Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PSA for captcha users and no-reply commenters

Dear Bloggers/Websites that use captcha and make you have an account to comment,
You're ridiculous.  Spare me.  If you make me have an account of some sort AND captcha, don't expect me to comment.  It's really your loss cause I'm pretty funny.

If you're a Blogger blogger (yep, that's a thing), go into your settings, then posts and comments and at the word verification drop down, select no.  Your readers will love you more, I swear. 

Another Teh Megan pet peeve is the comment box opening in a new window or popup box.  If you embed it, commenters won't be confused why your comment box never appeared.  This happens to me when I have several tabs open and it opens a new window and I don't notice at all so I click a million more times and still can't figure out what the problem is until I move on and give up on commenting, then realize when I'm finally done internetting that I have a million popup windows to close which contained the comment box for the comment that I've long forgotten.

Dear No-Reply commenters,
I love you, but you make me sad.  Here's why.  You leave me love and comment on Teh Blog and then I can't even respond back to you via email (which is how I respond to comments because I don't expect people to come back to Teh Blog to see if there were replies on individual posts because I know I don't do that).

Is this you?  Do you even know?  Here's how to check:

Hope this helps you out and doesn't sound preachy.  I've definitely been the person that has used both captcha AND was a no-reply blogger.  It was a whole new world without both!

Happy (almost) May!!!

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  1. Do I have a popup comment box? Truthfully, never thought about it- I don't comment on myself (also reply through emails). Good post!


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