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Weekend Review {10/21}


No Friday blog because the semester is chugging along too fast for me to keep up.  I feel like I have a millionty tasks and none of them are getting accomplished because technology blockers that are completely out of my control.  Things that have to be fixed, but I don't know how to fix them.. Then there's the lack of knowledge for completing some of my programming assignments... and I just feel like a failure and no one really wants to read about that (again).  Conveniently, Friday, I was busy AF at work to the point of leaving late and being (only) 5 minutes late (a Christmas miracle if there ever was one) for the dog's nail trim appointment.

I'm slightly annoyed that I noticed there were some nails that didn't get trimmed on both dogs, WTF?  So that will be something that I comment on next time.  IDK if it's the vet assistant that does it, but if that's the case, I will request someone else.  Also, if you're not willing to show Meri who's boss, she will NOT let you trim her nails.. That's why I pay so much fucking money to have someone else trim their nails...  Fortunately, Meri is going to the groomer soon, so the missed nails can be further trimmed, but ughhh.

When I got home, from the vet, I did more work things until Teh German came home.  Since it was delightful outside, we agreed to take Bagheera and Suzi out to dinner.  We agreed to go to Mex 1 on Sullivan's Island since it's a farther ride.

Dreamsicle adult beverage don't hurt my heart.

The ride there was kinda chilly, but we managed.  Dinner was delicious, but the table next to us had like 4 children under the age of 5 and I was done.with.that.shit.quickly.  I get it, small children are hard to contain for long periods, butttttt guess what, your small child keeps using this BENCH as a fucking trampoline and if they knock off my expensive motorcycle helmet and mess it up, I'm going to be more pissed than I already am at their rambunctiousness.  More annoying than that was the dad who kept telling the kids to sit down and eat and then not doing anything to enforce that.  At one point, the toddler was laying on the floor making tortilla chip angels from all the dropped, broken chips it had put there.  I was trying to block out the madness, otherwise it would have been funny. 

I was trying to be cool about it, but I was done with that shit long before they left, which was about 5 minutes before we did, of course.  Our ride home was less chilly, because we went a different way, so that was nice.  When we got home, it was bedtime chores and sleepy time.


I had lofty Saturday goals and none of them really got accomplished.  Teh German had to work and I could have gotten up when he did, but I opted to stay in bed and snuggle with Meri instead.... until 1030.  Oops. 

Then, when I got up and went downstairs, I made a bowl of cereal while reheating the coffee that Teh German had left for me... and I accidentally poured peppermint mocha creamer into my Frosted Flakes which is NOT a good combination, if you're curious.  I was, so I tried it.  Just trust me on this.

I made another bowl of cereal, added MILK this time, managed to get my creamer into my coffee and then headed to the office for a day of homework accomplishment.

Things I accomplished:
-Changing my research paper topic.
-Nothing else school related.

Teh German came home in the afternoon and wanted to work on a medal rack for Teh Running German, which meant that I had to use the Cricut to make stickers, which meant a hiatus for school things.  It didn't hurt my feelings since there were some other Cricut things I was able to accomplish.

Knowing that my attention span was done, I gave up on school things for the evening.  I actually took an afternoon nap because I was tired and it was rainy and Teh German was outside having cigar and scroll time, so why not?  When I woke up, we agreed that it was fend for yourself night, so I ate something for dinner and then we powered through over half of the newest season of The Ranch.  I got Meri snuggles for a while, which never hurts my heart.

We stayed up later than our bedtime, but we eventually headed to bed.


We had to do adult errands (groceries) on Sunday, so Teh German suggested brunch before hand and I agreed.  We hadn't figure out a place to go because we're always trying to find a place close to Sam's/the place we are going shopping, and there really aren't any great brunch places near Sam's or the places we are interested in going don't open until 11, which means waiting around after we wake up to leave. 

This time, I suggested Holy City Brewing for brunch since it's near Sam's, which I knew Teh German would agree to.  While I waited for 1030 to roll around, I did some research stuffs.  I was super pumped when we got to HC that they now sell silicone pint glasses.  I lost my shit and we bought one and I was able to bring home a to-go tea... which was great until I got home and I was unpacking the groceries and something tapped the cup and it fell over and spilled all over the island.. UUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

Some Asian breakfast bowl thing that was delicious.
Anyways, after brunch, we went to Walmart for a few non-Sam's items, then headed to Sam's to pick up the rest of the groceries then went home.  I unpacked the groceries and started dinner and did the laundry then headed to the office to do more research things.  Again, I was exhausted and opted for a nap.  Meri only enabled me.

Dinner was sausage and potato soup, recipe to come.  Simple crockpot dump recipe, which is how I like it.

After dinner, it was time for The Ranch.. when I got up to take a pee break at 8 and Teh German announced that there were no more episodes left, I wailed in disappointment.  WHHHHHYYYY U DO THIS TO ME, NETFLIX?!?! WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?

We redirected to other things.  I had Teh German watch a few episodes of Between Two Ferns to prep him for when we, inevitably, watch the movie on Netflix, which I am obnoxiously pumped about.  We ended the evening with an episode of Big Mouth... and then it was bedtime chores and bedtime.


I feel like I wasted the weekend for school things, but I was so productive on a personal level.  I made dinner, I spent time with Husband, we watched The Ranch (finally), a millionty loads of laundry were tackled, dinner for the week was planned and prepped.  I'd call my naps self-care, but they are really probably just period related.  Usually 2-3 days of the month I'm absolutely exhausted for no discernible reasons, and I've finally chalked it up to being period related since it's a monthly occurrence.

I've got so many technological blockers that PITA Professor was like, "Megan, I don't know how you did this.."  I have an idea of how it happened, but it wasn't me that did it.  I let someone else drive my compiler program and they fucked up the settings auto importing things to make code work and since then, nothing has worked.  Cool.  Siiiiigh.  There's more than one issue like this, so that's fun.

Next up is my lack of knowledge to complete certain programming assignments.  I realized last night while trying to do assignments that it might not just be me since the professors are writing things at a higher level than is comprehensible to someone with no knowledge.  I found code at a lower level that I mostly understood, soooo there's a disconnect somewhere.  Which means, going to my instructor's office and having them explain code things to me and assisting me with my homework.  Again... le sigh.

Finally, finding the determination and focus to do that fucking research paper.  The topic is of great interest to me, but I need to take a broad scope and narrow it down and that's hard when it's a topic with a lot of far reaching effects.  #MeganProblems

This week includes:
-Meri's hair cut, praise Allah.  She's so scruffy and homeless looking.. And the poor baby with the mats on her chest.. It breaks my heart and I've been trimming them, but it doesn't always help.
-Aquarium After Hours event.  We're dressing up like old people for halloween/the event.  Grey hair paint has been purchased and rollers and house slippers.  Here's the real take-away though.. I will go to GREAT LENGTHS to find a reason to wear pajamas in public, especially if Teh German can't scorn me because he disapproves of my attire.  Oh yes, my husband scorns my clothing choices sometimes because I'm lazy AF.  He's made me feel so guilty about something I'm wearing that I've changed clothes.  #HATEHATEHATE
-Shit ton of homework/sitting with professors to accomplish homework.  FML.
-Writing that motherfucking research paper.  It's not hard, I just have to do it.  I can't code worth a shit, but writing a paper is my time to shine and I feel like I have stage fright. LOL

Countdowns (because I need some guiding lights while I'm wading through homework hell):

10 days until our anniversary and our trip to the unknown!
13 days until I get to register for my LAST semester of college!!!!
54 days until this semester ends!
81 days until the Charleston Half Marathon with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda andd mayyybee Teh PT Wife if I can talk her into it... or ya know, anyone else.
123 days until the Charlotte Hot Chocolate 15k with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda!

200 days until GRADUATION!!!

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  1. -Ugh I'd be upset about the dog's nails too!
    -That sounds TERRIBLE about the kids :-o Like, I have one...but no. No touching other people's stuff and crumb angels!?!? NO WAY.
    -BAHAHA on the creamer.
    -I see my sticker in there!
    -How did naps become a "luxury" in adulthood? I was sick for about 1.5 weeks, and I'm 95% better except for the fact that I still can't get enough sleep :-/
    -Good luck with your term paper!!!!


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