Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend and laundry and puppies, oh my!


Whew Friday was a roller coaster of a day.  Truly.  Work was fine, lunch was ridiculous (sometimes you shouldn't try to be "healthier" and get the kids meal when you are starving it's fat week), and I arrived home to a note from the FedEx person that my package had been attempted to be delivered at 11:01am.. and since it required a signature... I could pick it up after 5:30pm that day.

Me = CRUSHED.  My soul was dying.  I needed Suzy2 in my life.  Suzy1 had become more and more difficult to deal with over the past week, apps that had no issues started to struggle, the phone wouldn't charge, the screen wouldn't turn on, it didn't register when i was touching the screen to do things.. not like, it wouldn't open the FB app in less than 2 seconds, no no, normal phone things weren't working.

It took me 4 calls to the FedEx customer service line because each time that I'd get connected to a person, the phone would end the call.  The 4th time when I did the process on speaker phone, it didn't hang up.  I wish I could make these things up, but they are true.  Now you can maybe start to get a glimpse of why Suzy1 HAD to go?  I put in the request that the driver try to attempt delivery again and they said that within 2 hours, I'd get a call back to confirm if the 2nd attempt would happen or not.

2 hours passed by and I hadn't received my call.  I called FedEx back and said I needed to know if delivery was going to be reattempted because if not, then I needed to plan to make the trek up to the facility which is an hour away.  The driver still hadn't confirmed redelivery, but the customer service rep did explain to me that I couldn't actually pick up the package from the facility because Verizon had to authorize that, which meant I had to call Verizon.  I called Verizon, they explained that if they agreed to let me pick it up, the request for redelivery would be cancelled.  I told them that I'd wait and see if the delivery guy would respond or try again and if not, then I'd call them back and they could authorize the pick up.

Roller coaster, Gentle Readers, a freakin' roller coaster.

To add to all that drama, I had some USAA fees that popped up on my account because I paid my credit card bill twice since I couldn't find the pending payment to confirm I had made the payment in the first place.  On Monday I requested the 2nd payment be stopped because I saw both payments posted as pending on the statement.  Knowing it wasn't going to work, I cancelled it.  Then I saw $75 of insignificant funds fees and I flipped out.  I yelled at a customer service lady and apologized profusely because its not like it was her fault that I got confused and the bank is automated.  After a very stressful 20 minutes, I got my fees back, she explained what had happened, she showed me how to view pending payments, AND she processed a payment (since neither had gotten through).

I had determined that if the FedEx driver hadn't delivered by 4:30-5, I was going to call Verizon back and then head to Waldorf to pick up my phone.  Right around 4:30, Teh Greyhound Neighbors- Daughter said that the FedEx truck had just pulled up.  I thought she was just kidding but then there was a knock at the door!  TGN-D had locked the door and I couldn't figure out which lock to unlock to get out, all the while I'm screaming and yelling, "YAYY!!  OMG why can't I get this stupid door open!?!  Stupid locks!  LET ME OUTTTT!!"  Since it was a nice out, the windows were open, so the FedEx guy could definitely hear the commotion that was taking place.  When I finally got the door open, I tried to open the storm door and he was holding it shut with his hand!  My only response was, "NOOOO!!!  You don't understand, I need you!!"  He laughed and stepped back and I opened the door and bear hugged this stranger.  I backed away and explained, "You have the goods.  It's my new cell phone.  You've saved me a trip to Waldorf tonight!  I love you!"  He was scanning the box while Teh Greyhound Neighbors- Wife and Daughter were laughing at me from the doorway.  When he finally handed me my box, I kissed my hand and placed it on his cheek (cause that's as close to kissing the cheek of a stranger as I will get, thanks Stranger Danger VHS).  I told him he had made my weekend and went back inside skipping and jumping and expressing general euphoria and merriment.  TGNs were laughing at me because my levels of ridiculousness, but they had experienced my frustration with Suzy1, so they understood.

The rest of the evening was spent playing with and setting up my new technology and announcing my battery life percentage as we watched Grey's Anatomy.

This is how much Olive cared about my roller coaster of an afternoon.

This is how much Phil cared about my roller coaster.
Using Suzy1 to take a selfie with Suzy2.
This is my "I sexually assaulted a FedEx guy for this" face.

Eeeekkkk!!  So shiny, so pretty!!!

First selfie with Suzy2.

First not selfie with Suzy2.


Saturday morning, I got up and got ready to attend Teh Greyhound Neighbors-Daughter's swim meet.  She had invited me the night before and I had nothing else to do, so I went.  She did awesome and cut 20 seconds off one of her events and almost 30 seconds from another event!

After the meet, I came back home to hang out with the pups, watched an episode of Downton Abbey, ate lunch and took a nap.  I woke up when I was supposed to be arriving at a party I was invited to, but fortunately it wasn't a big deal.  I loaded all 3 dogs (Olive, Phil, and Meri) in the car and we headed to Mechanicsville for socializing activities.  The dogs got to run around for 3 hours and they were given so many treats!  We were all wiped by the time we got home.

That evening, we organized closets and unpacked bathroom stuffs.  It was a flurry nighttime productivity that blew us all away at what we were able to accomplish if we just did it.

Olive and Meri were obviously concerned that I had left them to go to the swim meet.

Pretty girl!

Handsome boy with Teh Humanitarian.

How Meri got to spend her Saturday afternoon.
Yes, that dog is humping her.  It's payback for how obnoxious she can sometimes be.

Love my Philbo!

Phil and Olive.

Meri and PJ

Birthday girl giving Phil lovins

Meri gettin' lovins.

Phil was pooped enough to finally crash in the flower beds.

While Meri chose to crash where people were still eating.

Blue suckers are the best!

The pups were exhausted after all their running around.

Olive's weird sit.
I think Phil was in her way.

My babies.  /swoon.

Olive-Walive snuggling with the pillow.
She really is a princess.


Sunday morning was church, which was a good service.  After the service, it was time for a quick lunch and then off to Leonardtown with the pups for the Earth Day Celebration.  Despite the annoying community service lady who kept calling the dogs great danes (grrrr), there was free ice cream (after a long hike) and I got to see some of my peeps!  I also may or may not have gotten a bit sunburned.  

Sunday afternoon was lazy and I fought off taking a nap all evening, despite the peer pressure from the hounds. 

I'm not really ready for Monday, but I am because that means its one day closer to leave and NC and a weekend with Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover and karoke time and sister tattoos and the PostSecret event in Charlotte and Teh BFF's wedding!!!  So many exciting adventures!!!

Meri in the mornings.

Headed to the meet and greet!

Olive and Phil show off their Greyhound-ness, while Meri and I hung out.

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