Monday, February 9, 2015

Month of Lurve

I know that for lots of people Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday and isn't worthy of celebrating.  I actually told Mr. Scrooge at the beginning of the month that he did NOT have to do anything special for Valentines Day (hopefully getting myself off the hook too) and we could just go scavenge for half off candy on the 15th if we felt inclined.  I did also caveat that we didn't NEED anymore candy in the house, since we still have heaps of it from Christmas.

Despite the lack of celebrating the Day of Love, or Single's Awareness Day, if that's your jam, I've been feeling pretty sappy after an awesome birthday week.  Mr. Scrooge went above and beyond to make me feel pretty damn special on my birthday.

In the spirit of my sappiness, I wanted to share this awesome BuzzFeed (yes, I'm one of those people who enjoys a BuzzFeed article every now and then, judge away) article that I saw recently.

Comics About Love

Some of these were a little weird, but some of them were on point.

I will only show you PART of one, you have to go check the rest out.



  1. My terrible Valentines Days are legendary. I almost can't wait to see just how sucky this one can be

  2. I love Valentine's Day, but this year especially since everyone has been so nice with my recent issues I want to do something fun for my friends too. Hubby & I get each other gifts, but it's usually not cliche romantic things (for instance, he's getting a boat trailer haha).

  3. I am not too big on vday. I think a lot of the "presents" are super cheesy and my husband and I do the same thing every year. We buy a bottle of wine, whip out the glasses I bought our very first vday together and I cook homemade lasagna. We usually just exchange cards. It's perfect :)

  4. I love a good buzz feed article! Valentines day this year.....steak and wine....sign me up


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