Monday, April 21, 2014

Liebster Award

Dee @ Simply D Constructed nominated me for a Liebster Award.  It's been a while since I was nominated, so I'm happy to do it again.

11 facts about Teh Megan:

1.  Anytime my hair gets long, I always consider cutting it off.  When I go to get a hair cut and I tell the lady to trim off the bad parts, she always shows me how much she's going to cut off and I tell her that I'm not really attached to it and she can cut off as much as she needs to.  I think that really scares my cosmetologists.

2.  I'd rather be on the computer all day and night than watch TV/a movie.  I don't actually watch cable/TV because I loathe commercials and I struggle with most of the crap that passes for entertainment being broadcast.  For the shows that I do watch (Grey's, HIMYM, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, etc), I watch them online to stay current or just buy the season if I'm super far behind.

3.  Each day I check Amazon Deals and  This is a habit that carried over from Christmas shopping.  It's the best and worst thing ever.  I'm always so proud of myself when I close out the tabs without being tempted to buy anything.

4.  I love painting my fingernails fun colors, but I hate the way it makes my fingers feel greasier?  IDK how to describe it, but nail polish on my nails feels weird.

5.  I consider myself not crazy and pretty down to earth... most of the time.  I also think I have an excellent sense of humor and punny jokes are the absolute best.

6.  I have a problem with buying liquor and not drinking it.  Who does that?  Also, I recently learned that I'm halfway towards my "reward" at the liquor store I frequent.  Apparently, if you spend $500 there, you earn a $20 credit or something.  Well, since 2012, I've only purchased $260 worth of liquor from "my" liquor store (which doesn't include anything that I got from the NEX, obviously).  It feels like so, so much more than that.

7.  I have this problem where I go on pinterest and pin a mabillion things related to one topic and then not go back for several days.  I used to use pinterest for cooking, but.. hahahah that's funny cause I'm the only one here eating...

8.  My bedtime regime goes like this:  Tear myself away from the laptop after saying I'm going to bed for around 30-45 minutes.  Find at least 3 things that need to be done before bed (fill kongs with PB, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, etc), try to do these things while the dogs are on last out.  Finally make it upstairs (usually preceded by slamming my entire body in the crate because I hate using lights which can be a problem when its dark).  Strip down daytime clothes and put on jammies.  Plug in my phone.  Go pee then brush teeth.  Hoist myself into bed, put on my night time socks (because I have the world's coldest toes 95% of the time and because my sleep socks are the most softest socks everrrrr).  Stack some pillows and commence reading time (usually my Bible as I'm still working to get through reading it, but I'm almost done!  Sometimes I'll read my Nook depending on where I left off when I finished my elliptical workout.) for about 10-25 minutes.  Realize I'm unbearably tired.  Check my phone for anything I might have missed.  Depending on how exhausted I am, check Instagram.  Realize I should have went to sleep 20-45 minutes ago.  Unstack pillows, turn off light, think of my sweetest dreams, fall asleep.

9.  Several years ago, Teh Sister found these amazing nail clippers.  I bought some and they are a game changer.  I've not been able to find another pair like them despite many attempts.  Those fingernail clippers are the item I'm most worried about loosing when I travel.  It's the small things.

10.  Very rarely am I without a lint ball.  Lint balls are my stress diffuser or boredom banisher because it provides something for my hands to do (rather than be on my cell phone, etc).  Not just any lint will do, it has to be special kinds of lint to make the best kinds of lint balls (don't offer me that flaky crap that comes out of your dryer, no no.  Actually don't offer at all, I've got it covered).  Teh Dad explained that I've been picking lint balls since soon after Teh Parents brought me home and I often pick lint off of items unconsciously or if I do notice and don't pick it off I get anxious.  Teh Sister always likes to give me the linty blankets and I told her when I was at her house for our Disney trip that she obviously didn't want me to sleep with the amount of lint that was on the blanket she provided for me.  My family learned quickly not to throw away my lint balls or I'll spazz the fuck out.  I may have a hoarding problem with my lint balls.  I may have also made lint balls from extremely linty blankets that I had to roll between both hands (like when you're rolling dough) to compress.  Lint ball rollin' is a difficult life, Gentle Readers.

11.  I like to sit in the front.  At church, in class, in the car.  I'm not even afraid.

Dee's Questions:

1. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? 
Doing things solo.  I no longer hesitate to go out to dinner by myself (despite the looks from the hostess stand or wait staff when I enter and sit all by myself) or go shopping alone.  I even went alone to the shooting range earlier in the month.  I'm a big girl now.

2. Favorite pair of shoes? 
I'm torn between my "rainbow" chucks or my silver glitter flats.  Being a girl is hard.

3. Ultimate dessert? 
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.  Yes, it sounds weird.  Don't judge it, just eat it.  Good luck not eating the ENTIRE piece.

4. What is your favorite post that you have ever written? 
Probably one of the more "feely" posts.  My gratitude posts come to mind or when my feelings have been hurt.
Then again.. that one time with the bubble wrap was pretty awesome too.

5. Truth or dare? 
Never have I ever?

6. How did you come up with your blog name? 
When I decided that I wanted to start blogging again while I was in Bahrain, I was asking people for suggestions and when I was talking to Teh Ginger, he kept saying how it wasn't so important I had to decide right then and I told him I did, in fact, need to decide right then and then I got frustrated and blurted out, "Can I just decide another day?" which had easily become the motto of my life at that time and it just stuck.

7. You're being sent on a surprise vacation with some of your friends, and are told to pack only 3 items.  What do you take and why? 
Camera (because someone needs to document all our ridiculous antics), sweatshirt (because I'm always cold), credit card (because who knows what will be found).

8. If you could try any sport, what would it be? 
Surfing.  I'm not really coordinated in any way, nor have I ever had the opportunity to surf.

9. What is on your background when you log onto your computer? 

10. Coolest blogger moment of all time? 
When people I don't expect tell me how awesome my blog is and how much they enjoy it when I am not even aware that they were a reader to begin with (I'm always under the assumption no one but Teh Dad and a few close friends read my blog).

11. Biggest pet peeve?
How do I decide on the "biggest?"  Uhhh, lets just go with not being acknowledged when I'm talking to someone.  Nothing sets me off quicker than being ignored. /mumblegrumblerumble

My Nominations:
You.  If you're reading this and you're a blogger, you're nominated.  (don't judge me for what just happened there)  It's not about being popular, its about being awesome.  Be proud of what you write.

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