all went back to bed.  Mr. Scrooge got up at some point and I slept until almost 11, when I told myself that if I didn't get up, I would never get to sleep at bedtime.  When I came out of the bedroom, Mr. Scrooge was making breakfast.  It was supposed to be breakfast in bed, but I ruined it by getting out of bed too soon.  Oops.  Instead, we ate on the couch.

After breakfast, Mr. Scrooge went out on a ride and I sat at home fighting (and losing) the battle the take a nap since my head was hurting.  I did manage to write this post and talk to Teh Dad and edit some photos for Teh MD Teenage Roomie, so I mean, I did accomplish something.

Eventually, I finally did the laundry and put the pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner.  Then I went and took a nap and Meri snuggled with me and it was awesome.  After I woke up, I went and took photos of the broken fence for our new property manager (who I'm hopefully going to love more than our prior relator), did more laundry, and watched some Downton Abbey.

Knowing Mr. Scrooge would eventually come home, I started some risotto to go with the pot roast.  I was pleased to see that it was gluten free, mostly on principle but also because I'm loosely trying not to over do it on the gluten (says the girl who had pizza-quesadilla for lunch on Saturday).  I felt like the pot roast was wayyyy chewier than it should have been, but flavor wise, it was spot on.  It was probably the whole mushroom I added about an hour before we ate it.

After watching an episode of Game of Thrones, per Mr. Scrooge's request since he "hadn't been home all day".... and eating dinner, I tried to get set up for the cyber book club meeting.  Of course at 15 till 8 I was having internet issues.  I managed to finally get everything setup and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting a call.  I still have no idea.

I was pretty disappointed I didn't get to join in since I had purposely read Where'd You Go, Bernadette for this.  I signed up again on the website, thinking maybe I did something wrong, but I still had the original confirmation email from when I signed up last month.  More than a little bit crushed, I shut down the computer and tried to stop caring.  I had been anxious/nervous about my first cyber anything with strangers, but then it didn't work out.  PS, I wasn't a huge fan of the book, but I've been waiting until now to discuss it with other people.

Over everything, I gave up on the internet, checked that the clothes in the dryer weren't still sopping wet (since our washing machine seems to be clogged and not draining properly, ugh) and went to bed to fight the headache that hadn't went away all day long.

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  1. I am so in love with the cow print doggie shirt. I must have one.

  2. I wish I had flexible hours to leave early on Fridays. That is such a great idea. Hmm..gotta look into that.

  3. Boo, not cool vets. Who doesn't give out treats?!

    I was really worried one of my dogs was too skinny, but when I brought it up to the vet on post he said he was just studly :-p It's weird because one of mine eats a ton and is overweight but the other eats very little. Hope you are able to keep everyone healthy!

  4. Nothing is worse than having a meal ruined by rude people or loud uncontrolled kids! Sushi does sounds delicious right about now though!!! And look at that doggie shirt! Ahhh!

  5. I really like food trucks but then I don't. I hate waiting for 30 minuted for my food and I hate waiting in line even more. It's always delicious and I love it when I'm eating it, but I HATE waiting. And I need to make 50,000 changes to my food and the trucks really love that,


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