Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday #18


FRIDAY, OMG I never thought you'd get here.  After this 4 day work week, I'm out of fuel (I was off on Monday to bring Phil to get his cleaned in Richmond).  Today is a going away lunch for 2 people at Mission BBQ and I'm hyped.  Except for the fact that it means I won't get to workout after work, which kinda works out because Fedex should be delivering Suzy 2 (the new phone) today.  So, really it all works out in the end, but disruptions in my schedule are hard for me to handle.  I'm such a creature of habit.


I really have to clean the backyard this weekend.  Seriously.  Poop, I'm comin' for you.  Laundry, you're next.  Responsibility blows.


This weekend is the Earth Day celebration in Leonardtown.  YAY for doggie events and being outside with all the pollen (not that I don't have enough sinus/allergy medication to tranquilize an elephant).  Imagine my surprise (not) last Friday when the Air Force Doc told me that I would have been a perfect candidate for allergy shots last year, but since I'm not sure where I'm going in 6 months, it would pretty much be a waste to start them at this point if I don't end up staying in the area.  The not surprise part of that is last year was when I started all this allergy crap and the Navy docs at Pax told me I had to go through the steps first, as if my symptoms and history weren't enough.  Dear Navy, 212 days.


If I did .gifs would more people love my blog?  I mean, I love gifs, but at work they make my computer glitch up because NMCI can't handle all that.  But I looove some gif action.  Where do people even find these gifs?  How do you make them?  How do you find the time to watch all the TV shows to know exactly which ones to reference?  I'm obviously not a gif scholar, except for that one time that I made of gif of the rainbow building in Perth from 95 photos (at the end of the post).


I have taken notice recently that I've been listening to more and more country music.  I'm not sure whether to loathe or love myself for that fact.

The irony of this meme was just too much for me NOT to use it.

Linking up with these ladies since it's FRRRIIIIIDAY:

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