Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Disney World - Day 1 (Part 2) - Hollywood Studios

It was suggested to me to take 1 day to do Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios because the parks weren't that big, but to definitely be at Hollywood Studios for the Fantasmic night show.  This advice was worth it's weight in gold because OMG Fantasmic was unbelievable!

After we'd had enough animals and couldn't find a suitable place for food, we decided to go outside of Disney for dinner.  We found a Joe's Crab Shack and then returned to  Hollywood Studios for the rest of the evening.

Teh Sister got an appetizer sampler as her meal.
It had legs.

Sorcerer Mickey and his brooms!
(I'm a sucker for some Fantasia.. and Fantasia 2 will just not do)

Hanging out "on scene"

All the 3D things required these snazzy glasses.. which we always documented.

The fastest character wait line of all!
(there was NO line)

We stumbled upon TONS of characters in an alley.. right as they were leaving.

Aladdin and Genie

Queen of Hearts

I really, really, reallllllyyyy wanted to buy these, but didn't.

AT-AT at the Star Wars "ride"

More 3D glasses

Mickey Mouse ice cream sammich! 
It was a necessity.

I definitely thought that sign said "Entertain your throat."

Breaking the rules of not being completely behind the yellow line.

Tarzan was a hit for Teh Sister

We weren't able to get a photo with Sorcerer Mickey since we were trying to get to Fantasmic..

So this was my first time going to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, so I had never heard about Fantastmic until Teh Greyhound Neighbor-Wife told me about it after their trip in January.  She explained that a fastpass was absolutely necessary to see this, and I'm so glad I insisted on it.  It's a light/character show with some epic musics.  Disney's use of projectors on water had me stunned.  I wasn't even a little bit upset when we started getting misted on.  So much characters, so much musics, so much lights and fire and water and things.  I was more than impressed.

Additionally, each section was labeled as a character, so this conversation happened:
Teh Megan: I'm not sure what section we're sitting in.  I see Jafar over there, but what is our section?
Teh Sister: Maleficent.  Which do you want to be?
tM: Either *maniacal cackles*

After the show, we stopped at some of the shops on the boulevard to let some of the traffic disperse (and I really wanted to visit the villain shop). 
Sweet dreams, Mickey!

Pretty sure I need these shirts in my life before I die.
Don't judge me.  I'm cheesy and I know it.


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