Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disney World - Day 1 (Part 1) - Animal Kingdom

It was suggested to me to take 1 day to do Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios because the parks weren't that big, so that's what we did.  We started with Animal Kingdom and then moved to Hollywood Studios after dinner.


Checking in.
Not gonna lie, this thingy is pretty cool.

The "tree" of life.
Looks way more alive than the one in Bahrain, even if it is fake.

Teh Sister and I in front of "Mt. Everest"

It was a delightfully overcast day.

We did not get to do the Safari since there were no fastpasses left and we didn't want to wait in line for 2 hours.

Our first ride/thing we did was take the train to visit Rafiki!

Yay first Disney World ride!

See what they did there?

Making our monkey faces with Rafiki

And then our human faces.

fat frogs.

pretty frogs.

Mr. Salamander

At least this time the turtles weren't having sex,
which happened in real life when Teh Sister came to Bahrain.

Don't care about the kid, but hey Chip and Dale!

The decorations around the park were legit.

So this is a real thing that I wasn't even remotely prepared for.


Sleepy Hippo

Tehehe, monkey butt.

Of course there are flower pics.

More monkey butt.

The other side of the "tree" of life.

The view while waiting on Baloo and King Louie

Ooh-bi-doo, I wanna be like you I want to walk like you, talk like you..
You're welcome.

And the bats weren't having sex either.
Apparently the animals at the zoos I've been to have tainted me.

But really, the decorations.  /swoon.

Proud Kittah

2 kittahs

Selfie with Kittah

Monkey house


Safari Mickey and Minnie!

Russell from Up

Pooh Bear


We had actually intended on riding rides while at the parks, but we definitely got distracted character hunting at Animal Kingdom.  We were totally ok with that because CHARACTERS!!!!  WOOOO!!!!

After all our walking, we were finally hungry and we struggled to find a place where we could both get food (Teh Sister is a vegetarian, meh).  We finally decided that since we were switching parks, we'd just go out of Disney to find foods.

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