Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday #42 (Birthday Edition)

Remember how I said it was an awesome birthday?  Well, let me just tell you allllll about it.  :)


My birthday present from Mr. Scrooge was a new Kindle Fire HDX, which you already know if you're a regular Gentle Reader.  Remember a few weeks ago when I was all, "I'll get myself a new e-reader and call it my self birthday gift"?  Yeah, he didn't read that post.  He just remembered me talking about my Nook locking up and something about me falling off the ellipitical.  He didn't buy me an e-reader, he bought me a tablet.  I have informed him that it was wayyyy over the top, but I graciously accepted it as my Nook replacement.  It's so pretty with it's lime green case (the other option was red, of course, but Teh Sister said green) and it's bubbly screen protector.

Unrelated: Why in the hell are screen protectors so difficult to put on?  Seriously?  I've yet to do one without imperfections, but I've seen guys at the Verizon store lay those babies on so smooth, no bubbles, with a quickness.  I can't help but to be impressed.

Anyways, I've been using Teh Flamin' Kindle on the regular.  The only competition it gets is from the laptop when I'm blogging and from the new book that Teh MD Adult Roomie got me, Something Like Magic by Brian Andreas.  This book has been on my Amazon wishlist since it came out.  I knew it was something easy for someone to get me as a gift, so I was holding out.  But really, my people had until Valentine's Day to get it for me before I bought it for myself.


Mr. Scrooge had flowers delivered to me at work.  Talk about twitterpated (it's a Disney reference if you're confused), be still my heart.  The last time (I recall) anyone giving me flowers on my bday was when Mr. Scrooge himself gave me flowers back in 2009 when we were dating the first time around.  The only person that has ever had flowers delivered to me though was Teh Mom when I was in elementary school.  So really, that rocked my socks off.


The Googly (what Mr. Scrooge's Mom calls Google) even was special for my birthday.  I assume for me only, but it was definitely awesome.

This only further supports the case for them taking over my life one day without my push back.  The calendar app on Suzy2.5 is just sooooo cool.  I can't help but to be enamored.


All the love!  Between the comments on Teh Blog (thanks ladies!) and on the FBs and all the text messages and the phone calls (even if they were during my nap) and face to face happy birthdays (at work and dinner), I felt super special and truly loved.  It was awesome.  Really, it kinda made me speechless, but that would make for a crappy blog post, so I'm calling it awesome.

It did kinda freak me out when everyone at work knew it was my birthday (before the arrival of the flowers), but I learned that Skype apparently tells everyone it's your birthday, which is how most of my office knew it was my birthday.


For Mr. Scrooge's bday, we went out to a fancy dinner.  Since these dinners tend to be expensive, yet delicious, we decided these things were for very special events only, like birthdays.  The best part was that I didn't have to pick or make the reservation.  Mr. I Don't Care picked a place without asking me my opinion (YAY!) and made the reservation. 

We went to a place called FIG in downtown Charleston.  OMGGGGG so good.  Most of the food is local, which means that the menu can change day to day.  Our menus actually had the date on them, if that says anything.  I failed at getting a photo, which makes this review a bit tricky..  Bad blogger, aye.

The biggest problem for me with these fancy eatin' places is that most of the menu goes over my head.  I have, no shit, taken out my phone and looked up what words on the menu meant.  Usually though, I just ask the server what things are or simply ask what is good.  If they don't suggest the most expensive item on the menu, then I believe they are being honest with me.

Mr. Scrooge doesn't normally fail me when it comes to picking out delicious noms, so I pretty much let him choose. 


Rabbit something.  (it's not on the menu anymore).  The rabbit wasn't as good as whatever the noodle looking stuff under that egg was.  I just wanted to eat those "noodles" all night long.

Crudo of Nantucket Bay Scallops.

Flounder (also no longer on the menu).  This was buttery and amazing and had mushrooms.  This was Mr. Scrooge's pick.

Triggerfish (my pick).  This was amazing.  It had edisto broccoli, charleston gold rice, and espelette and I really still don't know what any of that means besides the broccoli which was different than normal broccoli.  The green sauce was AMAZING.  To the point that I finished off my bread just so I could sop up the sauce.  Fatty, aye.

Side dish:
Beets.  Before Mr. Scrooge, I was NOT a beet fan.  Now, I'll totally do some beets.  There were simple and delicious.

Dessert was a difficult choice between strawberries and cream (with caramel corn, which was kinda weird but worked) and chocolate crepes (because crepes!) and a citrus souffle.

But really, who can argue with strawberries and cream?  And my own little candle?  Be still my heart.  When Mr. Scrooge threatened to blow out my candle while I was getting a photo, I considered killing him, but he'd been so nice all day and it would have been such a shame.

And the waitress brought us each a glass of champagne to go with our dessert since it was my birthday!  If I wasn't already won over, this topped the cake.

They brought homemade peppermint patties with the check.  I considered eating Mr. Scrooge's while he was in the bathroom.  #notsorry

So yeah, AAAAAHHHHHHHMAZING birthday.  If 2015 keeps going in this trajectory, it's going to be an unbelievable year.

He really is the best (most of the time, at least).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Ummmmm fabulous food and baller presents?? Looks like a great bday!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great birthday with all the yums too!!! Happy Birthday!


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