Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Review {3/23}

Did anyone else notice that for the 2nd week in a row I didn't post on Friday?
No?  Excellent.
Yes?  My bad. Life between my confessions post and this post has taken over and I've kind of given up on writing forced posts... at least for the time being.  I did start a draft post on Thursday but work got busy and I had to abandon it until later.
Then just getting this post written has been overwhelming.  I opened blogger on Saturday and then other things happened and I had to restart my computer and then I never went back to blogger.  Sunday night I started to write this post and I just wasn't into it.  I told myself I'd do it this morning (Monday)...

So the abridged version of my weekend:


-Due to having 2 meetings that kept me at work till 5 2 days in a row, I was over on hours, which meant Friday was a short day.  I got to work for my morning meetings and then left a little after 1.  WIN.

-I had ice cream for lunch since I had leftovers from Thursday when I had lunch with Teh Wisconsin Blond.

-I ran 5.5 miles, my last "long" run before the Bridge Run next weekend with Teh MD Adult Roomie.

-The afternoon/evening was boring and Mr. Scrooge and I sat around and watched the dogs play, ate dinner, watched Stand By Me (which gave me so much insight as to why boys are the way they are), and enjoyed general lethargy.  Mr. Scrooge made roasted cornish hens and veggies for dinner and it was delicious.


-Mr. Scrooge fed the dogs which meant I got to lay in bed, which was delightful.  We slept in until 10ish, of course with Meri because she needs her snuggles.

-Meri killed a critter in the yard.  I have no idea what it was, but Mr. Scrooge tossed it over the back fence.

Instead of taking a photo, Mr. Scrooge brought it to the window to show me...

-Mr. Scrooge was going to some motorcycle gang thing and I had some serious shopping plans.

Next week I'll be running this!

-I went and got fitted for running shoes.  I bought my expensive shoes and some overpriced wicking socks and left. 

I shaved my legs for this.  No lie.

They are so ugly, but they feel so good.

-The guy that helped me at the shoe store suggested Graze for lunch when I mentioned getting food was my next stop.  I got in Yurtle and was driving away debating on my food situation and because I rarely go to Mt. Pleasant, I talked myself into going to this Graze place.  I  was super skeptical because this guy seemed to have the possibility of being a health nut and with a name like Graze I was thinking salads.. and meh to that.

So I tried it anyways, SOLID LIFE CHOICE.  OMG SO DELICIOUS.  ALL CAPS DELICIOUS.  I had the special, so I have no idea what it was called, but I did take a photo for you to be jealous of.  #sorrynotsorry

something something sweet basil and crab filled with kale.

Mr. Scrooge and I had discussed getting lunch together since he was around the same area, but he is a flake and I profited from this.  Had we went to lunch together, we probably wouldn't have picked this place.  I'll be going back.

-I went to Target and bought supplies for Easter baskets because I had a coupon for Starburst Jellybeans and if you don't agree with that solid reasoning, we shouldn't be friends.

-I went to the commissary and spent a retarded amount of money, then realized I hadn't really bought groceries in several weeks, so I let it go.

I told Teh MD Roomies I would have TOTALLY chased Teh MD Teenage Roomie around with this huge squash.

-We had a doggy play date with the lady who helped transport Xero to Charleston.  She adopted a galgo and has a greyhound, so she was excited to have other sighthounds in the area to be able to socialize her dogs with.  Both Xero and Desoto (her galgo) are kinda spook dogs, so they didn't really play much.  Neither did Phil, but that's because he just wanted to go inside and eat dinner or get pettins.

Tempe thoroughly enjoyed all the squeaky toys.

-We had pizza for dinner because Mr. Scrooge didn't really want to go out.


-I got up with the dogs since Mr. Scrooge had taken care of them the day before.  Instead of going back to bed, I stayed up and messed around on the internet and got the motivation to do Easter Bag-skets.

-Since it was raining, it was a completely lazy day.

-I made chili (in the crockpot because see above) for dinner.

-I did laundry after Mr. Scrooge asked me if I needed help doing it.  Which translated to, "Are you planning on doing the laundry?"  I think OCS taught him transparent subtly.  I reassured him that even if I didn't do all the laundry the 2 things that would ALWAYS get washed, no matter what would be his uniform and my sports bras.  I hope this helped put his mind at ease and for him to realize that even if I'm unmotivated, I will get shit done.

-I read for a bit.  I'm loving Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.  It's chatty like I would expect Mindy to be, but not overwhelmingly random and chatty like Jenny Lawson's book.

-I took a nap, which meant that I struggled to get to sleep when it was bedtime.

-I started watching Cosmos with Mr. Scrooge during dinner but quickly lost interest.  The anime and modern slang that the historical characters used did give me the giggles.

-I gave Meri and Xero half baths since they were running and splashing in huge puddles chasing the neighbor dog up and down the fence.  No one liked that less than me...

-I got an email from the sexist relator saying that the owner of the house was in town and he wanted to come by Tuesday evening.


-Woke up to 2 piles of dog poop in the floor

-Xero refused to let me wipe his muddy paws before he came back inside and I yelled at him, "GET ADOPTED!" and now I feel guilty about it.

-Traffic was backed up more than usual (probably because of a train if I had to guess)

-I got stopped by my nemesis train that takes 10-15 minute to do any kind of movement, which makes me rage since it happens during rush hour times.

-Coffee prep was late, but I had delicious oatmeal (without the berries that I brought in to add) for breakfast.

#firstworldproblems kind of day, aye.  Today also holds a run in my new shoes (which I'm sure will get muddy, grr) and ham for dinner (which is really mixin' it up for me).

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Oh wow that meal looked delicious!!! And good job on the long run...5.5 miles is awesome!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love that you have a nemesis train.

    Stand By Me is one of my favorite movies. Solid choice!

  3. LOL that squash looks so wrong! Look at you running girl! Get it!!! And ummm I happen to like your new shoes! I have to go get fitted for mine soon. I know it is going to be expensive so I keep putting it on. oops. I finished up reading my series and am ready to jump in to some new books, I have Mindy's book on my list to read! Up first will be my thrift shop finds though. Have a great week!


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